The Story of the Bible

The Story of the Bible

by Peter Whitfield, Oliver Ford Davies

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The Bible: history or myth? And what is its central message? In this audio original, historian Whitfield (Darwin—in a Nutshell) attempts to address these questions and many more, drawing on the Old and the New Testament through to the apocalyptic Book of Revelation. That's quite an undertaking, especially given the confines of less than three hours, but Whitfield makes an impressively good start at addressing these issues, additionally tracing the Bible's influence on world literature, culture, and thought. While the gripping images, symbols, and stories depicted in the various iterations of the Bible are ever shifting, he argues, they always return to the same central message: the complex and tumultuous relationship between humankind and God. He develops this theory in an intelligent and compelling way, making it palatable to lay audiences. British actor/narrator Oliver Ford Davies (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) does a magnificent job of using inflection to convey feeling as appropriate. Recommended for all listeners.—Scott R. DiMarco, Mansfield Univ. of Pennsylvania Lib.

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