The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor by Susan Wise Bauer, Audiobook (CD) | Barnes & Noble
The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 2: The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance / Edition 2

The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 2: The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance / Edition 2

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by Susan Wise Bauer, Jim Weiss

ISBN-10: 1933339128

ISBN-13: 9781933339122

Pub. Date: 08/20/2007

Publisher: The Well-Trained Mind Press

History will never be the same again!


History will never be the same again!

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The Well-Trained Mind Press
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Story of the World Series
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Revised Edition
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Table of Contents

Foreword     xiii
The Glory That Was Rome
Wandering Through the Roman Empire     1
The Fall of Rome     5
The Early Days of Britain
The Celts of Britain     9
Barbarians Come to Britain     13
Beowulf the Hero     15
Christianity Comes to Britain
Augustine Comes to England     20
Medieval Monasteries     24
Writing Books by Hand     26
The Byzantine Empire
The Beauty of Constantinople     30
Justinian, the Just Emperor     33
The Empress Theodora     35
The Church in the East     38
The Medieval Indian Empire
A King Named Skandagupta     43
Monks in Caves     47
The Rise of Islam
Muhammad's Vision     50
Muhammad Flees to Medina     53
The Koran: Islam's Holy Book     56
Islam Becomes an Empire
The Fight for Mecca     59
The Spread of Islam     62
The City of Baghdad     64
Sinbad in the Valley of Snakes     69
The Great Dynasties of China
Yang Chien Unites North and South     73
The Tang Dynasty     76
East of China
The Yamato Dynasty of Japan     80
A Tale of ThreeCountries; Korea, China, and Japan     85
The Bottom of the World
The First People of Australia     89
The Long Journey of the Maori     92
The Kingdom of the Franks
Clovis, The Ex-Barbarian     97
Four Tribes, One Empire     101
The Islamic Invasion
Islam in Spain and Africa     104
The Great Kings of France
Charles the Hammer     108
The Greatest King: Charlemagne     110
The Arrival of the Norsemen
The Viking Invasion     115
Eric the Red and "Eric's Son"     118
The Norse Gods     122
Thor and the Giant King     123
The First Kings of England
The Vikings Invade England     129
Alfred the Great     132
The Battle of Hastings     136
England After the Conquest
The English Language     140
Serfs and Noblemen     144
Stone Castles     147
Knights and Samurai
The English Code of Chivalry     152
The Samurai: Japanese Knights     155
The Age of Crusades
A Command from the Pope     160
Recapturing Jerusalem     164
Saladin of Jerusalem     167
El Cid and the "Reconquest of Spain"     170
A New Kind of King
Richard the Lionhearted     174
John Lackland and the Magna Carta     177
Robin Hood     180
Robin Hood and the Butcher     181
The Diaspora
The Scattering of the Jews     186
A Tale of the Diaspora     189
The Clever Rabbi of Cordova     189
The Mongols Devastate the East
Genghis Khan, Emperor of All Men     193
The Mongol Conquest of China     196
Exploring the Mysterious East
Marco Polo Goes to China     200
The Forbidden City of the Ming     204
The First Russians
The Rus Come to Constantinople     208
Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible     211
The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Turks Attack     215
The Sheep-Rocks     216
The Capture of Constantinople     218
Suleiman the Lawgiver     223
The End of the World
The Plague     227
A New Way of Living     231
France and England at War
Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt     235
Joan of Arc     240
War for the English Throne
The Wars of the Roses     244
The Princes in the Tower     248
The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal
Ferdinand and Isabella Unite Spain      253
Henry the Navigator, Prince of Portugal     257
African Kingdoms
Gold, Salt, and Ghana     261
Mansa Musa of Mali     265
The Songhay Empire     268
India Under the Moghuls
The Moghul Dynasty     272
Akbar of India     276
The Bad-Luck Servant     278
Exploring New Worlds
Christopher Columbus     281
Vespucci and Magellan     286
The American Kingdoms
The Mayans of Central America     290
The Marvelous City of Tenochtitlan     294
The Incas     297
Spain, Portugal, and the New World
The Slave Trade     301
Cortes and Montezuma     305
Martin Luther's New Ideas
Martin Luther's List     309
Henry VIII's Problem     313
The Renaissance
A New Way of Thinking     318
Gutenberg's Great Invention     322
Reformation and Counter Reformation
The Spread of the Reformation     327
The Council of Trent     330
The New Universe
The Revolution of Copernicus     334
Galileo's Strange Notions     338
England's Greatest Queen
The Queen Who Almost Wasn't     342
Good Queen Bess     346
England's Greatest Playwright
William Shakespeare     351
Macbech     353
Macbeth's Decision     356
New Ventures to the Americas
Walter Raleigh and the New World     361
The Lost Colony     365
Explorations in the North
The New-Found Land     370
Jacques Cartier's Discoveries     374
Empires Collide
Spain and England's War     379
The World at the End of the Sixteenth Century     384
Chronology of The Middle Ages
Dates in Volume 2     389
A Geography of The Middle Ages
A List of Maps in Volume 2     395
Pronouncing the Names of The Middle Ages
A Pronunciation Guide for Reading Aloud     397
Index     403

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