Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies

Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies

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by Shane Allison

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Straight Up Sexy

What is it about Straight Guys that turns us on? Gaybie Award-winner Shane Allison shares true and we-wish-they-were-true stories in his bold new collection. From a husband on the down low to a muscle-bound footballer, from a special operations airman to a redneck daddy, these men will sweep you off your feet.

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Straight Up Sexy

What is it about Straight Guys that turns us on? Gaybie Award-winner Shane Allison shares true and we-wish-they-were-true stories in his bold new collection. From a husband on the down low to a muscle-bound footballer, from a special operations airman to a redneck daddy, these men will sweep you off your feet.

A pretty boy show-off gets what he wants from his girlfriend's brother in Bob Vickery's "Family Affair" and a veteran gets a full-service ride in "Taxicab Confession" by Gregory L. Norris. Who's cruising who is the question in Jeff Funk's action-packed "When Married Men Come in Cars." There is no shying away from new erotic territory in this exploration of one of the foremost gay fantasies—hot sex with Straight Guys.

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"Straight Guys range from husbands on the down low to boyfriends sneaking away from their girlfriends for late-night trysts with other men. These stories blur the lines and don't shy away from new erotic territory."

"The best part of any argument (in my opinion) is not the end when you have won but the moment before when the other person realizes that they are wrong. A heady feeling arises when you watch that realization wash over there face like the first rays of sunlight on a new day. I mention these sorts of moments occur quite often when a gay man convinces a "straight" male to try having sex with them for the first time. Each tale in Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies is filled with tiny aha moments like the aforementioned moment. It is a lovely collection of tales filled with a myriad of interesting American men from varying backgrounds, involved in varying levels of kink, each story unfolds in (what I am choosing to believe for fun's sake) a believable manner for an erotic anthology. While this book might be geared towards gay men, this straight woman really enjoyed this book. Shane Allison has constructed an excellent collection of gay erotic content that will leave you breathless from the heat content and left more than satisfied after the book ends."
—Night Owl Reviews

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Straight Guys

Gay Erotic Fantasies
By Shane Allison

Cleis Press

Copyright © 2012 Shane Allison
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781573448161

Introduction: Straight Trade

I had just gotten off work when I heard the phone in my front pants pocket go off. I pulled it out to see who it was calling me at 1:00 o’clock in the morning. It was a text message. I instantly recognized the number. It was Claude, and I was pretty sure I knew what he wanted. Come over and suck my dick, it read. I was tired and hungry, but his text message got me a little horned up. I told him I was just getting off work. Come over. My lady’s at the club with her girlfriends. She won’t be back until late. The thought of Claude naked sealed the deal. “Fuck it,” I said to myself. I told him I was on my way. I wasn’t that far from his apartment. It didn’t take me long to get to Claude’s place. I tugged at my dick as I got out of the car. I get off on the mystery of sneaking around. My heart was racing like crazy. I trudged up the steep steps that lead up to his apartment. It’s finally happening, I thought, we’re finally going to do this. I tapped gently on the door. Claude soon answered wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. It was on.

What is it about straight men that turns us on so much? Perhaps it’s the joy of bending that hypocritical hetero majority over on all fours and having our way. As a gay man I have had more than my fair share of some hot straight trade, planting doubt if not dick into their tits-and-ass way of thinking. It makes me wonder if straight and gay still exist, or if they’re just another label we all feel the need to use in order to keep our identities intact. Just goes to show nothing is ever simply black and white. And as I scavenge through online personal ads, snagging on the occasional str8-guy sex manifesto, I see proof that these boys aren’t afraid to bend the line when the mood suits.

But let me step off my political soap box here. This ain’t one of those kind of books. It’s my own experiences that moved this book from idea to the hot page- turner you hold in your hands. From my dirty mind to yours, I have gathered together some of the top scribes in the genre who share similar appetites for straight-guy meat—like Rob Rosen, who gets the loins stirring in his new naughty creation, “Gray Area.” Find out what happens when two muscle-bound married footballers get it on in Bearmuffin’s “Football Fuckbuddies.” Mark Wildyr had me when I read the first line in his story, “Deer,” which reads, I’ve fucked more straights than any other queer I know. You don’t want to miss a word of what happens next. A black-metal groupie gets more than he bargained for in Zeke Mangold’s “Metal Head.” D. Fostalove hits all the pleasure points in “Pistol Whipped.” Nick has the hots for his girlfriend’s brother in Bob Vickery’s “Family Affair.” Jeff Mann returns with beautiful erotic lyricism in his Southern lust-fest, “Redneck Revision.” A married innkeeper and his newly single gay guest set the flames burning white-hot under the sheets in Hank Edward’s dick-stroking, “Ted and Breakfast.” Jeff Funk wants us to know what happens, “When Married Men Come in Cars.” You will want to keep one hand free while reading Gregory L. Norris’s “Taxicab Confession.” Garland Cheffield has the remedy for those straight men we lust after the most in “The Lust Cure.” Find out what happens in Barry Lowe’s “Window of Opportunity.” No one can hear you moan with ecstasy when you’re “High in the Salt Wind” in Nick Arthur’s sexy romp. Jamie Freeman continues to prove to us that cityscapes are not the only places in which hot sex happens when he takes us way down South to Jacksonville, Florida, circa 1952, with “Epiphany,” and R. Talent brings things to a fever pitch in, “Daddy Mack.” I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I did, and it’s okay if you can’t keep it in your pants while you do.

Shane Allison
Tallahassee, Florida


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