Straight Outta Burbank: The Bomp! 25th Anniversary Collection

Straight Outta Burbank: The Bomp! 25th Anniversary Collection

Bomp! was, in addition to being a pioneering historical-savvy rock fanzine in the 1970s, a label that put out some notable early punk singles, and (with its AIP and Voxx subsidiaries) reissued tons and tons of '60s garage/punk. In the 1980s and 1990s most of its contemporary releases were in the psych/pop/punk/garage revival mode. It is fair to say that this two-CD,


Bomp! was, in addition to being a pioneering historical-savvy rock fanzine in the 1970s, a label that put out some notable early punk singles, and (with its AIP and Voxx subsidiaries) reissued tons and tons of '60s garage/punk. In the 1980s and 1990s most of its contemporary releases were in the psych/pop/punk/garage revival mode. It is fair to say that this two-CD, 45-song compilation does not represent the label at its very best. Disc one is entirely devoted to material from Bomp! and its Voxx subsidiary, mixing vintage late-1970s cuts by the Dead Boys, Barracudas, Iggy & the Stooges, the Weirdos, the Germs, the Dils, DMZ, and the Heartbreakers with a mish-mash of more recent releases -- some from as late as the late '90s -- by the Brian Jonestown Massacre and several names that are obscure even by indie standards. Disc two is entirely devoted to the relatively new, but similarly minded, Alive! and Total Energy subsidiaries, going all over the raw power map from the late 1960s to the late 1990s, from late-'60s psych-punk (the Deviants, the MC5, the Pink Fairies) and late-'70s punk (Swell Maps) to blues and jazz from the early 1970s Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival (Sun Ra, Roosevelt Sykes) and '90s cuts by cult rockers like Davie Allan, Tav Falco, and Kim Fowley. One gets the feeling that it's serving as both a label best-of and a promo sampler for the label's overall catalog, and not entirely succeeding at either endeavor. The best rarities -- the Dils' "I Hate the Rich," the MC5's "Looking at You" single, and the Deviants' "Garbage" -- aren't as rare as they used to be. Also, the contributions by the lesser-knowns are often rather generic revivalist music -- whether indebted to punk, psych, pop, or whatever -- or tracks by significant performers that do not rate among their best work. There's some decent music here, but it's not a particularly cohesive package or engaging listen.

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Bomp Records


Disc 1

  1. Right Now!
  2. Third Generation Nation
  3. Don't Let Go
  4. Servo
  5. Make It Together
  6. 1x2x3 Devastated
  7. Ain't Got No Dough
  8. God Save Us
  9. Kerouac
  10. Gimme Some Skin
  11. Destroy All Music
  12. Suicide Music
  13. I Hate the Rich
  14. Pony Dress
  15. Pirate Love
  16. Heartache
  17. Suicide City
  18. You're Gonna Miss Me
  19. One Way Ticket
  20. Don't Give It Away
  21. The First Time
  22. Summertime Fun
  23. Almost Summer
  24. Baby Hold On
  25. New Fast Car

Disc 2

  1. International Rescue
  2. Open Throttle
  3. Do the Pop
  4. Porno Beach
  5. Junkie Son
  6. Monsters
  7. City Slang
  8. (Annie Got) Hot Pants Power
  9. Mr. Fruity Pants
  10. Brazil
  11. Maximum G
  12. Hippopotamus
  13. Face on the Factory Floor
  14. Monk in Orbit
  15. Do It!
  16. Garbage
  17. Looking at You
  18. I Need $100
  19. Night Time Is the Right Time
  20. Space Is the Place

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Professor Griff   Vocals
Roosevelt Sykes   Vocals,Piano (Grand)
Peter Case   Guitar,Vocals
Alex Chilton   Guitar
Richard Hell   Bass
MC5   Track Performer
Pink Fairies   Track Performer
Iggy Pop   Vocals
Swell Maps   Track Performer
Weirdos   Track Performer
Michael Davis   Bass
John Gilmore   Percussion,Tenor Saxophone
Allan Clarke   Drums,Vocals
Davie Allan   Guitar
Barracudas   Track Performer
Jeff Dahl   Guitar,Vocals
Dead Boys   Track Performer
Dils   Track Performer
Jacobites   Track Performer
Psychotic Youth   Track Performer
Nikki Sudden   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Rob Tyner   Vocals
White Flag   Track Performer
Zeros   Track Performer
Willie "Loco" Alexander   Track Performer
Stiv Bators   Vocals
Paul Collins   Drums
Richard Earl   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Mick Farren   Vocals
Kim Fowley   Vocals
Jeremy Gluck   Vocals
Nikki & the Corvettes   Track Performer
Twink   Drums,Vocals
Lazy Cowgirls   Track Performer
Pat Smear   Guitar
Marshall Allen   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Phil Gammage   Guitar,Vocals
Wayne Kramer   Guitar,Vocals
Ron Asheton   Bass
Scott Asheton   Drums
Brock Avery   Drums
Cheryl Bank   Vocals
Nickey Beat   Drums
Steve Berlin   Saxophone
Sid Bishop   Guitar
Johnny Blitz   Drums
Russell Branch   Percussion
Breakaways   Track Performer
David Buckley   Bass,Vocals
Cheetah Chrome   Guitar
Dix Denney   Guitar
John Denney   Vocals
Jim Duckworth   Guitar,Drums
Bruce Duff   Bass
Ahk Tal Ebah   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Vocals
Epic Soundtracks   Piano,Drums,Background Vocals,Stylophone
Tav Falco   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Greenberg   Guitar
Jowe Head   Bass,Background Vocals
Judith Holton   Vocals
Del Hopkins   Drums
Lex Humphries   Drums
Russell Hunter   Drums
Irene   Background Vocals
Chip Kinman   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Kinman   Bass,Vocals
Walter Lure   Guitar
Jeff Magnum   Bass
Mike Marshall   Bass
Lamont McLamb   Trumpet
Frank Meyer   Guitar,Vocals
Scott Morgan   Vocals
Stanley Morgan   Percussion
Scott Morrow   Guitar
Paul Murphy   Drums
Jerry Nolan   Drums
Pat Patrick   Baritone Saxophone
Hector Peñalosa   Bass,Vocals
Dan Phillips   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Drums,Vocals
David Provost   Bass
Sun Ra   Organ,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Jay Rassler   Guitar
Cord Rees   Bass,Vocals
Steve Reynolds   Bass
Harry Richards   Drums
Cliff Roman   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Paul Rudolph   Guitar,Vocals
Duncan Sanderson   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
David Scott   Guitar,Vocals,12-string Guitar
John Sinclair   Vocals
Stephen Sparkes   Vocals
Leroy Taylor   Bass Clarinet
Deniz Tek   Guitar,Vocals
Dennis Thompson   Drums
Johnny Thunders   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Trout   Bass
Nik Turner   Drums,Vocals
June Tyson   Vocals
Robert Underwood   Drums
Robin Wills   Guitar,Vocals
Alzo Wright   Drums
Ruth Wright   Vocals
Jimmy Zero   Guitar
Certain General   Track Performer
Dave Kusworth   Guitar,Vocals
Surf Trio   Track Performer
ImaJinary Friends   Track Performer
Ron Miller   Bass
Kim Shattuck   Guitar,Vocals
Ronnie Barnett   Bass
Robert Lopez   Guitar,Vocals
James Williamson   Guitar
Jeff "Monoman" Conolly   Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals,Jug
Javier Escovedo   Guitar,Vocals
Glenn Tranter   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
U.S. Bombs   Track Performer
Ricky Barnes   Vocals
Amanda Jones   Track Performer
Jill Jordan   Background Vocals
Davie Allan & The Arrows   Track Performer
Stooges   Track Performer
Brian Jonestown Massacre   Track Performer
Lovemasters   Track Performer
Martians   Track Performer
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs   Track Performer
Ron Kleim   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Pat Fear   Guitar
Anton Newcombe   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards,Sounds
Peter Hayes   Guitar
Chuck Briggs   Guitar,Vocals
Alex Gomez   Drums
Kerry Martinez   Guitar,Vocals
Duane Peters   Vocals
Parker du Lany   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Matt Hollywood   Bass
Jimmy Paluzzi   Drums
Brent Rademaker   Bass,Vocals
Donna Rhia   Drums
Pete Weinberger   Guitar,Background Vocals
Sledgehammer Susan   Bass,Vox Organ
Kali Molotov   Bass
Pascal Bartolone   Drums
Lorna Doom   Bass
Trace Element   Drums
Dom Mariani   Guitar,Vocals
Aaron Sperske   Drums
Terry Miles   Piano,Hammond Organ
Chris Desjardins   Vocals
Dino Everett   Bass,Vocals
Baba Chenelle   Drums
Chip ?   Bass
Mark Williams   Drums,sleigh bells
Dodge Main   Track Performer
One String Sam   Vocals
Sophie   Background Vocals
Smogtown   Track Performer
Beachwood Sparks   Track Performer
Marcy Saddy   Percussion,Drums
Joel Gion   Tambourine
Shane Haddock   Bass
Rob Milucky   Guitar
Larry Worthington   Alto Saxophone
Graham Bonnar   Drums
Don Kirk   Guitar
Eric Toth   Guitar
Dave Leeds   Bass
Toni Italiano   Bass,Background Vocals
Art Jackson   Guitar
Tim   Drums
Endre Elgover   Drums
Ronnie Rocket   Guitar
Tim Digulla   Keyboards
Pat Todd   Vocals
D.D. Weekday   Guitar
Ulf Abrahamsson   Guitar,Vocals
Black Betty Afrika   Percussion
Circularsaw Sally   Guitar,Vox Organ
Dennis Heartbreak   Drums
Harlan Hollander   Guitar
David Winogrond   Drums
Chris Gunst   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Beyond   Vocals
Nick Corraccio   Bass
Sean Antillon   Drums,Vocals
Chris   Vocals
Christopher Wahl   Drums
Gerald Shohan   Guitar,Background Vocals
Ricky Rat   Rhythm Guitar
Gary Blue   Guitar
Amanda Brix   Vocals
Nikki Corvette   Vocals
Jeff Drake   Guitar,Vocals
Eric Faas   Drums,Vocals
Tahquamenon Falls   Voices
Pete Kinne   Percussion
Mike Knutson   Drums
Carl Eugene Picôt   Bass
Joe Lupo   Bass
Invisible Man   Bass
Rick Maymi   Bass,Guitar
Rick Mendes   Drums
Keith Michael   Bass,Vocals
Crippa Odin   Bass,Vocals
Dennis Staaf   Drums,Vocals
Keith Teligman   Bass,Vocals
Aaron Temple   Drums,Background Vocals
Jeremy Thirlby   Guitar,Harmonica
Travis Threlkel   Keyboards
Jorgen Westman   Guitar,Vocals,farfisa organ,Mini Moog
Josh Schwartz   Guitar,Vocals
Tav Falco & the Panther Burns   Track Performer
Danny Davis   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Jeff Martin   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Danny Thompson   Flute,Baritone Saxophone

Technical Credits

Jim Reeves   Composer
Silencers   Composer
Michael Davis   Composer
Dils   Composer
Rob Tyner   Composer
Kim Fowley   Composer
Wayne Kramer   Composer,Producer
Chris Ashford   Producer
Darby Crash   Composer
Michael Cuscuna   Producer
Jimmy Douglass   Producer,Engineer
Mitch Easter   Producer
Richard LaBonte   Composer
John Sinclair   Producer
Fred "Sonic" Smith   Composer
Dennis Thompson   Composer
Certain General   Composer
Tunc Erim   Producer
Peter James   Composer,Contributor
Siobhan   Producer
Punch Andrews   Producer
Lisa Fancher   Liner Notes
Ricky Barnes   Composer
One String Sam   Contributor
Rob Milucky   Composer
Mick Collins   Producer
E. Randell   Composer
Deviant   Composer
Barnes   Composer
Steve King   Producer
Jeff Martin   Composer

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