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by Robert Zverina

A short story about a lonesome cowboy and his faithful horse.


A short story about a lonesome cowboy and his faithful horse.

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Robert Zverina
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Meet the Author

Born in Liberty, NY in 1969, Robert Zvěřina is the only American-born child of Czech political refugees. He grew up on Long Island and graduated from a prestigious northeastern university with a BA in English. His first car was a classic GM V8 that he drove for years to jobs in a dishroom and mall bookstore, but he hopes the similarities to his protagonist Buzz Polštař end there. He received an MFA in Poetry at Brooklyn College under the mentorship of Allen Ginsberg, whose meticulously captioned photographs and lessons in empathy were an inspiration. Initially skeptical about computers and the internet, Robert launched Picture of the Day (zverina.com) in 1997, paving the way for future bloggers with his autobiographical mix of creative nonfiction, photography, and multimedia elements. After nearly 2,000 custom-designed web installments and eight feature-length volumes of pocket street videography (robZtv.com), Zvěřina remains skeptical about technology. But to sum up it's fair to say his entire life has been a struggle between indignation and acceptance, the yearning for a better world balanced by contentment in the present.

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