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Strange Euphoria

by Heart

It's almost astonishing that it took until 2012 for Strange Euphoria, the first multi-disc retrospective box set of Heart's five-decade-plus career, to arrive. The set contains three CDs and a live concert DVD entitled "The Second Ending," shot between February and March of 1976 for Washington State's KSWU-TV. StrangeSee more details below


It's almost astonishing that it took until 2012 for Strange Euphoria, the first multi-disc retrospective box set of Heart's five-decade-plus career, to arrive. The set contains three CDs and a live concert DVD entitled "The Second Ending," shot between February and March of 1976 for Washington State's KSWU-TV. Strange Euphoria is nearly everything a retrospective like this should be. It's packaged in a square white slipcase with the band's logo embossed in silver, and a die-cut heart dead center. The discs are encased in a quadra-fold cover, illustrated with a photo collage of album covers, band shots, singles, posters, etc. The 60-page book contains lots of rare photos, but most importantly, it features a track-by-track commentary from Ann and Nancy Wilson on the songs they chose for the box. In a sense, these poignant observations are a teaser for both their forthcoming autobiography, Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock & Roll, to be issued in September, and their upcoming album Fanatic, due in October 2012. The song choices here are chock-full of hits, balanced by numerous rarities, demos, and live cuts. Figuring fans had the hits, the Wilson sisters chose to focus on the demos of iconic tracks as "Magic Man," "How Deep It Goes," "Crazy on You," "Heartless," "Dog & Butterfly," "Desire Walks On," "Under the Sky," etc., from all different periods in the band's history. Some of these, particularly "Magic Man and "Crazy on You," are revelatory in their contrast to the album versions. Among the rarities are the opening track on disc one, "Through the Eyes & Glass," released as Ann Wilson & the Daybreaks, their first recorded single in 1969, and numerous "basement tape"-style demos of other material that was never released such as "Boppy's Back" and "Any Woman's Blues" (the latter with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns). The live stuff is just as credible; check "Barracuda," "White Lightning & Wine," and "Never" (with John Paul Jones), along with various selections from the Lovemongers' "Kiss," "Sand," "She Still Believes," and more. That said, it is live that Heart is at its most original, and would that there were more of this material. The DVD was Heart's portion of a public television documentary, but the clip finds them performing nine tunes, including fine versions of "Dreamboat Annie," "Sing Child," "Magic Man," and more. While the purchase of box sets is usually reserved for an act's most loyal following, Strange Euphoria is also a fantastic introduction to one of rock's most enduring bands.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Sony Legacy


Disc 1

  1. Through Eyes and Glass  -  Daybreaks
  2. Magic Man
  3. How Deep It Goes
  4. Crazy On You
  5. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)/Dreamboat Annie Reprise
  6. Love Alive
  7. Sylvan Song
  8. Dream of the Archer
  9. White Lightning & Wine
  10. Barracuda
  11. Little Queen
  12. Kick It Out
  13. Here Song
  14. Heartless
  15. Dog & Butterfly
  16. Straight On
  17. Nada One

Disc 2

  1. Bebe Le Strange
  2. Silver Wheels Ii
  3. Even It Up
  4. Sweet Darlin'
  5. City's Burning
  6. Angels
  7. Love Mistake
  8. Lucky Day
  9. Never  - John Paul Jones
  10. These Dreams
  11. Nobody Home
  12. Alone
  13. Wait For an Answer
  14. Unconditional Love
  15. High Romance
  16. Under the Sky
  17. Desire Walks On

Disc 3

  1. Kiss  -  Lovemongers
  2. Sand  -  Lovemongers
  3. Everything  - Nancy Wilson
  4. She Still Believes
  5. Any Woman's Blues  -  Seattle Blues Revue Horns
  6. Strange Euphoria
  7. Boppy's Back
  8. Friend Meets Friend  -  Lovemongers
  9. Love or Madness
  10. Skin To Skin
  11. Fallen Ones
  12. Enough
  13. Lost Angel
  14. Little Problems, Little Lies  - Ann Wilson
  15. Queen City
  16. Hey You
  17. Avalon (Reprise)

Disc 4

  1. Pre Show
  2. Heartless
  3. White Lightning & Wine
  4. Dreamboat Annie
  5. Silver Wheels
  6. Crazy On You
  7. Sing Child
  8. Soul of the Sea
  9. Devil Delight
  10. Magic Man

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Heart   Primary Artist
John Bayless   Musician
Kit Hain   Musician
Roger Fisher   Musician
Mark Andes   Musician
Denny Carmassi   Musician
Gilby Clarke   Musician
Frank Cox   Musician
Michael DeRosier   Musician
Schuyler Deale   Musician
Sue Ennis   Musician
Denny Fongheiser   Musician
Steve Fossen   Musician
John Hannah   Musician
Tom Kellock   Musician
Howard Leese   Musician
Ric Markmann   Musician
Duris Maxwell   Musician
Scott Olson   Musician
Fernando Saunders   Musician
Brian Johnstone   Musician
Dave Wilson   Musician
Craig Bartock   Musician
Mike Inez   Musician
Ben Smith   Musician
Jim Hill   Musician
Kristian Attard   Musician
Debbie Shair   Musician
Tom Wendt   Musician
Lisa Dalbello   Musician
Herbie Johnson   Musician
Geoff Fobert   Musician
Darian Sahnaja   Musician
Chris Blaine   Musician
Bob Ombreck   Musician
Tessie Bensussan   Musician

Technical Credits

Heart   Producer
John Paul Jones   Producer,Engineer
Lovemongers   Producer
Duane Baron   Producer,Engineer
Dave Dysart   Producer,Engineer
Brett Eliason   Producer,Engineer
Michael Fisher   Producer
Mike Flicker   Producer,Engineer
Brian Foraker   Producer,Engineer
Rolf Henneman   Producer,Engineer
Jimmy Iovine   Producer,Engineer
David Leonard   Producer,Engineer
Ben Mink   Producer,Engineer
Ron Nevison   Producer,Engineer
Keith Olsen   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Rob Perkins   Producer,Engineer
John Purdell   Producer,Engineer
Bernie Taupin   Composer
David Thoener   Producer,Engineer
Ann Wilson   Track Annotations
Shelly Yakus   Producer,Engineer
Richie Zito   Producer,Engineer
Quaglieri   Tape Research
Nancy Wilson   Producer,Track Annotations
Craig Bartock   Producer
Tisha Fein   Producer
Michael Kull   Tape Research
A. Wilson   Composer
Daniel Mendez   Producer,Engineer
Terry Lickona   Producer
Patrick McDougal   Producer,Engineer
Barry Summers   Executive Producer
R. Fisher   Composer
N. Wilson   Composer
H. Knight   Composer
C. Bartock   Composer
M. Derosier   Composer
Jason Shavey   Producer,Engineer
T. Kelly   Composer
Joe Palmaccio   Mastering
Vaughn Verdi   Producer,Engineer
Long Vu   Art Direction
Sue Wood   Tape Research

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