Strange Pleasures: Further Sounds of the Decca Underground 1966-75

Strange Pleasures: Further Sounds of the Decca Underground 1966-75


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Universal Uk


Disc 1

  1. In the Beginning  -  Genesis
  2. Turn into Earth  -  Stewart
  3. Red Sky at Night  -  Accent
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Secret
  6. Twilight Time (Evening)
  7. Some Good Advice
  8. Michaelangelo  -  23rd Turnoff
  9. The Sounds
  10. Baby I Need You
  11. Like a Tear
  12. Down at Circe's Place  -  Touch
  13. Under the Rainbow  -  End
  14. Opening  -  Deviants
  15. I'm Coming Home  -  Deviants
  16. Northern Hemisphere  -  East of Eden
  17. Magician in the Mountain
  18. Jenra
  19. The Best Way to Travel
  20. I Will Be Absorbed  -  Egg
  21. Bad Scene

Disc 2

  1. If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You  -  Caravan
  2. Gypsy
  3. Garden Song
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Skillet  -  Galliard
  6. Sharing  -  Satisfaction
  7. J.L.T.  -  T2
  8. The Time Is Near
  9. First Reminder  -  Clark-Hutchinson
  10. Practically Never Happens
  11. Harpo's Head  -  Stud
  12. Contrasong  -  Egg
  13. Marcus Junior  -  East of Eden
  14. Winter Wine  -  Caravan

Disc 3

  1. Things Ain't Working out Down at the Farm
  2. I'm Coming On
  3. Space Shanty  -  Khan
  4. Cosmic Bride
  5. Time of the Last Persecution
  6. Woterloo Lily  -  Caravan
  7. Ballad for the Queen of Outer Space  - Pete Brown
  8. Steal the World  -  Darryl Way's Wolf
  9. Spring's Sweet Comfort
  10. Crying Won't Help You Now
  11. Sarah
  12. Triplets
  13. Marie Antoinette
  14. New York Ladies  - Michael Chapman

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Justin Hayward   Composer
Steve Hillage   Composer
Michael Pinder   Composer
Ray Thomas   Composer
Darryl Way   Composer
Miller Anderson   Composer
Mick Farren   Composer
Bill Fay   Composer
Davy Graham   Composer
David Kubinec   Composer
Alvin Lee   Composer
Phil Lynott   Composer
Steve Bailey   Composer
Tony Banks   Composer
Ron Bending   Composer
David Birkett   Composer
Sid Bishop   Composer
Ron Caines   Composer
Tony Clarkson   Composer
Richard Coughlan   Composer
Peter Dunton   Composer
Peter Filleul   Composer
Don Gallucci   Composer
Derek Griffiths   Composer
Pye Hastings   Composer
Jeff Hawks   Composer
John Hodkinson   Composer
Mike Rutherford   Composer
Terry W. Sims   Composer
Dave Sinclair   Composer
Richard Sinclair   Composer
Vic Smith   Composer
Stephen Sparkes   Composer
Hudson Whittaker   Composer
Geoffrey Browne   Composer
Tony Rees   Composer
Samy Birnbach   Composer
John Hebron   Composer
Denny Gerrard   Composer

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