Strategic Behavior in Economics and Business / Edition 1

Strategic Behavior in Economics and Business / Edition 1

by H. Scott Bierman

ISBN-10: 0201562987

ISBN-13: 9780201562989

Pub. Date: 11/28/1992

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Older Edition
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7.38(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. 1Decision Theory5
Ch. 1Making Optimal Decisions7
Ch. 2Choosing among Lotteries21
Ch. 3Using Information43
Pt. 2Games with Perfect Information65
Ch. 4The Elements of a Game67
Ch. 5Nash Equilibrium I81
Ch. 6Bargaining101
Ch. 7Involuntary Unemployment119
Ch. 8Insurance129
Ch. 9Patents and Product Variety145
Ch. 10Consistent Macroeconomic Policy167
Pt. 3Games with Simultaneous Moves185
Ch. 11Nash Equilibrium II187
Ch. 12The Coase Theorem215
Ch. 13Cournot and Betrand Duopoly235
Ch. 14Voting Paradoxes253
Ch. 15The Use of Common Resources267
Ch. 16Strategic Trade Policy283
Pt. 4Games with Private Information295
Ch. 17Bayesian Equilibrium297
Ch. 18Limit Pricing323
Ch. 19Adverse Selection and Credit Rationing343
Ch. 20Strikes and Other Bargaining Breakdowns359
Ch. 21Corporate Takeovers and Greenmail377
Ch. 22Public Goods and Preference Revelation395
Pt. 5Repeated Games411
Ch. 23Subgame-Perfect Equilibrium413
Ch. 24Cartel Enforcement439
Ch. 25Durable Goods and Monopoly Power457

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