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Strategic Human Resource Management / Edition 1

Strategic Human Resource Management / Edition 1

by Jeffrey A. Mello

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ISBN-10: 0324229593

ISBN-13: 9780324229592

Pub. Date: 03/28/2001

Publisher: Cengage Learning

This strategic HR text is organized into two sections. The first section, Chapters 1-7, examines the context of strategic HR and develops a framework and conceptual model for the practice of strategic HR. The second section, Chapters 8-14, examines the actual practice and implementation of strategic HR through a discussion of strategic issues that need to be


This strategic HR text is organized into two sections. The first section, Chapters 1-7, examines the context of strategic HR and develops a framework and conceptual model for the practice of strategic HR. The second section, Chapters 8-14, examines the actual practice and implementation of strategic HR through a discussion of strategic issues that need to be addressed while developing specific programs and policies related to the traditional functional areas of HR (staffing, training, performance management, etc.). The integrative framework that requires linkage between, consistency among these functional HR activities, and the approach toward writing about these traditional functional areas from a strategic perspective distinguish the text from what is currently on the market.

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Cengage Learning
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Table of Contents

Part 1The Context of Strategic Human Resource Management
1An Investment Perspective of Human Resource Management3
Adopting an Investment Perspective5
Managing Employees at United Parcel Service6
Factors Influencing How "Investment Oriented" an Organization Is7
Critical Thinking10
Experiential Exercises11
Internet Exercises11
Chapter References11
Reading 1.1Southwest Airlines: A Case Study Linking Employee Needs Satisfaction and Organizational Capabilities to Competitive Advantage by Roger Hallowell12
Reading 1.2Producing Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through the Effective Management of People by Jeffrey Pfeffer25
2Trends Affecting Human Resource Management37
Impact of Technology38
Workforce Demographic Changes and Diversity41
Diversity Initiatives at Intel44
Critical Thinking46
Experiential Exercises46
Internet Exercises46
Chapter References46
Reading 2.1Telecommuting as Part of a Strategic Human Resource Management Program48
Reading 2.2The Strategic Management of Workplace Diversity Initiatives: Public Sector Implications52
3Strategic Planning61
Models of Strategy62
The Process of Strategic Management63
Mission Statement63
Analysis of Environment64
Organization Self-Assessment65
Establishing Goals and Objectives67
Setting Strategy67
Corporate Strategies68
Business Unit Strategies69
Critical Thinking72
Experiential Exercises72
Internet Exercises73
Chapter References73
Reading 3.1Distinctive Human Resources Are Firms' Core Competencies74
Reading 3.2Strategic Human Resource Management: Linking the People with the Strategic Needs of the Business86
4The Evolving/Strategic Role of Human Resource Management99
HR Roles at Mercantile Bank101
Strategic HR Versus Traditional HR102
Barriers to Strategic HR104
Critical Thinking108
Experiential Exercises108
Internet Exercises109
Chapter References109
Reading 4.1A New Mandate for Human Resources110
Reading 4.2HR as a Source of Shareholder Value: Research and Recommendations119
Reading 4.3Culturally Compatible HR Strategies126
5Human Resource Planning133
Objectives of Human Resource Planning135
Types of Planning136
Aggregate Planning136
Succession Planning140
Critical Thinking143
Experiential Exercises143
Internet Exercises144
Reading 5.1Heirs Unapparent145
Reading 5.2Designing Succession Systems for New Competitive Realities151
Reading 5.3If HR Were Really Strategically Proactive: Present and Future Directions in HR's Contribution to Competitive Advantage158
6Design and Redesign of Work Systems171
Design of Work Systems172
What Workers Do172
What Workers Need174
How Jobs Interface with Other Jobs176
Redesign of Work Systems177
Understanding Change178
Managing Change179
Critical Thinking180
Experiential Exercises180
Internet Exercises181
Chapter References181
Reading 6.1Restructuring Teams for the Re-Engineered Organization182
Reading 6.2Human Resource Management Outsourcing: The Make or Buy Decision190
7Employment Law203
Scope of Laws204
Federal Antidiscrimination Laws205
Equal Pay Act205
Civil Rights Act of 1964206
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967207
Rehabilitation Act of 1973207
Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978207
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990207
Civil Rights Act of 1991208
Family and Medical Leave Act of 1992208
Enforcement of Federal Laws Under the EEOC209
Executive Orders212
Affirmative Action212
Sexual Harassment213
What Sexual Harassment Is214
Problems in Managing Sexual Harassment215
Strategy for Managing Sexual Harassment216
Complications Abroad217
Critical Thinking218
Experiential Exercises219
Internet Exercises219
Reading 7.1The Dual Loyalty Dilemma for HR Managers Under Title VII Compliance220
Reading 7.2In Defense of Preference227
Part 2Implementation of Strategic Human Resource Management
Temporary Versus Permanent Employees239
Internal Versus External Recruiting239
When and How Extensively to Recruit240
Methods of Recruiting242
International Assignments249
Critical Thinking251
Experiential Exercises252
Internet Exercises252
Chapter References252
Reading 8.1Hiring for the Organization, Not the Job253
Reading 8.2Personality Screening in Employment: Balancing Information Gathering and the Law267
9Training and Development271
Benefits of Training and Development273
Planning and Strategizing Training273
Needs Assessment274
Design and Delivery275
Computer-Based Training at Qualcomm276
Integrating Training with Performance Management Systems and Compensation279
Critical Thinking280
Experiential Exercises281
Internet Exercises281
Chapter References281
Reading 9.1Hold On to What You've Learned282
Reading 9.2Designing Management Training and Development for Competitive Advantages: Lessons from the Best286
10Performance Management and Feedback297
Use of the System298
Who Evaluates300
What to Evaluate303
How to Evaluate304
Measures of Evaluation304
Other Considerations308
Critical Thinking310
Experiential Exercises310
Internet Exercises311
Chapter References311
Reading 10.1Has 360-Degree Feedback Gone Amok?312
Reading 10.2Public Sector Organizations: Today's Innovative Leaders in Performance Management321
Internal Equity330
External Equity333
Individual Equity335
Legal Issues in Compensation337
Critical Thinking338
Experiential Exercises339
Internet Exercises339
Chapter References339
Reading 11.1Compensating Teams340
Reading 11.2Pay Strategy: New Thinking for the New Millennium346
12Labor Relations351
Why Employees Unionize353
The National Labor Relations Act354
Behavior During Organizing Campaigns355
Collective Bargaining356
Failure to Reach Agreement358
Unions Today359
Critical Thinking360
Experiential Exercises361
Internet Exercises361
Chapter References361
Reading 12.1Redefining the Rights of Union Organizers and Responsibilities of Employers in Union Organizing Drives362
Reading 12.2Embracing the Future: Union Strategies for the 21st Century368
13Employee Separation373
Reductions in Force375
Critical Thinking381
Experiential Exercises382
Internet Exercises382
Chapter References382
Reading 13.1Holding On to High Performers: A Strategic Approach to Retention383
Reading 13.2Retirement of Older Workers: Issues and Policies390
14International Human Resource Management401
How International HRM Differs from Domestic HRM403
Assessing Culture403
Strategic HR Issues in International Assignments406
Critical Thinking412
Experiential Exercises413
Internet Exercises413
Chapter References413
Reading 14.1Managing the Global Workforce: Challenges and Strategies414
Reading 14.2Adapting to a Boundaryless World: A Developmental Expatriate Model428
Part 3Case Studies
Case 1Strategic Human Resource Management at Herman Miller441
Case 2Strategic Human Resource Management at Lucent447
Case 3Strategic Human Resource Management at Praxair451
Case 4Strategic Human Resource Management at Quantum457
Case 5Strategic Human Resource Management at Sears465

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