Strategic Human Resource / Edition 1

Strategic Human Resource / Edition 1

by Randall S. Schuler, Susan Jackson

ISBN-10: 0631216014

ISBN-13: 9780631216018

Pub. Date: 09/11/1999

Publisher: Wiley

Strategic Human Resource Management: A Reader, contains 24 articles that describe the field of managing human resources strategically.


Strategic Human Resource Management: A Reader, contains 24 articles that describe the field of managing human resources strategically.

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Part I: Definition and Overview of SHRM:.

Overview of Part I.

1. Understanding Human Resource Management in the Context of Organizations and their Environments: S. E. Jackson and R. S. Schuler (both Rutgers University). 2. Strategic Human Resource Management: A Review of the Literature and a Proposed Typology: C. A. Lengnick-Hall and M. L. Lengnick-Hall (both University of Wichata).

3. Theoretical Perspectives for The Strategic Human Resource Management: P. M. Wright (Cornell University) and G. C. McMahan (Texas A & M University).

4. The Strategic HRM Debate and the Resource-Based View of the Firm: P. Boxall (University of Auckland).

5. Strategic Human Resource Management within a Resource-Capability View of the Firm: K. Kamoche (City University of Hong Kong).

6. Human Resource Strategy: A Process for Managing the Contribution of HRM to Organizational Performance: S. Tyson (Cranfield School of Management).

Part II: Linking People to the Firm: One Best Way?:.

Overview of Part II.

7. Looking Inside for Competitive Advantage: J. B. Barney (Ohio State University). 8. Linking Individual Performance to Business Strategy: The People Process Model: L. Gratton (London Business School), V. Hope-Hailey (Cranfield School of Management), P. Stiles (London Business School) and C. Truss (Kingston Business School).

9. Linking Competitive Strategies with Human Resource Management Practices: R. S. Schuler and S. E. Jackson (both Rutgers University).

10. Human Resource Management and Performance: A Review and Research Agenda: D. E. Guest (University of London).

11. Distinctive Human Resources are Frims' Core Competencies: P. Cappelli and A. Crocker-Hefer (both University of Pennsylvania).

12. Toward a Unifying Framework for Exploring Fit and Flexibility in Strategic Human Resource Management: P. M. Wright (Cornell University) and S. A. Snell (Pennsylvania State University).

Part III: Views of the Multiple Stakeholders:.

Overview of Part III.

13. HR as a Source of Shareholder Value: Research and Recommendations: B. E. Becker (State University of New York at Buffalo), M. A. Huselid (Rutgers University), P. S. Pickus and M. F. Spratt (both Coopers and Lybrand L.L.P).

14. Competing Pressures for Human Resource Investment: G. Harrell-Cook and G. R. Ferris (both University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign).

15. Managing to be Fair to Service Employees and their Customers E Bowen: W. W. Gilliland (University of Arizona) and R. Folger (Tulane University).

16. Rethinking Employment: P. Cappelli (University of Pennsylvania).

Part IV: Global Dimensions:.

Overview of Part IV.

17. An Integrative Framework of Strategic International Human Resource Management: R.S. Schuler (Rutgers University), P.J. Dowling (University of Tasmania) and Helen De Cieri (University of Melbourne).

18. Strategic Human Resource Management: the Value of Different Paradigms: Chris Brewster (Cranfield School of Management).

19. Redefining the Field of European Human Resource Management: a Battle between National Mindsets and Forces of Business Transition?: P.R. Sparrow (Sheffield University Management School) and J.-M. Hiltrop (International Institute for Management Development).

20. Creating and Sustaining Ethical Capability in the Multinational Corporation: P.F. Buller (Gonzaga University) and G.M. McEvoy (Utah State University).

Part V: Role of the HR Department and HR Professionals:.

Overview of Part V.

21. Is Human Resource Management in Crisis?: P.R. Sparrow (Sheffield University Management School).

22. The New Human Resources Management: Creating the Strategic Business Partnership: S. Albers Mohrman and Edward E. Lawler III (both University of Southern California).

23. The New Network Firm: a Spherical Structure Built on a Human Investment Philosophy: R.E. Miles (University of California at Berkeley) and C.C. Snow (Pennsylvania State University).

24. Measuring Human Resources: an Overview of Practice and a Prescription for Results: Dave Ulrich (University of Michigan).


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