Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

by Peter Lorange

ISBN-10: 1855213508

ISBN-13: 9781855213500

Pub. Date: 09/28/1994

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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International Library of Management
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Table of Contents

Series Preface
1Managing Strategic Adaptation: Options in Administrative Systems Design3
2Manage Beyond Portfolio Analysis17
3Managing Strategic Issues in a Turbulent Environment25
4Key Lessons for Adopting Scenario Planning in Diversified Companies33
5Integrating Scenarios into Strategic Planning at Royal Dutch/Shell43
6Benchmarking World-Class Performance49
7Memo to a CEO: Planning for Value71
8Strategy Versus Planning: Bridging the Gap79
9Adapting Strategic Planning to the Changing Needs of a Business87
10On Tailoring a Strategic Planning System to Its Context: Some Empirical Evidence101
11Strategic Alignment: Managing for Synergy119
12How Innovators Thwart New Entrants into Their Market125
13Strategy Search and Creativity: The Key to Corporate Renewal135
14The Myths of Strategic Planning145
15SBU Strategies, Corporate-SBU Relations, and SBU Effectiveness in Strategy Implementation147
16Avoid the Breakdowns Between Planning and Implementation173
17The Role of Systems in Implementing Strategy177
18Building Successful Strategic Alliances183
19Successful Innovation and Implementation of New Processes191
20Making Strategy Work: The Team Approach207
21Why Teams Matter215
22Mental Models243
23The Leader's New Work: Building Learning Organizations251
24Knowledge Workers: The Last Bastion of Competitive Advantage269
25The Two Logics Behind Human Resource Management277
26Implementing Corporate Strategy: Using Management Education and Training295
27Executive Development as a Business Strategy305
28Designing Product and Business Portfolios315
29Strategic Decision Processes: An Integrative Framework and Future Directions327
30The Manager's Guide to Strategic Planning Tools and Techniques367
Name Index373

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