Stravinsky: The Complete Ballets & Symphonies

Stravinsky: The Complete Ballets & Symphonies

by Charles Dutoit

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  1. Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring), ballet in 2 parts for orchestra
  2. Petrushka, ballet (burlesque) in 4 scenes for orchestra (1947 version)
  3. Movements (5), for piano & orchestra
  4. Les Noces III (The Wedding), ballet in 4 tableaux for vocal soloists, chorus, 4 pianos & percussion
  5. L'oiseau de feu (The Firebird), ballet in 2 scenes for orchestra
  6. Scènes de ballet, for orchestra
  7. Divertimento, symphonic suite for orchestra from the ballet The Fairy's Kiss
  8. Apollon musagète, ballet in 2 scenes for string orchestra
  9. Pulcinella, ballet with song in 1 act, for 3 vocal soloists & orchestra
  10. Chant du rossignol (Song of the Nightingale), symphonic poem for orchestra
  11. Capriccio, for piano & orchestra
  12. Scherzo à la Russe, for orchestra
  13. Scherzo fantastique, for orchestra, Op. 3
  14. Symphony in E flat major, Op. 1
  15. Fireworks (Feu D'artifice), fantasy for orchestra, Op. 4
  16. Agon, ballet for 12 dancers & orchestra
  17. Orpheus, ballet in 3 scenes for orchestra
  18. Jeu de cartes (Card Game), ballet in "three deals" for orchestra
  19. Symphony of Psalms, for chorus & orchestra
  20. Symphonies of Wind Instruments, for 24 wind instruments (1920 version)
  21. Symphony in Three Movements, for orchestra
  22. Symphony in C, for orchestra in C major

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