Streams : Seeking God in The Waters of Scripture

Streams : Seeking God in The Waters of Scripture

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by Murray Pura

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Streams: Seeking God in The Waters of Scripture


Streams: Seeking God in The Waters of Scripture

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Streams : Seeking God in The Waters of Scripture 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Result 1 is main camp <br> Result 2 is this map <br> Result 3 is bios <br> Result 4 is leaders den <br> Result 5 is medicine cat den <br> Result 6 is the warriors den <br> Result 7 is the apprentice den <br> Result 8 is the nursery <br> Result 9 is the training hollow <br> Result 10 is th hunting grounds <br> Result 11 is the lake <br> Result 12 is the border
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter Four What the Waves Take &mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash; Stormpaw turned quickly. He thought about how... he thought that Mistypaw and him were more than friends... no, he shook the thought away.' Mistypaw's in trouble! And I'm thinking about THIS?' Stormpaw thought. He rushed over to the tree island, a small island that rose from the water that flowed through all of the territory. Mistypaw's limp body had washed up on the shore. "No, Mistypaw... no..... no...." a single tear fell from Stormpaw's cheek, then another... aand another. "NOOOOO!!!!!!" Stormpaw wailed. This was worse than anything else he could imagibe... she was gone....
MarB1 More than 1 year ago
Waters My Soul Streams is adventurous, exciting and encouraging! Murray Pura is a writer who paints with words. Indeed, he nicely paints the stories in the reader's mind where they come to life--it is like you are present during the events he writes about. Not only during his own adventures, but also during Jesus' walk on earth. Pura beautifully portraits God's amazing love and understanding for us. For me, as the reader, my thirst was quenched. Reading the author's insight in God's character was so soothing, it was like a cool stream running through me--it watered my soul. What a treasure, what a pearl this piece of work is!