Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution

Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution

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by Paul Huljich, Hugh Polk

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Do you feel anxious or on edge a lot of the time? Do you know you suffer from stress but feel powerless to stop it? Do you have trouble sleeping, lack energy and patience, feel frequent sadness or tension, or experience even larger stress-related health problems?

Many people would answer yes to these questions. The modern world is a breeding ground for stress; it


Do you feel anxious or on edge a lot of the time? Do you know you suffer from stress but feel powerless to stop it? Do you have trouble sleeping, lack energy and patience, feel frequent sadness or tension, or experience even larger stress-related health problems?

Many people would answer yes to these questions. The modern world is a breeding ground for stress; it comes in many forms and has a variety of causes, but any kind of stress can greatly inhibit life and take a serious toll on both body and mind.

Written for the growing number of people wishing to free themselves of mild, moderate, or severe stress, Stress Pandemic draws upon organic food pioneer Paul Huljich's experience with stress-related illness, outlining a practical and effective approach to beating stress and achieving complete wellness. Huljich's strategies address the underlying habits and tendencies that cause stress, and he offers a comprehensive lifestyle solution designed to promote both physiological and psychological strength and balance.

By learning and following Huljich's uniquely powerful and integrated approach to wellness, readers can live stress-free in a natural and holistic way.

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Publishers Weekly
After enduring years of persistent stress as the CEO of a company, Huljich suffered a severe mental breakdown, and decided he needed to make some serious changes. After spending several weeks at the Mayo Clinic and the Menninger Clinic, Huljich realized that while institutional care and medications helped, he "needed to conquer stress" at a personal and sustainable level. His struggle, which he recounts in detail, led to the development of nine steps to overcome debilitating stress. The stages range from the practical (e.g., exercising regularly and spending 15 minutes barefoot each day in order to connect "directly to the earth's surface") to the metaphysical-he encourages readers to "take charge" and be aware "of your thoughts and desires." While Huljich offers little new information here, his personal experience with the subject matter, combined with a positive tone and easy-to-follow steps, makes this a valuable resource. Illus.
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Kirkus Reviews
A common-sense guide to managing everyday stress. In 1998, Paul Huljich was chairman of the board and joint CEO of a large, successful organic foods company, living in one of New Zealand's largest homes, with all the trappings of success, including stress. And it got to him. Huljich candidly describes the dramatic, full mental breakdown that tore him away from the home and life he'd built for himself and his family. He goes on to briefly describe his personal experience as he returned to mental health, weaned himself off the psychotropic medications prescribed for him, and developed habits to maintain his overall wellness. This telling is far more self-help than autobiography. (Readers interested in a full account of his breakdown can pick up his barely fictionalized Betrayal of Love and Freedom.) While there's nothing earthshaking in Huljich's "nine natural steps to survive, master stress and live well," the recipe he provides for better living is unusual because it's so practical and seemingly easy to follow. For example, in spite of his experience with organic foods and nutrition, he doesn't insist that wellness depends on sticking to a strict diet, just a sensible one. But smart eating habits comprise only one of the nine steps in Huljich's recommended process for achieving better health by developing a lifestyle that acts like a stress buffer. Sound sleeping, exercising and practicing positive affirmations also make his list. Chapters devoted to each of the nine steps are chock-full of practical advice and suggestions that seem reasonably easy to incorporate into a normal (i.e., stressful) modern life. Huljich's point--based on his experience, not medical research-- is that the key to mental health is having a healthy response to stress, not necessarily avoiding it. "A dependence on avoiding stress…is a mask, not a cure," he writes. These nine steps aren't the be-all, end-all answer, but they're worth following. Reasonable though lightweight advice.

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Meet the Author

Paul Huljich, amazon best selling author, developed stress-related conditions which was diagnosed as incurable while being the CEO of a major multimillion dollar pioneering organic foods company. Determined to heal himself, and never losing hope, Huljich traveled to the Mayo Clinic and the Menninger Clinic. After exhaustive research, Huljich succeeded in mastering his stress and the technique of how to fortyfying, empowering himself. He was able to cure his stress indused condtion, by implementing his natural nine-step overall LifeRestyle process and the 30-day wellness plan.

Today he is back, better and stronger than before. He feels like a battle scarred warrior. He shares his hard won personal secrets and story, his struggle, his difficulties and finally his path to complete recovery and optimum wellness in Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress and Thrive ( 2nd Edtion).

Paul Huljich is now one of America’s top stress experts, a renowned public speaker, a stress management and LifeReStyle coach and a member of the American Institute of Stress. He advocates Mental Wellness, to bring about mind wellness awareness (MwellA).

He is also the author of the psychological thriller Betrayal of Love and Freedom. He has appeared in over 600 national, NPR and international radio shows, and makes regular television and press appearances, while also blogging for Psychology Today and conducting motivational stress-free seminars.

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Stress Pandemic - The Lifestyle Solution: 9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress and Live Well 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Ray_Mathiesen More than 1 year ago
How should we live, and who says? Everybody wants to be happy and successful, but what do these words really mean? There is no shortage of people to tell you: your parents, your siblings, school mates, teachers, work mates, boss; not to mention TV, films, novels, the Internet, society in general. In the rush to ‘get through’ life we are endlessly pressured by others and can end up asking ourselves, “”Who am I, and how did I get here?” These are questions that are central to Huljich’s book, and it is his belief that by ignoring the answers we end up in physical and emotional stress, and that this, at best, reduces the quality of our life, and, at worst, ends in psychological conditions like depression and bi-polar disease. This is a book written by a layman for the layman, though it would be wrong to think that it is therefore not scholarly. Huljich was intelligent enough to be enrolled at university and he has written a well-researched book. There are pertinent references and an extensive bibliography for those who want to dig deeper, reading about particular experiments and epidemiological/sociological surveys. But the real strength of this book is that it comes out of Huljich’s own struggle with mental illness, and out of his determination not to be dominated by this condition forever. Huljich overcame his illness to a degree that is quite rare, and has spent a further 10 year researching the subject. As a result the book is immensely practical, full of common sense, balanced and written in such a way that the ‘ordinary person’ can understand it. Even more those suffering from stress will immediately relate to this book because it has an ‘insiders’ view. The book revolves around 9 steps to cope with stress. Steps 1, 2, and 3 deal with helpful mental attitudes and are foundational to the whole approach. Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 are practical tools that can be carried out each day. Steps 8 and 9 encourage continued personal assessment and improvement. The chapter of the book which will most come under criticism is: “Step4 : Affirmations”. Many people reading this will immediately dismiss it as new age hokum: totally ineffective. Huljich, however, points out that it is our thoughts that drive our behaviour, and that these thoughts are often automatic, and the result of repartition over many years. We need to interrupt old thoughts and build new thought patterns. This may sound hokum to you, but it is the foundation of cognitive psychology, the most researched and proven school of psychology today. The section on titled “Survival, My Story” of course narrates Huljich’s own battle with bi-polar disease. It adds considerable authenticity to the book, telling us clearly that that Paul has been there, suffering severely, and is not an armchair commentator. Also, those who suffer will immediately feel solidarity. Most of all this section shows that serious, chronic mental illness can be gradually and carefully overcome to the point of virtually total success. Huljich has written a most practical, helpful, sensible and well researched book. This is in fact the best book on stress I have ever read. I studied psychology as a part of my Bachelor of Arts degree.
Jenstrikesagain More than 1 year ago
There's nothing really new or startling here, just a reiteration of the same solid advice we've heard all along; eat well, get enough sleep, meditate, take time out for you...It's all good, though. And while I don't agree that a person can de-stress himself away from bipolar disorder (it's a disorder of brain chemistry, probably set in early childhood, if not before birth) it's certainly possible that reducing stress in your life can reduce the symptoms and possibly reduce (but probably not eliminate) the need for medication. I'd give it three and a half stars, if we could give half stars.
shirfire More than 1 year ago
BOOK REVIEW: STRESS PANDEMIC BY PAUL HULJICH 288 pages, Mwella Publishing Release date: July 1, 2012 Note: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher for purpose of review. In today’s world, it seems we are constantly under attack from stress from multiple sources. These stress points, allowed to continue unchecked; undermine our health in a variety of ways both mental and physical. This book has outlined very specifically, a plan by which we can not only reduce the stress in our life, but overcome it entirely; thereby improving our health vastly and adding years to our lifespan. The author, Paul Huljich, had reached what most of us would consider the pinnacle of success as a very well-to-do business owner. What he failed to realize though, despite a tell tale sign here or there; was the dire toll that stress was taking on his health. He eventually reached the point of a complete breakdown and was ultimately diagnosed with stress-induced bipolar disorder by numerous medical professionals. This diagnosis carried with it a life-time sentence of multiple drugs and the prediction that he would have relapses from time to time throughout the years. The story of how Paul overcame his devastating, stress-induced mental illness and proved the medical professionals wrong is nothing short of amazing. In this book Paul has outlined for all of us the nine specific steps he followed to eliminate stress from his life and to live a healthy life, both mentally and physically. While most people hide their present or past mental illnesses because of the stigma attached to those conditions, Paul has come forward in an effort to help others and to prevent them from experiencing the illness and collapse that devastated his life. This book is an integral tool and lesson that we can all use and learn from. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Celticlady1953 More than 1 year ago
We all have stress in our lives, it is just how we handle this stress is the key. I think in this day and age what with all the conveniences of our digital world, we find ourselves having to constantly do more and more in a day. Stress affects our work, school and family and if not under control and handled by each and every one of us, we could find ourselves in the same situation as the author of Stress Pandemic, Paul Huljich, He suffered a complete mental breakdown. While in treatment Paul started doing research on stress and while doing so he wanted to share what he has learned by writing this book. In the book Paul has outlined the nine steps to mastering stress: Step 1: Take Charge Step 2: Kick Your Bad habits Step 3: Learn to Say No Step 4: Affirmations Step 5:Exercise Step 6: Nutrition Step 7: Sleep Step 8: the Power of Awareness Step 9: Don't Give Up In the back of the book there is a big section on resources, a glossary of terms used in the book, suggestions for breathing and stretching exercises, nutrition, sleep and some very interesting appendixes. I found this book to be very interesting, well thought out and researched and what I liked the most is that it was written by someone who actually had the mental illness caused by stress as opposed to something written by a self help guru who never experienced what Mr. Huljich has. I highly recommend it if you are wanting to change your life in a way that does not add to the stress you may already have.