Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward

Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward

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by Brian Luke Seaward

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"Stories are the best way to convey the essence of human spirituality, and Brian Luke Seaward is a master storyteller. Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward is nutrient-dense in spiritual wisdom." Deepak Chopra Stress is as American as apple pie. It doesn't matter where you live, what your job is, how much money you make, or what demands you face in your personal life…  See more details below


"Stories are the best way to convey the essence of human spirituality, and Brian Luke Seaward is a master storyteller. Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward is nutrient-dense in spiritual wisdom." Deepak Chopra Stress is as American as apple pie. It doesn't matter where you live, what your job is, how much money you make, or what demands you face in your personal life. There's simply no escaping stress. But, according to Dr. Brian Luke Seaward, the toughest times can reap unexpected benefits if you develop the right attitude. The moving, inspirational stories in this book help you let go of stress and move on gracefully. Dr. Seaward realizes that humor and compassion go a long way toward easing both stress and sorrow. He made his life's work to teach people that when met with faith, humor, love, and optimism, life's greatest challenges can lead to success and spiritual depth. The stories in this book offer encouragement and guidance, hope and faith, and most of all, a fresh point of view.

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Gian Scozzaro
t's very difficult to find the words to describe the books written by Brian Luke Seaward. If a book is over 150 pages, it must have something about it to hold my attention.. Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards is a book that you don't want to end. It's one of the rare books that I'm able to read in one sitting, and at the same time go back and read parts of it again and again. Different stories and antecdotes within this book resonate within a person at different phases in his or her life and

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Brian Luke Seaward is renowned nationally and internationally as an expert in the field of stress management, mind-body-spirit healing and health promotion. The wisdom of Brian Luke Seaward can be found quoted in PBS specials, college lectures, medical seminars, boardroom meetings, church sermons, keynote addresses, and graduation speeches all over the world. It has been said that he looks like James Taylor, dresses like Indiana Jones, and writes like Mark Twain. In the role of traveler, visionary, mystic, healer and mentor, Brian Luke Seaward has created a legacy in the field of wellness and health promotion for all to share.
In addition to teaching several thousand students at the University of Illinois, University of Maryland, The American University, the University of Colorado, and the University of Northern Colorado, not to mention thousands of workshop participants, Dr. Seaward, a TEDx speaker, has shared the insights of meditation with the staff at the White House (’90-94), taught stress management techniques with various heads of state, and coached relaxation techniques to several Olympic athletes, Broadway actors, media personalities, and leaders of several multinational corporations. His corporate clients include: Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Conoco Oil, Quaker Oats, John Deere, BP-Amoco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Organic Valley Dairy, Seagate, the US Army and many others. An extremely popular speaker at various conferences from the National Wellness Institute, American Journal of Health Promotion and the Institute of Noetic Sciences to the National Fibromyalsia Association and Healing Touch International, Luke leaves everyone inspired, educated and entertained. Through it all, he reminds us, stress knows no demographic boundaries. His colleague and mentor Larry Dossey, M.D. says, "Dr. Seaward daringly goes beyond the usual approach to the subject (of stress) to speak of the soul and of human spirituality because he realizes that stress management and maximal health are impossible to attain unless the questions of life's meaning are addressed."

Former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden says, “Luke's words have touched my life profoundly and helped me to find grace and dignity, the patience and compassion needed to navigate my ever-changing course. They have helped me understand that it is the way I choose to see the world that I will create the world I see.”

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Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I know I would take the cake. Oh, if only life were such a simple choice. But don't get STRESSED! That choice may be closer than you think. Just get this book and see for yourself! I know. Just a couple of years ago I was successfully doing a job I dearly loved with a team of people that were a joy to work with for a corporation I really respected. I loved my special times with my daughter Michelle, was making frequent trips to see my other daughter Lena my precious granddaughters Brooke, Kylee and Lilly. Family and friends blessed my life. And then I had back surgery. Instead of fixing my problem, the surgeon fractured bones. That was one big pill to swallow. And then I was given a copy of the latest book by a favorite author Dr. Brian Luke Seaward. But I had read the first edition and I was in pain. So why should I try to bother reading this update? Most of the stories were still familiar, like an old friend I hadn't seen in awhile. Yet they still made me laugh. Some things were new or maybe had just been forgotten. Whichever the case, I found myself reading more and more until the whole book was read. It felt good to laugh again. After all, even Norman Cousins had written years ago of the value of laughter ... nothing new though since it's also in the Bible. Then my friend Carol came over and brought me a 'Prayer Shawl' she had made just for me. It was a cozy throw just perfect for snuggling when I was in the need of a hug. And I found myself looking forward to my phone calls from my granddaughters filled with things that made me laugh. A special cousin kept close in touch, a special niece came to visit. I had a good car but couldn't safely drive it. That lead me to meeting Shamme who's cab was always clean and who made a copy of tape of spiritual music for me that I had always enjoyed when he took me to my appointments. And best source of physical therapy came in my hour long walks inside my favorite big store. There was the nicest lady who worked there that always got my attention with her big warm smile. She met my girls and I met hers. And on those days that were a bit tougher she always knew when it was time for one of her wonderful bear hugs! I enjoy the laughter of my roommate's daughter and the hand made cards from a very special Aunt Susan. And so, here I sit at the end of another interesting day. I picked back up the brightly colored new version of an old and friendly book and began to reread it again. I don't know why... unless of course it was because of my relatives and friends and the people that I've met along this journey who's gifts of warmth and love have been some of the best chocolate cake anyone ever had! I would strongly suggest that before you taste one more bitter pill, you get this book for yourself and enjoy some desserts instead!