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While her Mickey Mouse Club nemesis, Britney Spears, coyly clings to her not-a-girl/not-yet-a-woman status, Christina Aguilera has no qualms about proclaiming her hot-blooded grown-upness on her ambitious sophomore disc, Stripped. Aguilera appears strategically topless on the disc's provocative cover and totally nude in


While her Mickey Mouse Club nemesis, Britney Spears, coyly clings to her not-a-girl/not-yet-a-woman status, Christina Aguilera has no qualms about proclaiming her hot-blooded grown-upness on her ambitious sophomore disc, Stripped. Aguilera appears strategically topless on the disc's provocative cover and totally nude in one of the booklet's photos. Despite all the flesh baring, however, the album is more about being emotionally naked than actually disrobing. On the 20 confessional, genre-hopping songs, Aguilera confirms why her 1999 Grammy win for Best New Artist was no fluke: She has viscerally soulful chops that rival a pre-breakdown Mariah on her best day. With songs such as the classic soul–inspired, Alicia Keys–penned "Impossible," the Latin-tinged homage to her ex, "Infatuation," and the girl power hip-hop anthem "Can't Hold Us Down," featuring Lil' Kim, Aquilera graduates with honors from the teen pop ranks of Britney and Mandy to the adult pop-'n'-soul realm of Janet and Whitney. Aguilera also takes a few cues from her rebellious "Lady Marmalade" collaborator, Pink, by working with Linda Perry of 4-Non Blondes. Perry reprises the gritty rock edge she lent to Pink's outstanding Missundazstood on four songs here, including the soul-baring ballad "Beautiful" and the haunting, acoustic guitar–laced "I'm OK," about growing up with an abusive father. What's most surprising is that Aguilera -- for all her pouty camera come-ons and porn star attire -- thinks of herself as a misfit. "Sorry I'm not a virgin/Sorry I'm not a slut/I won't let you break me/Think what you want," she belts on the "Stripped Pt. 2" interlude. While her image may still invite criticism, there's no denying this young woman is an unparalleled talent. Let's just hope Ms. Aguilera soon realizes that she doesn't have to take her clothes off to prove her worth.

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All Music Guide - Stephen Thomas Erlewine
According to Christina Aguilera, the title of her second album, Stripped, refers to her emotions and not her body, but the topless photograph of her on the cover suggests otherwise. Most things about Stripped suggest sex, actually, since Xtina -- as she calls herself in a handful of interviews accompanying the release of the album -- never hesitates to put her body, her piercings, and recently liberated sexual beliefs on display throughout her hyper-sexual, convoluted sophomore effort. Like any diva, Christina believes her trials and tribulations are inherently more fascinating than anybody else's and, like any diva, she has an inflated sense of self-importance, defiantly strutting on the "Stripped Intro" that she's "sorry you can't define me/sorry I break the mold." What she's referring to is anybody's guess, since she hasn't exactly defied expectations since her last album -- releasing a Christmas album and a Spanish-language record of your debut ain't exactly breaking the mold: it is the mold. Plus, Stripped clearly has its origins in the sound of two of Christina's teen pop contemporaries -- the teasing sexiness of Britney Spears and the wonderful, gonzo dance-rock confessionals of P!nk, who truly did break the mold with M!ssundaztood. Since Aguilera spent so much time working on the album, tearing through a seemingly countless number of producers, she seems desperate to not just catch-up with these two, but surpass them in sex and confessions, breaking it down so they become the same thing, while adding a strong hip-hop undercurrent throughout all the songs. And the end result is utterly bizarre, surpassing Mariah Carey's Glitter as the modern-day standard for musical immolation while rivaling The Teaches of Peaches in its sheer carnality. Where Peaches is always in control of her sexuality, using it as a weapon and a joke in equal measures, Christina is overwhelmed by the reaction of others to her sexuality, putting it on equal ground with her voice, which remains a remarkably powerful instrument, especially since she's toned down the scale-running histrionics from her debut. If she's mastered her vocals, she's still desperately searching for her artistic voice, placing too much emphasis on club and street-level R&B, which fit her poorly (why "Dirrty," a non-song that requires less range, over the slinky sexiness of "I'm a Slave 4 U," the first single?), when she needs full-blown songs. There are some here, though, most notably the Linda Perry collaboration "Beautiful," which was rush-released as a second single, but the ceaseless 70-minute running time and seemingly endless 20 songs mean that individual moments are lost and the big picture remains. And that big picture is that of an artist who has grown up too fast, while the sound is that of an artist who's given too much freedom too early and hasn't yet figured out what to do with it.

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Christina Aguilera   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Alex Al   Bass
Maxi Anderson   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Glen Ballard   Guitar
Alexandra Brown   Background Vocals
Matt Chamberlain   Drums
Richard Dodd   Cello
Larry Gold   Conductor
John Goux   Guitar
Gary Grant   Horn
Lili Haydn   Violin,Viola
Jerry Hey   Horn
Dan Higgins   Horn
Russell Jackson   Bass
Randy Kerber   Keyboards
Michael Landau   Guitar
Tarus Mateen   Bass
Dave Navarro   Guitar
Linda Perry   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Strings
Greg Phillinganes   Piano,Hammond Organ
Alfie Silas   Background Vocals
Ramon Stagnaro   Acoustic Guitar
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Arthur White   Guitar
Orion Crawford   Chart
Darryl Dixon   Horn
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Horn
Mike Elizondo   Bass
?uestlove   Drums
David Warner   Guitar (Electric Tenor)
Brian Frazier Moore   Drums
Rob Hoffman   Guitar,fender rhodes
David Siegel   Keyboards
David Watson   Horn
Charles Hines   Background Vocals
Eric King   Background Vocals
Alicia Keys   Piano,Background Vocals
Paul Alexandre John   Drums
Aaron Fishbein   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Mike Stinson   Drums
Crystal Drummer   Background Vocals
Uriah Duffy   Bass
Shanti Randall   Viola
Damon Fox   Keyboards
Kameron Houff   Drums
Toya Smith   Background Vocals
Brian Macleod   Drums

Technical Credits

Glen Ballard   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Scott Campbell   Engineer
Ron Fair   Executive Producer,String Arrangements
Larry Gold   String Arrangements
Linda Perry   Composer,Producer,Engineer,String Arrangements,drum programming,Instrumentation
Anson Dawkins   Choir Arrangement
Eric Dawkins   Choir Arrangement
Davy Vain   Pro-Tools
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
William Ross   Orchestral Arrangements
Rockwilder   Producer
Steve Morales   Arranger,Composer,Producer,drum programming
Balewa Muhammad   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Wassim Zreik   Engineer
Oscar Ramirez   Engineer
Rob Hoffman   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Orchestra Production
Christina Aguilera   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
E. Dawk   Arranger,Producer
Shane Stoner   Engineer
Matthew Morris   Composer
David Siegel   Composer
Heather Holley   Composer,Producer
David Guerrero   Engineer
Alicia Keys   Composer,Instrumentation
Glen Nakasako   Art Direction
Matt Morris   Composer
Jasper Cameron   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Scott Storch   Composer,Producer

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Stripped 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 112 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Christina Aguilera became a beautiful fighter! I loved this album. It was amazing. I still listen to it. Every track, you understand what went down in her childhood, her love life, her personal life, her career. How she over-come depression and became an example to all women or just people going through something. You can listen to every track and love it. I still love many of the tunes from this record, even "Keep Singing My Song" and "Fighter". When I need to, I sing them to heck with the rest of the world and universe. Just let myself, my family, true friends, and God hear me sing it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This to me is one of her best albums to date and by far her most raw piece of work. Christina puts her heart on her sleeve and risks it all some would say for what became one of the best selling albums of 2002 and won her a fourth Grammy. There are NO fillers on this album it's all worth listening to and not a single track worth skipping. I reccomand this album when you're going through troubled times and need some release and relation this is the album for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Miss Aguilera has finally shed the teen pop diva visage. New single "Dirrty" is the groundbreaker for this phenomenal artist to state her place in the music industry. She may have lost tons of pop airplay with this song, but who cares. The song is great and the album is a sure fire hit. Go Agy!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album rocks I got an exclusive listen to some of the tracks. And oh! my god has she grown up. "Can't hold us down" and "get mine,get yours" are just two of the best songs i've heard, and "Impossible" with Alicia Keys will blow you away and "beautiful" is obviously the best song on the album but each song has it's own meaning and I bet you'll love the entire record. I know I will.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well let me just say, I've been anticipating this album for 3 years now, and it has FAR bypassed my expectations. There is a little bit of everything on this album, from rock, to rap, to r&b, to soft heartfelt ballads. I strongly recommend this album to ANYONE, because I think it's something most people would enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
. . . .' Stripped ' Herself as of the means of the essential good - girl pop tart glam , This time she's steppin out of what held her back and doing what she defines as " The Real Me " , Her new smooth tunes consist of diffrent genres such as some soul and R&B and a little bit of Latin Rythm which one song " Infatuation " a song about her 1st Latin Love ; Jorge Santos , along with a Co - written song with the Miss Alica Keys " Impossible " , To the eerie inside look of Christinas Childhood in "Im Ok" Give's a real look about what she went through with her abusive father, and its wonderful how she has stepped out and said to him " I look back at yesterday , But im Okay " ,Her new music proves to show her growth as an artist and where she stands as a women , Yup ; Miss. Aguilera has made it clear to lay everything down on the table and to prove " Hey this is the real me , No strings attached . "
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say I am extremely impressed w/ Miss Aguilera's new album. The whole teen pop thing w/ her, britany & Backstreet boys has always made me cringe. She put in her time and it really shows. The music is great. The lyrics are very impressive. She made a wise desision waiting on her 2nd album instead of just popping one out every year. She has put herself in a new catigory, one much more grown. And if you didn't like "Dirrty" don't worry, the rest of the album is deep!!! I never was a Christina fan but her new CD is going into MY music rotation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this cd. Xtina's voice is incredible. Her songs are so sincere and beautiful. She captures beauty at its very best.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I waited 3 years for this cd, and its finally here. Xtina has impressed me even more than before. Her voice is amazing. The songs she sings are incredible. The one I listen to all the time is "Cruz" & "Beautiful." She never ceases to amaze me. I love this cd. Its totally worth it. She's the one who is going to outlast everyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Christina Aguilera has finally grown up and with new ablum she shows it. From songs like "Beautiful" and "Soar" she takes you on a rush that just makes your skin tingle. Even though her first single "Dirrty" didn't make so much comotion this Cd is defenetly a hit! All I can say is you go Christina!
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Stripped' The latest cd from Christina Aguilera really is awesome. This cd is nothing like the first single 'Dirrty' From ballads like her second single 'Beautiful' and Alicia Keys produced 'Impossbile' to Hard Edgy Rockish songs like 'Fighter' and 'Make Over' to Club hitting songs like 'Dirrty' and 'Infatuation' This cd is all about diversity! You add Diversity and Voice and A LOT OF TALENT and you got Stripped!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Christina's album is awesome. I was blown away by the diversity on the album.From the hip hop feel of "can't hold us down" to the soulful ballad "Keep On singing My Song" I hope everyone will give Christina's new album a chance, you won't regret it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'll be going track by track: 1) Stripped Pt. 1- As far as I'm concerned every CD should have an intro, outro and interludes- I think they are so cool. And this is by far the best intro I have ever heard. It was edited perfectly, it said exctly what it needed to say and it made you wish it were a whole 4:00 song. 10/10 points 2) Can't Hold Us Down (Featuring Lil' Kim)- Christina said she wanted the first single to be something powerful and in your face and I think this should have been it. The lyrics are so true (Call me a #@&$% cause I speak what's on my mind, Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled) and the beat is awesome. My only problem with this track is Lil' Kim sounds like she doesn't want to be there. Christina has soo much energy and Lil' Kim just sounds bored. 9/10 points 3) Walk Away- God, I LOVE when she does the blues. This song is perfection if I ever heard it. This song is more than likely about her relationship with back-up dancer Jorge. "I was naive, your love was like candy. Artificially sweet, I was decieved by the wrapping." This is a song that alot of people can relate to. 10/10 points 4) Fighter- Don't even get me started on this song. I love it!!! I love everything about it, from the second it starts to the second it ends. People that are saying that is just Christina just trying to do "rock" are sadly mistaken. This song is about power and the instrumental of the song fits the lyrics to a tee. This song is absoltely incredible. 10/10 points 5) Primer Amor Interlude-'s in Spanish so I don't understand what she's saying but it sounds great, and it does a great job at leading into the next track...which is exactly what an interlude should do. 8/10 points 6) Infatuation- When I first this song in February when Christina performed it at the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games I loved it and 8 months later I still think it's a great song. This is the song that picks up where "Mi Reflejo" left off. I think will always add a little latin flavor to whatever she does. 9/10 points 7) Loves Embrace Interlude- When this interlude starts I am reminded of a place that I wish I were hear water running and bird's chirpping and serenity fills you. At the end she says "I was so afraid, afraid of love's embrace." The track continues non-stop into the next song. Very pretty. 8/10 points 8) Loving Me 4 Me- Here is the first truly happy song on the CD. Her voice is as smooth as silk here, it is an absolutely beautiful song. The song is just so sexy and cool, I love it. 9/10 points 9) Impossible- The song that Christina does with Alicia Keys. You know for sure that this is an Alicia just sounds very Alicia. Such and amazing song though, Christina's vocals shine on this track. The lyrics are cool, and Alicia's background vocals vocals mend with Christina's perfectly. This is a single worthy track. 10/10 points 10) Underappreciated- This song fits perfectly right where it is on the CD. After the previous two ballads you want something a little more upbeat. Another Jorge song... the chorus really sells this song for me, it is just cool. Another song that everyone could relate to, I mean who doesn't feel underappreciated 9/10 points 11) Beautiful- And that's what it is- Beautiful. This song is impeccable. I am sooo glad it is the second single. The lyrics are perfect, the paino and orchestra sound amazing and Christina's voice is as strong as ever. She just has so much emotion when she sings this. 10/10 points 12) Make Over- This is for sure the odd track of the album, but nonetheless one of the best. It is a sound I haven't really heard before. I would say it's a mix of pop, electronica, rock and blues. This song is about her problems with her managment that she had a few years back. It's such a cool and different song. 10/10 points 13) Cruz- This is the best rock ballad I've heard in a long time. It sounds like
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is VERY solid work!! I Hate to say it but credit where it's due, as far as pop records go this is as good as it gets and as good as it's ever gotten! The only thing wrong with it is "Dirrty"-It's the worst song on the CD!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
1. Stripped part 1: This is an intro to the album. You hear voices of EmineM, Fred Durst, Britney Spears and more. It¿s a good intro for the album. 2. Can¿t Hold US Down: I think this is the best song on the album. It is like an anthem for women. It¿s about double standards. It features Lil¿ Kim, but I don¿t really like her part, but she only sings 2 or 3 lines, so that¿s aight. 3. Walk Away: This is a beautiful ballad. The beginning is a bit boring, but when you get into the song it¿s amazing. 4. Fighter: this is a great song and it features Dave Navaro. It is real rocky. It¿s about backstabbing friends and how that made Christina so much stronger. You wouldn¿t expect this song from Christina, but I really love it. 5. Primor Amor Interlude: here Christina talks about a latin lover that stole her heart. She does this in Spanish. Basically it tells you what Infatuation is about. 6. Infatuation: This song is about how her mother used to warn her about these latin lovers, but Christina can¿t help to fall for one. The song has a Latin feeling to it. It¿s an amazing song. I really hope that this will be a single. 7. Loving me 4 me interlude: I think the should have left this interlude, but it¿s aight. 8. Loving me 4 me: I¿m not a real fan of this song, it¿s aight as background music, but it¿s a bit boring. In this song Christina gives you the readons why she¿s inlove with a guy. 9. Impossible: beautiful song. It was written by Alicia keys and you can really hear that. 10. Underappreciated: love this song. It¿s about how Christina feels underappreciated by her boyfriend. 11. Beautiful: this is a good ballad and it¿s also her new single. It really shows Christina¿s vocal abilities. She sings that she¿s beautiful no matter what everyone says. 12. Make Over: Love the song. It sounds a bit like the Sugababes. It¿s about that she doesn¿t need that someone tries to make her over. 13. Cruz: Beautiful ballad. It¿s about that she¿s leaving to someplace and just leaves everything behind. 14. Soar: great song, nothing to tell about. 15. Get Mine, Get Yours: I really love this song. It¿s about having sex with a guy without any strings attached. 16. Dirrty: everybody knows this song, because it¿s her first single. It doesn¿t really fit in the album, but it¿s a great song anyway. 17. Stripped part 2: it takes of where stripped part 1 ended. 18. The Voice within¿: this is my favourite ballad, it¿s so beautiful. It¿s about that you have to trust the voice within. 19. I¿m OK: This song is about her abusive father, the lyrics are great, but the song isn¿t that great. 20. Keep on singing my song: again a beautiful ballad, it¿s about that Christina keeps on singing no matter what.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Christina Aguilera's new CD "Stripped" is totally different from her first...but dont expect better. Christina has a great voice, but most of it is covered up by the loud music in the background. The songs are mostly ballads, and not that great. However, songs such as "Beautiful" and "Fighter" are pretty good. If you didn't like her song "Dirrty" your probably not going to like this CD so much becuase no matter what they say, most of the songs are pretty much like that. I guess this CD is, like I said on my title, OK.
Guest More than 1 year ago
She grew up! Thank the Lord! Not that there's anything wrong with her first album, but you could tell listening to it and from her choices since releasing it that Christina Aguilera wanted to do more. We finally get it, and it's great! Christina finally frees her voice from the confines of pop confection and unleashes it on this excellent R&B-tinged disc. Buy it! I swear you'll love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title of Aguilera¿s latest studio release, Stripped, evokes multiple interpretations ranging from the raw, dirty-girl image buttressed by the set¿s first single "Dirrty," to the intimate, extremely emotional see-saw embodied by consecutive tracks "Walk Away" and "Fighter," which together comprise the story of a woman scorned turned woman strong. The album incorporates elements from different musical arenas (L'il Kim, Alicia Keys, and Redman make appearances), but "The Loves Embrace Interlude" sounds too much like the Mariah interludes ala Butterfly (but what better artist to attempt to emulate?). Note that Aguilera's attention to different musical sources is not the last-ditch attempt by a washed-out has-been, nor is it a not-a-girl-anymore-but-still-not-a-woman's grasp for identity definition. Rather, the multiple layers Aguilera exhibits are a pleasure to listen to and a sign of career maturity absent in many of her peers. Aguilera has stripped herself of the often-criticized mold of her teen-pop peers and has graduated to the more adult world of artistic responsibility. Aguilera co-executive produced this album and co-wrote many of its multi-layered tracks, and, considering the variation and depth found consistently on Stripped, this can be considered a success for the still-emerging and, more important to point out, still-young artist, who has the potential to out-diva even the most prized divas in their best days with her amazing voice. But, her formidable vocal technique aside, Aguilera bests other divas a decade her senior with her niche-breaking, genre-busting musicality. At home singing pop and diva-esque anthems, musical showtunes, bluesy torch songs, raw she-rock, and intricately rhythmic hip-hop, Aguilera may just have the best vocal technique we¿ve seen recently that can jump from one genre to the next. And she delivers all this with a dripping sensuality and perfect precision that define a talent who was a born natural but who can also manipulate her voice about as well as successful instrumentalists manipulate their instruments. Overall, Stripped is an amazingly entertaining album. Unlike the single-threads that tie together tracks on the albums of the best-selling female artists of today, Stripped defies categorization. Aguilera¿s second album isn¿t just a dance album, it isn¿t just an album to sit and listen to, and it isn¿t singularly introspective or inspirational; it¿s all of that and then some. It¿s a set that asks you to really listen for its multiple layers, but one that also satisfies the discerning listener with an unexpected showcase of sheer talent.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Christina has proven that she is not just a pop artist. She has songs from almost eveery genre of music on this album. There are "latin", "R&B", "Country", and "Pop" songs included. She has won me over with this one. She has definately crossed over from teen idol to a serious artist.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Dirrty" is just the beginng, Christina Aguilera is back and better than ever. With songs like "Cant Hold Us Down" w/ Lil' Kim. The wonderfully written "Beautiful," and "Impossible." The sexually driven "Get Mine, Get Yours" Stripped is a must have!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've never been much of a Christina all! I always thought her songs were very much like Britney's...teeny-bopper oriented to say the least. But when I heard her song 'Dirty', it kinda stuck to me, so I decided to purchase her cd. Let me just say that I was absolutely BLOWN away!! I'd heard she had turned a new leaf but I figured it would be like Britney's new album...a Flop! I was wrong! Not only can she sing with passion but her lyrics are defying! Why do I LOVE her's very REAL! Every song on her album can be related to by any Jane Doe! She sings about what others never dare to say (Get Mine Get Yours & Can't Hold US Down) and also about heartache that anyone can face (Walk Away)! What really get's me is that it is very self-healing for anyone who may feel down in the dumps. It give you words of encouragement that can make you say "Hey I'll make it through today". It's got a little bit of everything and it absolutely rocks! And a word to those who say she's a slut...listen to this cd, it'll open your eyes! I say buy it and recommend it to all your friends! She's definitely 'Stripped' off her little girl disguise and revealed a bold & beautiful woman!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
THIS ALBUM IS IN A CLASS ALL IT'S OWN. IT IS SPECTACULAR. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. EVEN IF YOUR NOT A CA FAN AFTER LISTENING TO THIS CD YOU WILL HAVE A NEW FOUND RESPECT FOR HER. SHE IS TRULY TALENTED. To the morons who diss this album you obviously do not appreciate the complexity or diversity of music. I cannot believe that anybody would trash this CD & those who do, well, screw yas ¿ I must say you suck. Most of you probably haven¿t even listed to it. Why don¿t you take a gander you will actually like it. Also, I can¿t believe that people are so uptight about her new found sexuality. Why is it so wrong for a woman to be sexual, but when a man is they are complimented. Look at Lenny Kravitz (love him) when he showed his booty in his video (w/ no complaints) ¿ he didn¿t receive half the flack that Christina or Britney have received. Oh, what about Ricky M¿s video where he shakes his bon bon w/ half naked woman, & look at all the rap videos where woman are completely exploited. Look at the ¿Feel it Boy¿ video w/ Janet Jackson ¿ there¿s cleavage hanging out everywhere. So I have to ask, why pick on Christina when every other artist in the music industry is doing the same thing ¿ she¿s just letting loose, dancing, & showing off her youthful sexuality ¿ she¿s not 16 anymore. Loosen up people. I am 32 years old and absolutely in complete and astonished amazement over this album. It leaves you breathless with overflowing emotions. I felt myself starting to cry during ¿I¿m Ok¿. Christina has truly done it this time ¿ she is the epitome and true essence of a musical artist. Anybody & everybody of all ages, musical interests will find their own personal niche in each song & fall in love with this CD. It¿s comprised of rock, pop, blues, r&b, a lot of soul, & her voice ¿soars¿ to the Heavens. Every track on this album is spectacular & unique comprised of intense emotion that reflects Christina¿s new womanhood and maturity. Nonetheless, although this CD is lengthy with 20 tracks it maintains its momentum throughout it¿s entirety, very unlike many R&B albums which tend to become boring with the same repetitive rhythms just to fill up space. This is definitely AMA & GRAMMY material. This is one of the best albums I have ever heard & well worth the long wait. & thumbs up to her involvement in writing & producing it. Christina is in a class of her own & should by far never be compared to her other pop counterparts. Oh, & to reiterate - so what if people are offended by her stripping down ¿ she looks beautiful ¿ your only young once - & with her talent, who cares. One last thought, the somewhat sexually energized single DIRRTY is by no means a reflection of the album. If I were Christina I would have chosen from any of the other tracks as the first single. If your 5 or 95 years old, GO BUY THIS CD ¿ IT¿S, AN EMOTIONAL RIDE & A WONDERFUL MUSICAL MASTERPIECE.