Structure and Chemistry (Part D): V1

Structure and Chemistry (Part D): V1

by Atta-ur-Rahman

ISBN-10: 0444822658

ISBN-13: 9780444822659

Pub. Date: 11/02/1995

Publisher: Elsevier Science

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Elsevier Science
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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
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1.56(w) x 6.14(h) x 9.21(d)

Table of Contents

Novel secondary metabolites of marine gastropods3
Total synthesis and absolute stereochemistry of novel biologically active marine natural products of Halenaquinol family: Theoretical studies of CD spectra33
Bryozoan secondary metabolites and their chemical ecology73
Structure and biological activity of triterpenoids and aromatic compounds from medicinal plants113
Sesquiterpenes and other secondary metabolites of genus Lactarius (Basidiomycetes): Chemistry and biological activity153
Structure and biosynthesis of bile alcohols: Disorders of cholesterol side-chain oxidation in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis207
Antifungal sesquiterpene dialdehydes from the Warburgia plants and their synergists233
Determination of relative and absolute configuration in the Annonaceous acetogenins251
The chemistry of the nargenicin macrolides283
Some aspects of the chemistry of lignans311
The chemistry of natural diarylheptanoids357
Tropane alkaloids in root cultures of Solanaceous plants395
Phenolics in root cultures of medicinal plants421
Chemistry and biosynthesis of natural Diels-Alder type adducts from Moraceous plants451
Modelling the substrate binding domain of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase, HLADH, by computer aided substrate overlay479
Applications of [superscript 17]O NMR spectroscopy to natural products chemistry549
The role of biological raw materials in synthesis601
Subject Index655

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