The Structure of Argument / Edition 7

The Structure of Argument / Edition 7

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by Annette T. Rottenberg, Donna Haisty Winchell

The Structure of Argument covers critical thinking, reading, writing, and research. It is concise but thorough and presents everything students need in an affordable, compact format. The Structure of Argument includes questions, exercises, and writing assignments, and a full semester’s worth of readings. Now presenting Aristotelian and Rogerian

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The Structure of Argument covers critical thinking, reading, writing, and research. It is concise but thorough and presents everything students need in an affordable, compact format. The Structure of Argument includes questions, exercises, and writing assignments, and a full semester’s worth of readings. Now presenting Aristotelian and Rogerian as well as Toulmin argument, it includes many fresh readings and additional support for academic writing to help students stake their claim. Its emphasis on Toulmin argument makes Structure highly teachable, since the approach fits with the goals of the composition course. An electronic edition is available at half the price of the print book.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Understanding Argument
1. Approaches To Argument
   *Aristotelian Rhetoric 
  *Sample Essay With Analysis: Aristotelian
    *Juan Williams, Don’t Mourn Brown v. Board Of Education
   *Rogerian Argument
    Joe Sharkey, Airport Screeners Could See X-Rated X-Rays
    Chris Kapper, Freedom to Live Trumps All!
   *Sample Essay with Analysis: Rogerian
    *Michael Kinsley, Racial Profiling At The Airport: Discrimination We’re Afraid to Be
   The Toulmin Model 
   The Terms of Toulmin Argument
     The Claim 
     The Support 
    The Warrant
   Writer’s Guide: Learning the Key Terms
   Sample Essay with Analysis: Toulmin
    Robert J. Samuelson, The Hard Truth of Immigration
   Assignments for Understanding the Structure of Argument
   Research Readiness: Using Databases
2. Critical Reading
   Research Skill: Examining Author, Subject, and Context
    Charles Krauthammer, Let’s Have No More Monkey Trials
   Strategies for Comprehending Arguments
  Sample Annotated Essay
    Edward Jay Epstein, Sex And The Cinema
   Writer’s Guide: Annotating a Text
   Research Skill: Summarizing
   Sample Annotated Essay
    Alfie Kohn, No-Win Situations
    *Stephanie Fairyington, The Gay Option
   Critical Listening
   Reading a Visual Argument
   Assignments for Critical Reading
   Research Readiness: Skimming and Summarizing
3. Analytical Writing
   Writing the Claim
    *Roger Kaplan, Enabling Ignorance
   Planning the Structure 
   Using Sentence Forms to Construct an Argument
   Providing Support
   Writer’s Guide: Incorporating Quotations into Your Text
   Documenting Your Sources
   Writer’s Guide: Documenting Use of Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation
   Avoiding Plagiarism
   Examining Some Models
   Sample Essay and Analytical Response: Claim of Fact
    *Eric Jaffe, Reality Check 
   Student Analytical Response: Claim of Fact
    *Deion Moore, Psychoanalyzing Reality TV 
   Sample Essay and Analytical Response: Claim of Value
    *Noam Shpancer, The Meaning Of Reality (TV)
   Student Analytical Response: Claim of Value
    *Ashley Wilson, The Meaning Of Shpancer (Really)
   Sample Essay with Analysis: Rogerian Argument
    Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, Parents Need Help: Restricting Access To Video Games
   Readings for Analysis
    Alan M. Dershowitz, Is There a Torturous Road to Justice?
    Seth Finkelstein, Alan Dershowitz’s Tortuous Torturous Argument
    *Barbara A. Spellman, Could Reality Shows Become Reality Experiments?
  *Debate: Should We all Pledge to End Derogatory Use of the Word “Retard”?
    *Patricia E. Bauer, A Movie, a Word and My Family’s Battle
    *Christopher M. Fairman, The Case Against Banning The Word “Retard”
   Assignments for Analytical Writing
   Research Readiness: Incorporating Quotations

Part Two: Analyzing the Elements
4. Definition
   The Purposes of Definition
   Defining the Terms in Your Argument
  Methods for Defining Terms 
   The Definition Essay
   Writer’s Guide: Writing a Definition Essay
   Sample Annotated Essay
    Brian Whitaker, The Definition of Terrorism
   Readings for Analysis 
    *Stanley Fish, When Is a Cross a Cross?
    *William Deresiewicz, Faux Friendship
    *Guy-Uriel Charles, Stop Calling Quake Victims Looters
   Debate: Is the Definition of Marriage Changing?
    Howard Moody, Gay Marriage Shows Why We Need To Separate Church and State
    Jo Ann Citron, Will It Be Marriage or Civil Union?
   Assignments for Understanding Definition
  Research Readiness: Using Encyclopedias
5. Claims
   Claims of Fact
   Sample Essay: Claim of Fact
     Robert J. Samuelson, Picking Sides for the News
   Claims of Value
   Sample Essay: Claim of Value
    Roger Ebert, Crash
   Claims of Policy
   Sample Annotated Essay: Claim of Policy
    Elisha Dov Hack, College Life Versus My Moral Code
   Readings for Analysis
    Richard Hayes, Supersize Your Child?
    Wesley Morris, “Saw” Good at Tying Things in Knots
    *Amy Kamenetz, Take This Internship and Shove It
  *Debate: What Is the Social Responsibility of Business?
    *John Mackey, Putting Customers Ahead of Investors
    *T. J. Rodgers, Put Profits First
   Assignments for Understanding Claims
   Research Readiness: Acknowledging Reliable Authorities
6. Support
  Types of Support: Evidence and Appeals to Needs and Values
   Research Skill: Evaluation of Evidence
   Appeals to Needs and Values
   Evaluation of Appeals to Needs and Values
   Writer’s Guide: Using Effective Support
   Sample Annotated Essay
    *Louis Uchitelle, American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation
   Sample Essay with Analysis
    Hal R. Varian, The True Cost Of SUVs
    Bethany Royce, The True Confusion about SUV Costs
   Sample Student Essay
    Kristen Weinacker, Safer? Tastier? More Nutritious? The Dubious  Merits Of Organic Foods
   Readings for Analysis
    Bernard Goldberg, Connecting The Dots... To Terrorism
    *Charles Murray, Abolish the SAT
    Theodora Ooms, Marriage-Plus
  Debate: Is Assuming the Role of Citizen Journalist Worth the Risk?
    Lily Yulianti, Praise For Student’s Footage Of Virginia Tech Mass Killing
    Mark Memmott with Alan Levin and Greg Livadas, Disaster Photos: Newsworthy or
   Assignments for Providing Support
   Research Readiness: Using Books for Support
7. Warrants
   What Are Warrants?
    Robert A. Sirico, An Unjust Sacrifice
  Types of Warrants
   Sample Annotated Essay
    Michael Levin, The Case for Torture
   Writer’s Guide: Recognizing Warrants
 Readings for Analysis
    Eric Auchard, We’re All Celebrities in Post-Privacy Age
    *, Don’t Jump [Advertisement]
    *Jeff Jacoby, What’s Wrong With Price Gouging?
    *BackBayalltheWay, Response To Jacoby
   *Debate: Is Recycling Plastic Good Stewardship or Bad Business?
    *John Trotti, Why Let Stewardship Get in the Way of a Quick Buck?
    *Sharon Kneiss, Argument for Recycling is Strong

   Assignments for Analyzing Warrants
   Research Readiness: Identifying Reliable Authorities
8. Logic
   Sample Essay: An Inductive Argument 
    Richard Rothstein, True Or False: Schools Fail Immigrants
   Sample Annotated Essay: A Deductive Argument
    David Von Drehle, It’s All About Him
   Common Fallacies
   Writer’s Guide: Avoiding Logical Fallacies
   Readings for Analysis
    *Adolf Hitler, On Nation And Race 
    *Leon Seltzer and David Niose, Teen Sex: The “Holy”—vs. Humanistic— Approach
    Jennifer Grossman, Food For Thought (and for Credit)
   Debate: Should the Federal Government Fund Embryonic Stem-Cell Research?
    Anna Quindlen, A New Look, an Old Battle
    Mona Charen, The Misleading Debate On Stem-Cell Research

   Assignments for Avoiding Flawed Logic
   Research Readiness: Using Up-to-Date Data
9. Language
   The Power of Words
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, Address To Congress, December 8, 1941
    Newman P. Birk and Genevieve B. Birk, Selection, Slanting, and Charged Language
   Picturesque Language
   Concrete and Abstract Language
   Short Cuts
   Sample Annotated Essay
    George W. Bush, President’s Address to the Nation, September 11, 2006
   Writer’s Guide: Choosing Your Words Carefully
   Readings for Analysis
     *William Faulkner, Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
    *Jacob Neusner, The Speech The Graduates Didn’t Hear
    *R. Cort Kirkwood, Driving Home Their Point 
   Debate: Does the Government Have the Right to Regulate Guns?
    Warren E. Burger, The Right To Bear Arms
    Roger D. McGrath, A God-Given Natural Right

   Assignments for Choosing Fair and Precise Language
   Research Readiness: Following a Research Trail
Part Three: Researching, Writing, and Presenting Arguments
10. The Argumentative Paper: Planning and Research

   Finding an Appropriate Topic
   Initiating Research
   Writer’s Guide: Keeping Your Research on Track
   Mapping Research: A Sample Outline
   Using Sources: Primary Research
   Using Sources: Secondary Research 
   Evaluating Source
   Taking Notes
   Documenting Your Research (MLA System)
   Documenting Your Research (APA System)
   Wrapping Up Research
11. The Argumentative Paper: Writing and Documentation
   Organizing the Material
   The MLA System for Citing Sources 
   Preparing the Manuscript
   Writer’s Guide: Checklist for Argumentative Papers
   Sample Research Paper (MLA Style)
    *Kathleen Hedden, Competitive Foods and the Obesity Epidemic 
   The APA System for Citing Sources
   Sample Research Paper (APA Style)
     Angela Mathers, The Controversy Over Women In Combat
12. Oral Argument
   The Audience
   Presentation Aids
   Sample Persuasive Speech
    C. Renzi Stone, Live Longer And Healthier: Stop Eating Meat!
   Reading for Analysis 
    Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have A Dream
 Index of Subjects
 Index of Authors and Titles 

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