Studies in Medieval Music Theory and the Early Sequence

Studies in Medieval Music Theory and the Early Sequence

by Richard L. Crocker

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Variorum Collected Studies
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Table of Contents

IReview of Hans Joachim Moser, 'Die Tonsprachen des Abendlandes' (Berlin: Verlag Mersebuger, 1960)
IIPythagorean Mathematics and Music (Parts I & II)
IIIArtistoxenus and Greek Mathematics
IV'Musica Rythmica' and 'Musica Metrica' in Antique and Medieval Theory
VReview of John Stevens, 'Words and Music in the Middle Ages' (Cambridge: CUP, 1986)
VIAlphabet Notations for Early Medieval Music
VIIReview of Michel Huglo, 'Les Tonaires: Inventaire, Analyse, Comparaison' (Paris: Publications de la Societe francaise de musicologie, 1971)
VIIIHermann's Major Sixth
IXDiscant, Counterpoint, and Harmony
XA New Source for Medieval Music Theory
XIWhy Did Zarlino Re-number the Modes?
XIIReview of Edward E. Lowinsky, 'Tonality and Atonality in Sixteenth Century Music' (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1961)
XIIIThe Troping Hypothesis
XIVThe Repertory of Proses at Saint Martial de Limoges in the 10th Century
XVSome Ninth-Century Sequences
XVIReview of N. de Goede, 'The Utrecht Prosarium' (Amsterdam: vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, 1965)
XVIIThe Sequence
XVIIIThe Early Frankish Sequence: A New Musical Form
List of Manuscripts Cited
Musical Compositions Cited
Index of Proper Names and Titles Cited

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