Studies In Natural Products Chemistry

Studies In Natural Products Chemistry

by A. U. Rahman

ISBN-10: 0444893660

ISBN-13: 9780444893666

Pub. Date: 01/01/1993

Publisher: Elsevier Science

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Elsevier Science
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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
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Foreword. Total synthesis of polycarbocyclic marine terpenoids (J.D. Martin). Stereoselective total syntheses of spongian-type diterpenes and scalarane-type sesterterpenes of metabolites from marine sponge organisms (T. Nakano). Allenic and acetylenic carotenoids (S. Liaaen-Jensen). Synthetic studies on gibberellins and antheridiogens (L.N. Mander). Recent advances in the chemistry of secondary metabolites isolated from Fusarium species (M.E. Savard et al.) Amphotericin B: synthetic studies (O.S. Chizhov). Development of dithioacetal S-oxides and S,S-dioxides as synthetic reagents (K. Ogura). Sugar analogs containing carbon-phosphorus bonds (H. Yamamoto, T. Hanaya). Syntheses and reactions of sugar-peptide structures related to cell-wall peptidoglycan from bacteria (D. Keglević). Chemical defense in ants (J.C. Braekman, D. Daloze). Some aspects of heterocyclic chemistry related to isoquinoline-derived alkaloids (J.B. Bremner). Alkaloids of Strychnos dinklagei: structure and chemistry (S. Michel et al.). Chiral synthesis of natural products as semiochemicals and bioregulators (T. Kitahara). Subject Index.

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