Studies on the History of Logic and Semantics, 12th-17th Centuries

Studies on the History of Logic and Semantics, 12th-17th Centuries

by Gabriel Nuchelmans, E. P. Bos

ISBN-10: 0860786188

ISBN-13: 9780860786184

Pub. Date: 12/01/1996

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Collected Studies Series
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Table of Contents

IPhilologia et son mariage avec Mercure jusqu' a la fin du XIIe siecle
IIThe semantics of propositions
IIIBezeichnen und Behaupten
IVAdam Wodeham on the meaning of declarative sentences
VStanislaus of Znaim (d. 1414) on truth and falsity
VIThe distinction of actus exercitus/actus significatus in medieval semantics
VIIOckham on performed and signified predication
VIII'Appellatio rationis' in Buridan, 'Sophismata', IV, 9-15
IXSome remarks on the role of mental sentences in medieval semantics
XMedieval problems concerning substitutivity (Paul of Venice, Logica Magna, II, 11, 7-8)
XILorenzo Valla on the dream paradox
XIIWalter Burleigh on the conclusion that your are an ass
XIIIGeulincx' containment theory of logic
XIVCan a mental proposition change its truth value? Some 17th-century views
XVA 17th-century debate on the consequentia mirabilis
XVIThe historical background to Locke's account of particles (Essay, III, 7)
XVIIOn the fourfold root of the argumentum ad hominem

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