Study Guide for Hoffer's Music Listening Today, 3rd / Edition 3

Study Guide for Hoffer's Music Listening Today, 3rd / Edition 3

by Charles Hoffer

ISBN-10: 0495094331

ISBN-13: 9780495094333

Pub. Date: 04/11/2006

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Reinforce course content with exercises that correspond directly to the text.  See more details below


Reinforce course content with exercises that correspond directly to the text.

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Cengage Learning
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Study Guid
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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Getting Started     1
Taking Advantage of the Active Listening Guides     1
To Students in Nontraditional Learning Situations     5
Attending Performances     8
Suggestions for Writing Concert Reports     14
The Nature of Music     17
Music Listening and You     18
Rhythm     19
Melody and Harmony     20
Dynamics, Timbre, and Organization     23
Orchestral Instruments     24
Other Musical Instruments     27
Notable Features of the Nature of Music     29
Discussion and Critical Thinking     29
Matching Questions     30
Crossword Puzzle: Elements of Music     32
Crossword Puzzle: Musical Instruments     33
Multiple Choice Questions     34
Answers to Matching Questions     36
Crossword Puzzle Solutions     37
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     38
Early, Medieval, and Renaissance Music     39
Early Western Music     40
Medieval Music     42
Renaissance Music     43
Notable Features of Renaissance Music     45
Discussionand Critical Thinking     45
Matching Questions     46
Multiple Choice Questions     47
Answers to Matching Questions     48
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     48
Baroque Music     49
The Baroque Period     50
Oratorio and Cantata     52
Opera in the Baroque     53
Suite and Sonata     54
Concerto and Fugue     55
Notable Features of Baroque Music     57
Discussion and Critical Thinking     57
Matching Questions     58
Crossword Puzzle: Baroque     60
Multiple Choice Questions     61
Answers to Matching Questions     62
Crossword Puzzle Solution     63
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     63
Classical Music     65
Historical Setting: Classical Music     65
Historical Setting: Intellectual Characteristics     66
Musical Features     67
Classicism and Classical Music     68
Sonata Form     69
Listeners' Score: Mozart - Symphony No. 40, first movement     70
The Concerto     77
Classical Opera      79
Chamber Music     80
Piano Sonatas     81
The Symphony and Beethoven     82
Notable Features of Classical Music     84
Discussion and Critical Thinking     84
Matching Questions     85
Crossword Puzzle: Classical Music     87
Listening Practice: Comparing Baroque and Classical Styles     88
Multiple Choice     89
Answers to Matching Questions     92
Crossword Puzzle Solution     92
Answer to Comparing Baroque and Classical Styles     93
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     93
Romantic Music     95
Historical Setting     95
Musical Features     96
Romance and Romanticism     97
Early Romantic Music     98
Romantic Piano Music     99
Program and Ballet Music     100
Romantic Opera     102
Late Romantic Music     103
Nationalism     104
Impressionism and Post-Romanticism     106
Notable Features of Romantic Music     107
Discussion and Critical Thinking     107
Matching Questions     108
Crossword Puzzle: Romantic Music      110
Listening Practice: Comparing Classical and Romantic Styles     111
Multiple Choice Questions     112
Answers to Matching Questions     115
Crossword Puzzle Solution     115
Answers to Comparing Classical and Romantic Styles     116
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     116
Twentieth-Century Music     117
Historical Setting     117
Intellectual Characteristics     118
Music in the Twentieth-Century     119
The Mainstream     121
Expressionism and Primitivism     122
Neoclassicism and Tone Row Music     123
New Sounds and New Techniques     124
Notable Features of Twentieth-Century Music     126
Discussion and Critical Thinking     126
Matching Questions     127
Listening Practice: Comparing Romantic and Twentieth-Century Music     129
Multiple Choice Questions     130
Answers to Matching Questions     133
Answers to Comparing Romantic and Twentieth-Century Styles     133
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     133
Music in the United States     135
Historical Setting     135
Intellectual Characteristics     136
American Music before 1920     137
Concert Music since 1920     138
Popular Music and Jazz to 1950     139
Popular Music since 1950     141
Music for Stage and Film     145
Two Listening Guides     146
Les Miserables, Final Scene     146
Miss Saigon, "I Still Believe"     148
Notable Features of American Music     151
Discussion and Critical Thinking     151
Matching Questions     152
Crossword Puzzle: Music in the U.S.     154
Multiple Choice Questions     155
Answers to Matching Questions     157
Crossword Puzzles Solution     158
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     158
Music Around the World     159
Folk and Ethnic Music     160
Folk Music of Europe and the Americas     161
Music of Africa and the Middle East     163
Music of Asia     164
Notable Features of Folk-Ethnic Music     165
Discussion and Critical Thinking     165
Matching Questions     166
Crossword Puzzle: Music around the World     167
Multiple Choice Questions      168
Answers to Matching Questions     169
Crossword Puzzle Solution     170
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions     170
Flashcards of Musical Terms     171

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