Study Guide for Nursing Research / Edition 5

Study Guide for Nursing Research / Edition 5

by Denise F. Polit

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Table of Contents

1Nursing Research and the Scientific Approach3
2Overview of the Research Process12
3Research Problems and Hypotheses25
4The Knowledge Context: Literature Reviews41
5Conceptual and Theoretical Contexts49
6The Ethical Context of Nursing Research55
7Selecting a Research Design65
8Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Nonexperimental Designs72
9Additional Types of Research84
10Research Control95
11Sampling Designs104
12Designing and Implementing a Data Collection Plan115
14Observational Methods135
15Biophysiologic and Other Data Collection Methods146
16Assessing Data Quality157
17Quantitative Analysis and Descriptive Statistics171
18Inferential Statistics183
19Advanced Statistical Procedures192
20Computers and Scientific Research204
21Designing and Implementing an Analysis Strategy214
22The Analysis of Qualitative Data220
23Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis229
24Writing a Research Report237
25Evaluating Research Reports244
26Utilization of Nursing Research248
27Writing a Research Proposal253
Effects of a Procedural/Belief Intervention on Breast Self-Examination Performance263
AIDS Family Caregiving: Transitions Through Uncertainty275

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