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Style Bible: What to Wear to Work

Style Bible: What to Wear to Work

3.0 6
by Lauren A. Rothman

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First impressions (and second ones!) count, whether you are an intern or a CEO. Lauren A. Rothman addresses an age-old dilemma: how to be appropriate and stylish in the workplace. Based on a decade of experience in the fashion industry, she addresses the basics of fashion and executive presence by offering advice, anecdotes, and style alerts that help readers


First impressions (and second ones!) count, whether you are an intern or a CEO. Lauren A. Rothman addresses an age-old dilemma: how to be appropriate and stylish in the workplace. Based on a decade of experience in the fashion industry, she addresses the basics of fashion and executive presence by offering advice, anecdotes, and style alerts that help readers avoid major fashion faux pas at the office. Style Bible: What to Wear to Work is the must-have resource for the modern professional, male or female, climbing the ladder of success. Lauren identifies the ultimate wardrobe essentials, and reveals shopping strategies and destinations for the everyday person. Style Bible, complete with helpful illustrations, is the go-to manual on how to dress for every professional occasion and a valuable resource for understanding dress codes by industry, city, and gender so that your visual cues will make a strong impact. Make a commitment to being better dressed at work with Style Bible.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
If Rothman has one thing to prove in her book on career dressing, it’s that fashion in the workplace still has rules. For example, if a man is wearing a suit: “Your jacket collar should sit flush against your dress shirt’s collar, revealing one half inch of your dress shirt (collar) in the back.” Observe these rules, or find yourself running in place career-wise, the author cautions. Rothman promotes a conservative and safe approach for men and women. For the fashion-blind, the author outlines dress codes across industries and regions—many Washington, D.C., residents “still think black is a color to be worn only in funerals.” She covers grooming basics and accessories, but her best chapter is “Shop Your Closet,” in which she provides advice on editing and organizing an existing wardrobe. The author has a fashionista’s cattiness—castigating “skin belts,” “muffin tops,” and “back cleavage,” and noting similar problems for men. However, Rothman’s focus on career dressing will enable the sartorially confused to get dressed every morning as they head out to the job, and may help them look better on weekends, too. Agent: Ron Goldfarb and Gerrie Sturman, Goldfarb & Associates. (Oct.)
From the Publisher

“Journalists by definition are not supposed to be respectable, but, now that most of us are also on TV, we have to be at least presentable. With wit and good writing, Lauren Rothman calmly, sensibly and authoritatively shows us (and you) how.” — Howard Fineman, Huffington Post editorial director and NBC News analyst

“As a champion in the political style arena, Lauren Rothman knows the fashion secrets of the nation's power players. Now the world is lucky enough to learn her simple tricks to dressing to be a champion in your own arena.” — Alicia Quarles, Correspondent, E News

“Lauren Rothman’s Style Bible is a must-read for students who are creating a wardrobe for their first internship or job, and will serve as a valuable guide on using style to enhance one's brand. Rothman shares her passion for style in a way that is approachable, practical, fun, and immediately relevant to students and professionals of all ages.” — Mike Schaub, Ph.D., executive director, Cawley Career Education Center, Georgetown University

“This book is beyond a style bible; it's a success bible propelling for you into your best corporate future!” — Faith Popcorn, CEO Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve

“Savvy and inspired, Style Bible is a solid guide for cracking corporate dress codes.”— Janet Wozniak, former senior executive, Apple Computer

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Meet the Author

Lauren A. Rothman, also known as the Styleauteur, is a fashion, style, and trend expert. Lauren has discussed executive presence, political style, and First Family fashions on Entertainment Tonight, CNN, E! News, The Insider, AP News, Reuters, and ABC News. She is greatly sought after as a stylist, and her tips on wardrobe management have been featured in Glamour, Real Simple, People StyleWatch, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Politico, as well as on NPR, and XM/Sirius radio. Lauren writes a column, Fashion Whip, for The Huffington Post, on style and politics, and works with individual and corporate clients to help increase their style quotient. She got her start as an intern at Elle Magazine and her wide-ranging experience includes positions as a cool hunter at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, and a personal shopper at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Lauren lives with her husband, son, and pink-toenail-polished Dogue de Bordeaux in McLean, VA.

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Style Bible: What to Wear to Work 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Style Bible is a well written, helpful, and empathetic tome, chock-full of tips for both male and female professionals. Far from being judgmental, Lauren's writing style is humorous, and understanding of the strengths and faults of normal folks just trying to get dressed everyday. Actually I appreciate the assistance - as a guy who likes to follow a structured formula each morning, I can incorporate much of Lauren's guidance easily. Great book and I truly enjoyed it! Also, as a male reader who has read both the ACTUAL BOOK as well as the recent piece in the Huffington Post, I must say that whomever actually wrote the article doesn't do Lauren justice and seems to misinterpret Lauren's message.
ChicinDCity More than 1 year ago
I can't even find the proper words to describe this book. Miss Rothman (whom I've seen in social scenarios MANY MANY times) flipflops on opinions of what is good taste, when she herself would be the absolute last person In Washington DC (let alone the  nation) to turn to for advice. Lauren in both the book and her Huffington Post piieces loudly voices her opinions which in many cases are simply a matter of her own personal taste or stand on an outdated logic of some blase faux pas fashion "rule" she read in a 1998 "how to be a stylist" book. The fact that publisher's (or rather I suppose her poor dear of a husband picks up the tab) keep allowing her to write is disgusting. I have met many of  Lauren's clients. Her over powering personality forces them to feel pressured to make decisions, which her clients return quickly after their appointment. Aside from her monopolizing the Washington Area and being a ruthlessly self promoting type, she is irrelevant in all aspects of the fashion/styling world. My advice,seek out a stylst that will not over charge you and read a book by a stylist that has more credit to their name (ie; national and international publications, interviews with MAJOR magazines not DC philanthropic social "magazines"). It is a big world, while I do not condone spending a fortune, I do believe in finding YOUR style. And that is comething you will never find relying on a woman such as miss rothman. For the record; nearly anyone with a college degree can apply to write for huffington post. Seriously I encourage you to try. And as for other media mentioned, well it takes one single friend and being open to spill dirt on clients and over voice  your own opinion.  Lastly, I do hate to bash Miss Rothman. She is a smart business woman who marketed herself incredibly well in an area (DC) that needed a big stylist. To those of you in DC, I HIGHLY recommend you do your homework and find the right stylist or image consultant that meets YOUR needs and also sees your vision. Nothing is ever what it seems at first glance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a great help to hard-working men and women, who don't always have the time for a professional grooming session. Style Bible touches on a number of personal image topics in a sensitive manner and gives practical tips in a humorous way. Great book to share with young people just starting out in the work force.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend Style Bible for women (and men!) fifty years plus young. WIth many of us staying in the workforce for longer periods,  dressing appropriately in a world of changing professional styles can sometimes be a challenge. Lauren's book offers advice that is easy to follow and supportive in tone. Many of my friends have purchased the book and carry Lauren's guidance with them as they shop. Style Bible is an interesting read from cover to cover or as a handy reference guide. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Saw her attention grabbing article on HuffPost. It was a ridiculous piece of body shaming. If the advice in this book is on par with that article, no one should read it. Ever. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sorry I have chest and body hair and a receded hairline.  If only I had read this invaluable tome first I'm sure I'd be just perfect/ I'm buying 20 copies to give to all of my middle-aged male friends.  Thank you for saving my life and marriage, Lauren!