Subject to Change

Subject to Change


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Ulg Records


  1. Big Boys and Bruisers
  2. We Don't Want It
  3. Not Your Bottle
  4. Hate on Mine
  5. Underwear
  6. Heroin Girl
  7. From the Inside  -  Daylights
  8. Hot Summer 1991
  9. Lids, Nails & Screws  - Eric Matthews
  10. Sunspot Stopwatch
  11. Get up & Get Dissed
  12. I Never Get Any
  13. Cheap
  14. American Theatric
  15. Babble  -  Pilot
  16. Nudie Hike  -  Donut Hole Smile
  17. Smile  -  Super Deluxe
  18. Energy  -  Hungry Mob
  19. Wither
  20. Mamma Can't Walk

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Truly   Track Performer
Pilot   Track Performer
Pete Droge   Track Performer
Village Idiots   Track Performer
Sweaty Nipples   Track Performer
Everclear   Track Performer
Eric Matthews   Track Performer
Dandy Warhols   Track Performer
Super Deluxe   Track Performer
Floater   Track Performer
Cool Nutz   Track Performer
Five Fingers of Funk   Track Performer
Jimmies   Track Performer
Gus Van Sant   Track Performer
Carmina Piranha   Track Performer
Alyssa Burrows   Track Performer
Hungry Mob   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Truly   Producer
Pete Shelley   Composer
Steve Diggle   Composer
Dave Friedlander   Producer,Engineer
Adam Kasper   Producer
Tony Lash   Producer,Engineer
Mike Lastra   Producer
Eric Matthew   Producer
Hiro Yamamoto   Composer
Sweaty Nipples   Producer
Floater   Producer
Pilot   Producer
Cool Nutz   Producer,Engineer
Jimmies   Producer,Engineer
Pete Miser   Producer
Tom Smurdon   Producer
Katie Wellman   Art Direction
Art Alexakis   Producer
Barrett Jones   Producer
Martin Feveyear   Engineer
Gavin Guss   Producer
Carmina Piranha   Producer
Karl Anderson   Producer,Executive Producer
Braden Blake   Composer
Matt Messing   Producer,Engineer
Bill Clodfelter   Executive Producer
Hungry Mob   Producer
Daylights   Composer
Courtney Taylor-Taylor   Composer,Producer
Parish   Composer
Burwell   Composer
Oscar "Bobo" Brown   Composer
Naby Camara   Composer
Harold Atu Murray   Composer
Reisch   Composer
Ramsden   Composer
G'ra   Composer
Aylesbury   Composer
Tatler   Composer

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