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4.4 120
by Melody Anne

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Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself?

This is the exciting sequel to the NYT's and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo's indecent proposal and stay at his


Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself?

This is the exciting sequel to the NYT's and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo's indecent proposal and stay at his side as his bought mistress, under his complete control in his world and in his bedroom. Rafe holds the keys to her mother's happiness, and Ari must choose love for her mother or respect for herself and for the morals her mother instilled in her. You'll find out that decision in this book and discover the unexpected repercussions of what Ari does choose.

In Surrender, we were also introduced to the dynamic story of Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo. See where their story leads as the Surrender Series continues.

Watch as two strong, confident women make choices that will affect their lives forever.

Who will submit? Will it be the women or the men?

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Eternal Dreams
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Melody Anne's Surrender Series , #2
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Melody Anne is the author of the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, and Baby for the Billionaire. She also has a Young Adult Series in high demand; Midnight Fire and Midnight Moon - Rise of the Dark Angel with a third book in the works called Midnight Storm.

As an aspiring author, she wrote for years, then became published in 2011. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in business, she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen and the corporate world.
When Melody isn’t writing, she cultivates strong bonds with her family and relatives and enjoys time spent with them as well as her friends, and beloved pets. A country girl at heart, she loves the small town and strong community she lives in and is involved in many community projects.

See Melody's Website at: www.melodyanne.com. She makes it a point to respond to all her fans. You can also join her on facebook at: www.facebook.com/melodyanneauthor, or at twitter: @authmelodyanne.

She looks forward to hearing from you and thanks you for your continued interest in her stories.

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Submit (Surrender Series Book Two) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 120 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I Enjoyed this book so much, even though I hate waiting until September to see what happens next. However I can't say I'm disappointed with the way things turned out. I love the development of the characters in both books. They are changing before our eyes and I like who they are. Ari is one of my favorite female characters in all the books I've read. Even Rafe is proving not to be a lost cause and hopefully he will be the great man he should in the next book. I highly recommend this series for someone who wants something different from the typical romance. You will like to fact that the conclusion is not rushed and actually realistic when it comes to human emotions. Nobody changes over night and this story reminds us of that..... WARNING SPOILER ALERT.................. For all the negative reviews think of it this way if Rafe confessed his undying love for Ari and they lived happily ever after the story would be like any other romance novel we've read with Alpha males. I FOR ONE WOULD LIKE TO SEE HIM GROVEL. In my opinion the alpha males always get off easy and all it takes is an "I love you" for the woman to forgive and forget all his past mistreatment. Something tells me this one will not be so simple. I hope she brings him to his knees and I can't wait to read about it. :)
DBTan More than 1 year ago
This is a phenomenal follow up to Surrender. Now i can't wait to read book 3! Rafe and Ari's explosive chemistry is the driving force behind their "relationship". I could really feel their emotions throughout the book. September can't come soon enough! Plus, I want to know what's going to happen to Shane and Lia, too.
dvbDK More than 1 year ago
this was book two it was excellent , I just love Rafe and Ari and plus We learn about Shane and Lia  , I read this in a day once you start you have to finish  Melody  Anne has pulled us again with this excellent series now i have to wait for the next one  
Marlayna3 More than 1 year ago
I really loved the characters. Rafe was pretty awful, but I have loved seeing him fall for Ari. At first I was very frustrated that the books are continuations and we have to wait to see what happens, but now I choose to be excited about that because it means we will get more of Rafe and Ari's story instead of just in 1 book.
chicagogirl21 More than 1 year ago
WOW in this amazing book “Submit” the powerful story of Raffaello (Rafe) Palazzo and Arianna (Ari) Lynn Harlow continues!!! Rafe propositioned Ari to become his mistress in Book one “Surrender.” This emotional relationship between this dynamic couple is sexy, tumultuous, frustrating, hot, emotional and so full of twists and turns, you are continually sitting at the edge of your seat! At the end of book one, Ari walks out on Rafe – the ending left me salivating for the next book. Well book two is certainly no disappointment!!! Their emotional relationship continues. Air has some huge decisions to contemplate. Will she give in to this powerful, handsome, dominating man and become his controlled mistress or will she fight for her own individuality to respect herself and follow the morals which were instilled in her by her loving mother? We will also meet Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo, another dynamic couple whose story will add to this amazing series. Watch as these two strong confident women struggle for their independence while falling in love with these powerful dominating men! I cannot wait for book three in this series, again Melody Anne has left me salivating for the next installation in this amazing series!! I suggest you read these books in order to understand the complete story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for the next one. Some people think it's crazy to have multiple stories but to tell you the truth, where they left off is going to keep you coming back for more. Excellent plot, i think that Rafe needs to figure himself out before going into a relationship demanding things that no woman should be demanded. And once he realized that i think it's a good thing he goes back to Italy to find himself before it's too late. No matter you past there is always a future as long as you don't push it away. 
_DVF_ More than 1 year ago
I love that Ari is such a strong woman. Even though she knows that she is caught between a rock and a hard spot; she had a back bone. Her mother taught her well. No man is worth destroying oneself! Lia though seems more and more like a spoiled brat. She has wanted Shane for years and when they finally give in to their desires; she is mad that he wants to be up front with Rafe, Lia's older brother and his best friend. Shane knows that it is the right thing to do. Hopefully Rachel will be finding love in the book!! Can't wait for the next book in the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series! I love all of Melody Annes series! AWESOME AUTHOR!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book but uggg I'm anxious now. Please hurry with the next one?!
Debbie4097 More than 1 year ago
If you enjoyed book one "Surrender", by Melody Anne, you will certainly get caught up in the continuation of the obsession between Ari and Rafe in "Submit". You will explore the relationships between Rafe and his loving family, which includes Shane, his best friend. The story is hot and addictive. This series is scorching hot and filled with great sex scenes between couples who are drawn together by pure physical heat. But is it all physical? As I write this review, I am currently reading book three "Seduced". Great stuff and a good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nobody likes a tease.  The first book in the series had no resolution of the relationship.  In this book the author still has no conclusion to the first relationship, but starts out another conflicted couple that don't resolve their relationship, either.  I might look for the next one at the public library but I won't buy any more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly love this series that Melody Anne has written. I know a lot of reader were not fond of the first book because Rafe was an Alpha with a grudge and seem cruel with his action towards Arianna, but at the same time had kind tendencies however, she still falls in love and has to make a choice. He tried breaking her but she stood strong and made her choice which I applaud her for. Can he surrender to her? We'll have to wait and see!!!! We also get a bonus with Shane and Lia. I will not ruin the story plot just read and enjoy both books. Vicky85
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Waited months for this book only to find out there's a third and fourth one. I refuse to buy the third one until the fourth is also out. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!
Lori_LT More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Melody Anne has done a wonderful job of continuing Ari and Rafe's story. The characters have developed with such beauty. Ari has matured and Rafe is letting his heart and vunerable side show. Looking forward to see where Ms. Anne takes all her characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was really good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Melody Anne. I can't wait for the next book to come out. I wanted Ari to leave Rafe but I wanted him to fall in love with her at the same time. Shane and Lia are driving me crazy. I need the next book lime now so I can see what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LOVE this book......Don't know how I am going to wait until the next one!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the book
TipsyLit More than 1 year ago
Rafe is still trying to get Ari to agree to be his mistress. They’ve already proven they are hotter than hot in the bedroom. Sleeping with her prior to a signed contract is one of his big rules but he couldn’t restrain himself. He had to have her. And boy did he ever. End result in Book 2 is that he holds something over her head she is unable to deny she wants. She takes the deal, entering the burning hot world of being a billionaire’s mistress. In book 2 we also learn more about Rafe’s sister Lia and her unrequited love for his long time friend Shane. Lia is in her mid-twenties and is bright and bubbly like a shiny new penny. Only she has a serious desire to get Shane into her bed. She’s desired him for more than a decade and now that she’s older she’s ready to get her man. At least for a night. Here we find the two main couples in the very clichéd Vegas. Even though the setting is a bit tired, the author does spin the tale in a very interesting way. Ari is swept away by Rafe’s sisters Lia and Rachel. Rachel is the baby sister and a perfect tease. In this tale Lia is bound and determined to get Shane and will use any means possible. When she does, the sparks fly and passion explodes. Unfortunately, Shane screws up. Good news is, so does Rafe. They can be miserable together. I will say that some crazy drama ensues that will literally have you drinking coffee at midnight trying to stay awake to find out the resolution. This series had me so captivated I started Book 1 Friday evening and finished book 4 by 1:00 a.m. Monday evening. That’s a book a night! Let’s just say I made time for this tale and I don’t regret a second of it. The author Melody Anne amazed me with her ability to weave three completely different stories into one long soap opera effect. When you were wondering what was going on with the other couple it magically would switch to that couple. The surprising thing was being as interested in the second and third couple as I was in the first. I found myself fully vested in all three couples equally and that’s very hard to do in a romance. Overall if you like drama, angst, graphic hot sex (raises hand pick me, pick me), and a story that ends in the sweetest, most lovely happily ever after, you’re in for a really great read.
BMM61 More than 1 year ago
I could so relate to the characters in this series. Having married a man who had a cheating wife, I know the pain and distress it causes for both parties after the infidelity. Very accurate with the cold-hearted feelings that accompany and the difficulty of cracking that shell (which is so worth it if you can do it). Very well written. I loved this book so much, I read the entire series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read book one then immediately ordered book two, can't wait for book three. Excellent!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book 2 was great on to book 3.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Women power. Ari is a great character. Author does a great job of writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this was better then then first. story got good in the second book. can't wait to see what happens next. good story, not just sex.