Success Is Just One Wish Away: Make One Wish and Your Life Suddenly Changes. but Make Sure It's the Right One

Success Is Just One Wish Away: Make One Wish and Your Life Suddenly Changes. but Make Sure It's the Right One

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by Jon Spoelstra

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Joseph Sugarman
What makes this book so inspiring is the simple yet profound message that is so easy to implement and yet so powerful in its consequence.
Entrepreneur Magazine
Pat Williams
Success Is Just One Wish is a fascinating and entertaining fable that will revolutionize the American workplace. This is the One-Minute Manager of the 21st Century.
Entrepreneur Magazine

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Success Is Just One Wish Away 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book may be only 149 pages long but at times you feel like you are reading War and Peace. I am in no way suggesting that this book is a classic nor is it my intention to disrespect the classic War and Peace. The fact is that a majority of this book is simply filler. This book should have been edited down to at least one half of its current length. Ironically, the long drawn out, choppy style of the book not only takes away from the message of the book, but also runs contrary to it. Again, the author's message is a worthy one. It is the idea that one should 'wish for success in what they do for a living.' The author's point is success in one's work leads to joy and happiness in all areas of life. In the last chapter and epilogue of the book the author does a good job in describing the steps involved in attaining success. Simply, you must get an 'oil change, lube job, and tune-up' on a regular basis. I do not feel it is fair for me to give the rest away. Nevertheless, save yourself the time and money and just read the last chapter and epilogue in the bookstore. If you really want to read small books of this genre that are packed with solid advice throughout it then I suggest you take a look at the masters in the field, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. I personally like One Minute for Myself, Who Stole my Cheese, the Precious Present and Big Bucks.