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The Successful Paralegal Job Search Guide / Edition 1

The Successful Paralegal Job Search Guide / Edition 1

by Chere B. Estrin, Stacey Hunt

ISBN-10: 076683025X

ISBN-13: 9780766830257

Pub. Date: 12/26/2000

Publisher: Cengage Learning

The Successful Paralegal's Job Search Guide covers all facets of paralegal employment, from becoming a paralegal to the first 100 days on the job. This comprehensive text utilizes material that familiarizes the student with every step of the job search process, including the interview and a preview of the employment environment. Numerous samples of resumes, letters


The Successful Paralegal's Job Search Guide covers all facets of paralegal employment, from becoming a paralegal to the first 100 days on the job. This comprehensive text utilizes material that familiarizes the student with every step of the job search process, including the interview and a preview of the employment environment. Numerous samples of resumes, letters and tips on when and how to write help the student hone job search skills. Case studies provide real-life scenarios of paralegals in different professional situations.

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Cengage Learning
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Foreword Vii. Preface ix. Acknowledgments xi. About The Authors xiii. Chapter1. Batter Up! 1. Where are They? 1. Paralegal Hiring World 2. Good Times and Bad Times 3. So, What are the Dollars? 4. Why Paralegals Change Jobs 5. If You''re Ready to Move 6. Chapter2. Getting into the Field 7. Choosing a Practice Area 8. Practice Area Descriptions 9. Where Do Paralegals Work? 12. Chapter3. Structure of Law Firms and In-House Legal Departments, by Kevin J. Behan 21. The Hierarchy of Lawyers and the Legal Staff 22. Nonlegal Staff 24. Division of Duties in Medium and Small-Sized Firms 27. In-House Legal Departments 27. Chapter4. a Top Paralegal Manager Tells You What She Wants, by Katie Thoma 31. What Paralegal Manager Look for 31. Chapter5. Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! it's Off to School We Go! 37.What Types of Courses Should be Offered? 38. Other Earmarks of a Good Program 39. ABA Approval - Just What is it Anyway? 41. AAfPE Membership 43. Types of Paralegal Programs 44. Beware The Fly-by-Night Schools 47. Deciding Which School Will Meet Your Goals 47. Chapter6. The Importance of Internships 49. Chapter7. Entering the Marketplace and Transferring Your Skills 51. Transferring Your Existing Skills to a Legal Career 51. Chapter8. Unsung Heroes and Rising Stars 55. You Can Take it with You 55. Been There - Done That: Interviews with Second-Career Paralegals 57. Chapter9. The Secrets to Creating a Great Resume 63. Preparation for Writing Your Resume 64. If Your Resume isn''t Working, Why Not? 65. Formats 67. Heading 67. Education 68. Skills and Abilities 69. Work History 70. Computer Skills 71. Special Skills and Abilities 71. Organizations and Affiliations 72. Sample Organizations and Affiliations 72. References 72. The "Older" Workforce 72. Job-Hoppers 73. The Functional Resume 73. The Targeted Resume 74. Ten Commandments of Resume Writing 74. Ten Great Resume Writing Tips 75. The Every Resume Writing Book Action Word List 77. Pretty Darn Good Phrases to Use 79. Sample Resumes 81. What's Wrong with This Picture? (Or I''ve Sent Out 500 Resumes. No One Must Be Hiring.) 117. Chapter10 Your Resume is Hereby Rejected. Most Sincerely, MAC 9000 119. Computer Processing of Resumes 119.3 Chapter11. How to Write a Revolutionary Cover Letter 125. Sales 101 126. Features and Benefits Worksheet 127. How to Respond 127. Opening for Letter 128. Hoe Your Expertise Fits with the Organization 128. Dynamic Closures 129. Sample Cover Letters 130. Chapter12. Where to Look: Resources, Techniques, and How to Use Them 137. Networking Your Way to a Job - The Hidden Job Market 137. Seminars 139. Print Media 140. Legal and Other Directories 144. Blind Mailings 150. Articles by and About the Firm Or Corporation 150. The Old Boys and Girls Network 151. American Society of Corporate Secretaries, Inc. 151. American Staffing Association 151. Alternative Careers 151. On-Line Job Hunting 153. Chapter13. Wired for Work: a Guide for Finding a New Job On-Line 157. Job-Search Tips 158. Women's Web Sites 160. If You Get Stressed Out Over the Whole Deal 160. Chapter14 Getting a Staffing Organization Work for You 163. Staffing Organizations 163. Guide to Legal Staffing Organizations 166.Chapter15. Let's go Surfing! 173. Web Sites 173. Chapter16 Employment Verification, References, and Writing Samples 187. References 187. The Importance of a Good References 188. Reference Letter Myths 189. Employment and Academic Verification 189. Choosing Your References 191. Testimonial Letters From Clients, Supervisors, and Coworkers 193. Writing Samples 194. Articles by You or About You 195. Simple Testimonial Letters 196. Chapter17. Resume Tracking 199. Checklist for Great Follow-Ups 201. Chapter18. Golden Rules About Appearances 203. Appearance Counts 203. Attention Getting Yeses and Nos 205. Dressing to Get the Job 206. Chapter19. The Interview 211. Doing Your Homework 212. The Day Before 212. Interview Day 214. Structure of the Interview: The Unspoken Rules 217. Selling Your Self 220. Stress Interviews 221. The Behavioral Interview 222. Day-Long Interviews 223. Group Interviews: If You are Interviewed by a Group 224. Let's Do Lunch 224. How to Say it 225. Closing the Interview 227. Chapter20. 275 Tough Interview Questions 229. Interview Questions 229. Questions Candidates Can Ask During the Interview 237. Illegal Questions 243. Sample Illegal Questions/Comments 245. Chapter21. The Buzz on Objections to the Sale 249. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 249. Gaps, Holes or Voids Now Become Hiatuses, Recesses; or Interim Periods 250. Low Grades Do Not Equate with Low Performers 251. Coming From a Foreign State 251. "We Really Hadn''t Intended to Spend That Much Money On Salary" 252. "What are Your Weaknesses?'' 252. Chapter22. Follow-Up and Thank-You Letters 253. Follow-Up Letters 253. Sample Follow-Up Letters 254. The Thank-You Letters 257. Sample Thank-You Letters 259. Call-to-Action Letter 265. Sample Call-to-Action Letter 266. Acceptance Letter 266. Sample Acceptance Letter 267. Chapter23. Evaluating the Job Offer 269. Using the Estrin Job Opportunity Inventory Checklist 269. Your Initial Reaction 271. Sample Offer Letter 274. Making the Decision to Negotiate 275. Chapter24. Negotiating to Close 277. How to Ask The Question 278. What to Do if You Can''t Get More Money 280. Knowing How and When to Concede 281. Deadlines 282. Using a Staffing Organization to Negotiate for You 283. Chapter25. 15 Ways to Leave Your Lawyer 285. Last Impressions 285. Chapter26. Riding the Train From Temp to Full-Time 289. Temporary Staffing/Agencies 289. When Should You Consider Temping? 292. How and Where to Begin 292. Interview Tips From ASA 293. Working with Your Temporary Agencies 294. Chapter27. Your First 100 Days in Your New Job 297. Sample Diary of a First Day on The Job at a Mid-Sized Firm 297. Survival Skills for Working with Attorneys 299. Survival Skills for Working with Staff 301. Working with Other Paralegals 302. The Leaning Curve 303. Accepting Responsibility While Not Getting Overextended 305. The "B" Word: Billing 305. An Eye Toward the Future 308. Appendix A. Legal Lingo 311. Appendix B. Choosing a Paralegal School 321. Appendix C Associations and Organizations You''ll Need to Know 343. Appendix D. Paralegal Specialties 355. Appendix E. Salary Surveys 359. Appendix F. Resources: Directories, Guides, Newsletters, and a Whole Lot More 371. Appendix G. Recommended Reading Materials 375. Appendix H. NFPA Model Code of Ethics and Responsibility 379. Appendix I. Free Resume Critique 383.

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