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by Anne Billson

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Yet another would-be satire of London's media swarm, this debut novel--which inexplicably caused Billson to be named among Britain's best young novelists earlier this year--is a tediously arch farrago whose less-than-inspired central conceit quickly wears thin. Magazine consultant Dora Vale and her erstwhile lover Duncan Fender have a creepy feeling that the vampire, Violet Westron, whom they had chopped into small pieces 13 years before, has returned as head of a multinational media conglomerate with designs on world domination. Of course it's true, and soon Dora finds herself alone against evil forces. Related in glib journalese, Billson's trite observations on contemporary pop culture are never toothsome or original enough to animate her moribund plot. Since Dracula and his ilk have always served as quite self-conscious symbols of cultural anxiety, the end-of-the-millennium-psychosis-blues that Suckers aspires to remain obdurately flat. Nasty and tasteless without being particularly shocking, silly without being very funny, the novel is--sharpened stakes and fangs notwithstanding--pointless and suprisingly lacking in bite; Suckers stands in sore need of a transfusion. (Oct.)
Library Journal
This British first novel tells the story of a very modern, very hip vampire hunter: Dora Vale, a cynical creative consultant who has managed to maintain a hopeful friendship with the love of her life, Duncan, despite his marriage to air-brained model Lulu and his infatuation with a 300-year-old beauty called Violet. Thirteen years ago, Dora and Duncan drove a stake through Violet's heart, but now she has returned, with an entire vampire network behind her. Weary of persecution, the bloodsuckers have decided to make England ``a haven where they can live and hunt in safety . . . just a smoothly run economy and specialized catering facilities.'' Hard-boiled Dora smart-mouths her way through one dangerous confrontation after another as she tries to save England and rescue the unworthy Duncan from a seduction for which he seems all too eager. Deliciously skewering the art and business scenes as well as the yuppies who are the vampires' prime targets, this surprisingly down-to-earth supernatural romp is highly recommended.-- A.M.B. Amantia, Population Action International, Washington, D.C.

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