Sugar Busters!: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

Sugar Busters!: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

by H. Leighton Steward, Luis A. Balart, Samuel S. Andrews, Morrison C. Bethea

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Sugar Busters!: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

  • Lose weight
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Achieve optimal wellness
  • Increase your energy
  • Help treat diabetes and other diseases

Featuring easy recipes from New Orleans top restaurants -- and a 14-day meal plan!

It's time to face facts. Low fat diets don't work. Thousands of Americans on

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Sugar Busters!: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat

  • Lose weight
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Achieve optimal wellness
  • Increase your energy
  • Help treat diabetes and other diseases

Featuring easy recipes from New Orleans top restaurants -- and a 14-day meal plan!

It's time to face facts. Low fat diets don't work. Thousands of Americans on low-fat, high-carbohydrate regimes gain back their weight in record numbers, often wreaking unhealthy havoc on their bodies. Why? Because the culprit isn't too much fat, it's too much sugar -- and low-fat food is full of it. The truth is sugar causes the production of insulin which, in large amounts, keeps your weight from dropping off, no matter how strictly you diet or how often you exercise. Just look at the ingredients of your favorite foods: sugar is everywhere. So how can you possibly avoid it? The answer: Sugar Busters! Developed by three renowned physicians and a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Sugar Busters! is a revolutionary new diet plan based on sound nutritional principles that shows you how to eliminate sugar from your daily menu through easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans. This effective and groundbreaking program steers you away from overhyped (and insulin-producing) starches such as potatoes and pasta, white bread and white rice, carrots and corn -- and leads you toward sensible consumption of delicious foods once considered taboo. With Sugar Busters! you will

  • Develop a diet plan that is right for you
  • Determine the glycemic levels of various foods with a handy glycemic index
  • Discover which foods to eat at what time of day
  • Avoid food combinations that add pounds
  • Learn the myths of calories, fats, cholesterol, and weight gain
  • Feel great, increase your energy, and prevent chronic disease

Simple, practical, and easy to adapt to your busy lifestyle -- including savory gourmet meal plans designed by 12 of New Orleans' famous restaurants like Antoine's, Galatoire's, Commander's Palace, and Brennan's -- Sugar Busters! is the diet of the future, an amazing, new approach to eating, nutrition, and health.

Throw away your fat-gram counters. Forget those outdated calorie concepts. Feast on a delicious, diet-healthy table of red meat, lamb chops, salads with Roquefort dressing, even red wine -- and still lose weight. Remember:

  • Cutting calories in the diet only leads to temporary weight loss.
  • Fats are vitally important to your body's metabolic process.
  • Large meals should never be eaten before going to bed -- because cholesterol is also manufactured at night.
  • Fruits should not be eaten in combination with carbohydrates and fats.
  • A glass of wine has less sugar than an ear of corn.
  • Baked potatoes quickly convert to sugar in your stomach.

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Meet the Author

Leighton Steward has a Master of Science degree in geology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and was CEO of a Fortune 500 energy company. As an environmental activist, he has written a booklet about the deterioration of the lower Mississippi River wetland system. There are more than 60,000 of these booklets in circulation worldwide, utilized by both educational and governmental institutions. His own success, and noting the success of his friends and colleagues, on this plan motivated him to coauthor SUGAR BUSTERS!.

Morrison C. Bethea is a graduate of Davidson College and Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training in thoracic and cardiac surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Currently, he practices thoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgery in New Orleans. He is the medical consultant to Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. for its worldwide operations and sits on the Board of Taylor Energy and Tenet's Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. Bethea has authored many publications in the field of cardiovascular disease.

Samuel S. Andrews is a graduate of McNeese State College and Louisiana State University School of Medicine. His post graduate study was at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. He was awarded an Endocrinology Fellowship at LSU Medical Center, Section of Metabolism and Endocrinology, New Orleans. He currently practices internal medicine with the Audubon Internal Medicine Group. Dr. Andrews has authored many publications and participated in several drug studies in the field of endocrinology.

Luis A. Balart is a graduate of Louisiana State University Medical School. He completed training in gastroenterology atOchsner Clinic in New Orleans and in hepatology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Balart practices gastroenterology and hepatology at Tenet's Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans and is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Louisiana State University. He is currently involved in several clinical trials in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis and is Medical Director of the LSU Liver Transplant Program.

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We are going to propose a way of eating that will allow you to eat most foods in normal quantities, possibly even in larger quantities than you presently consume. You can have three full meals a day and even appropriate snacks. There will not be many things you cannot eat, but there will be certain combinations you should definitely avoid. What you need to avoid most will be foods or combinations of foods that require the secretion of large amounts of insulin to regulate your blood sugar. By simply doing this, you can get slimmer and healthier simultaneously....

Let's get to the point: Sugar is toxic! Sugar? Some sugar? Most sugar? All sugar? Toxic? Well, we will say that refined sugar in any significant quantity is toxic to many human bodies, and it certainly helps make many bodies fat. Moreover, significant quantities of sugar are derived in our digestive system from carbohydrates and starches. Certain of these foods cause a definite strain on the health of the body, probably the mind, and certainly the waistline. Fructose, sugar in fruit, will not normally hurt you, but eaten at the wrong time or in the wrong combinations can create both digestive and metabolic problems. Therefore, what we are recommending is a low-sugar diet. Surprisingly, that cannot be achieved simply by putting away your sugar canister.

How can sugar, something that tastes so good and has been fed so readily to most of us since childhood by our most trusted person on earth, our own mother, possibly be bad for us? Aside from a few bad direct effects, such as dissolving our teeth, sugar largely acts as a stimulus in causing our pancreas gland to secrete one of our body's most powerful hormones,insulin!
Insulin has some good effects on our bodies, such as regulating our blood sugar level, but the bad effects caused by the overproduction of this megahormone are certainly impressive and will be described at length later. Succinctly, insulin causes our bodies to store excess sugar as fat. Insulin further prohibits the mobilization of previously stored fat, even if one is on a rather skimpy, but glucose-generating, diet. And, most significantly, insulin signals our livers to make another big "C" word, cholesterol.

With the SUGAR BUSTERS! meal plan, you get four-star recipes from New Orleans's top restaurants for the most succulent foods imaginable...

  • Beef Tenderloins with Marchand de Vin Sauce
  • Shrimp Ravigote
  • Confit of Duck
  • Venison Tenderloin in Beer Glaze
  • Lamb Loin Provencale
  • Pan-Roasted Filet Mignon Stuffed with Maytag Blue Cheese
  • Warm Haricot Vert and Bacon Salad
  • Shrimp, Crab, and Okra Gumbo
  • Crab-and-Shrimp Stuffed Eggplant
  • ...even Hamburgers!

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