Summerdance 2011: Megamix Top 100

Summerdance 2011: Megamix Top 100


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Cloud 9 Holland


Disc 1

  1. What A Feeling  - Kelly Rowland
  2. Far L'Amore  - Bob Sinclar
  3. Beautiful People  - Chris Brown
  4. Feels So Good  - Nadia Ali
  5. Bittersweet  - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  6. Mr. Know It All  -  Shary-an
  7. Infinity 2008  - Paul Walden
  8. Fever  -  Cascada
  9. Encoded  -  Hardwell
  10. Release Me  -  Agnes
  11. Reload  - Jaz Von D.
  12. Three O'Clock  - Ana Criado
  13. Passion  - Jake Shanahan
  14. Loving Thing  - C.B. Milton
  15. Swagger  -  Bombs Away
  16. Rock You Real Hard  - DJ Tony Star
  17. Strobo Pop
  18. Rainbow In the Sky  - DJ Paul
  19. Carnival  - John Marks
  20. Indian Dream  - Earl S.
  21. Babel  - Jay Ronko
  22. My Drug (Is Electro)  -  Electric Junkies
  23. Can't Get Around  - Benny Royal
  24. Weightless  - Laserkraft 3D
  25. Apollo Road  -  Dash Berlin
  26. Shingaling  - Vincent Thomas
  27. Calabria  -  Dirty Laundry
  28. King of the Stars  - Don Don
  29. Summertime  -  Brace
  30. Take It Off  - Kaya Jones
  31. Set U Free  - DJ Melvin
  32. Emergency  - Kim Leoni
  33. S.O.S.  -  Jenski

Disc 2

  1. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)  -  Pitbull
  2. Disco Volante  - Ida Engberg
  3. Love Generation
  4. Free (Let It Be)  -  Firebeatz
  5. Sexy Lady  - DJ Jean
  6. The Summer Is Magic 2008  -  Playahitty
  7. Midnight Sun  - Roy Gates
  8. Something  -  Lasgo
  9. Greece 2000  -  Three Drives on a Vinyl
  10. Drop It Reloaded  -  Scoop
  11. Lambada 3000  - Gregor Salto
  12. All Night Long  - Miss Autumn Leaves
  13. Mindful Thinking  - CJ Stone
  14. Morning Glory  -  D-Rashid
  15. The Flavour  -  Dabruck
  16. Aliens  - Mel Jade
  17. Missing You  - Jack Holiday
  18. Global Funk  - Funkstar Criminal
  19. Careless Whisper  -  Sax Brothers
  20. Dance On the Beach  -  Summerlove
  21. Repetitive Rush  -  Gabi
  22. Kickin' Hard  -  Klubbheads
  23. Water Verve  -  Enrico
  24. Kamelenteen  - Barry Badpak
  25. Bucovina  - Ian Oliver
  26. On and On  -  Agnes
  27. The Girl That I Want  - Alex De Guiror
  28. All Day All Night  - Melvin Reese
  29. The World  -  Hardwell
  30. Rotunda  - Jochen Miller
  31. Backstage  -  Pit
  32. Rock the Boat  -  Marco
  33. Now I Understand  - Sherry Flavour

Disc 3

  1. Sky & Sand  - Fritz Kalkbrenner
  2. Born Again  -  M:ck
  3. Pyramid  - John Dahlbäck
  4. Sleepwalkers  -  Dakota
  5. Dangerous  -  Cascada
  6. Piano 3000  -  Bob Ltd.
  7. La Primavera  -  Sash!
  8. International Style  - Real el Canario
  9. Cuba  - DJ Rebel
  10. 9 PM (Till I Come)  -  ATB
  11. Sunset On Ibiza  -  Three Drives
  12. Partytime  -  Disc-O-Magic
  13. Gimme Fantasy  - Gianni Coletti
  14. Six Feet Under  -  Shary-an
  15. Turbo  -  New Kids
  16. King Of My Castle  -  Wamdue Project
  17. Pulverturm 2.0  - Niels Van Gogh
  18. Better Off Alone  -  M25
  19. Hey Baby, Hey Crazy  -  Dill
  20. Feel Alive  - Jean Elan
  21. Tonight  -  Lasgo
  22. Drowning  -  Laura
  23. Breathe  -  E.P.I.C.
  24. Shades of Grey  -  Xpression
  25. Smack  - DJ Funkadelic
  26. Lost All the Ways  -  Disfunktion
  27. I Love Dance  - Sasha Dith
  28. The Power  - TV Rock
  29. Timeless  - Danny Corten
  30. Sakura  -  Waves
  31. Deejay Deejay  -  Ne!tan
  32. Mystery  - Eddy Parker
  33. What's Love  -  Akon
  34. Fucking Vet!!!  -  Britt

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Mick Jagger   Composer
Andrew Ridgeley   Composer
F. Contadini   Composer
Keith Richards   Composer
Paul Crossdale   Composer
Daniel Vangarde   Composer
Fabian Lenssen   Composer
David Rubert   Composer
Klubbheads   Composer
Paul Elstak   Composer
DJ Ton TB   Composer
Bob Sinclar   Composer
Chris Brann   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Christophe Le Friant   Composer
André Tanneberger   Composer
C.J. Stone   Composer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Armin van Buuren   Composer
Jan Vervloet   Composer
DJ Enrico   Composer
Pablo Minoli   Composer
R. Fiolet   Composer
H. Lookers   Composer
Jean Claude Ades   Composer
Pronti   Composer
Benno de Goeij   Composer
Niels Van Gogh   Composer
Gaelle Adisson   Composer
Sophie Ellis-Bextor   Composer
Julian Smith   Composer
Jurgen Dohr   Composer
Fausto Fanizza   Composer
P. Luts   Composer
Regi Penxten   Composer
John Dahlbäck   Composer
Reilly   Composer
Lucien Foort   Composer
N. Pijpers   Composer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer
Stephan Endemann   Composer
Chris Dececio   Composer
Gregor Salto   Composer
S. Figee   Composer
Tzvetin Todorov   Composer
J. Thompson   Composer
Chris Brown   Composer
Agnes   Composer
N. Fasano   Composer
L.T.R. Van Schooneveld   Composer
R. Stannard   Composer
A. Jones   Composer
Stefano Bosco   Composer
Tom Naïm   Composer
Gary "Nesta" Pine   Composer
J. L. Van Der Steijn   Composer
Danny Corten   Composer
Frauenarzt   Composer
B. Snoeijer   Composer
K. Gates   Composer
Sasha Dith   Composer
Ida Engberg   Composer
J. "Lonny" Bereal   Composer
J. Dirne   Composer
Jan Engelaar   Composer
Robert "Eniac" Garg   Composer
Erik De Koning   Composer
Andres Ballinas   Composer
Raz Nitzan   Composer
Lyck   Composer
Ivan Peroti   Composer
D-Rashid   Composer
Real el Canario   Composer
Stefan Dabruck   Composer
Rune   Composer
P. Gonella   Composer
A. Benassi   Composer
B. Kovak   Composer
Willem van Hanegem   Composer
Franco Bracardi   Composer
A. Meyer   Composer
Chico de Oliveira   Composer
M. Pollen   Composer
Armando Christian Perez   Composer
Wardt Van Der Harst   Composer
J. Wiltshire   Composer
J. Baptiste   Composer
R. Kappmeier   Composer
H. Robinson   Composer
J. Martens   Composer
M. Coleman   Composer
R. Janssen   Composer
G. Michael   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
P. Bauwens   Composer
K. Rowland   Composer
R. Ducent   Composer
R. Bianchi   Composer
S. Diamond   Composer
S. Carrara   Composer
M. Leahy   Composer
M. Gregory   Composer
Benites   Composer
J. Kluger   Composer
J. Vaughan   Composer
P. Walden   Composer
A. Perls   Composer
Bram Van Kempen   Composer
Michel Clerx   Composer
R. Small   Composer
Oliver Nervo   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer
A. Hansson   Composer
S. Vaughn   Composer
Robbert van de Corput   Composer
Dave Budgen   Composer
Tim Cornelissen   Composer
Gabriel Vezzola   Composer
Eelke Kalberg   Composer
Jeffrey Sutorius   Composer
Brad Grobler   Composer
Bob Sandee   Composer
F.W. Hendricks   Composer
Tim Hoffmann   Composer
Daniel Moerenhout   Composer
Junkx   Composer
Emanuele Asti   Composer
M. Marc   Composer
Donny Seraphine   Composer
Johannes Herbold   Composer
Oliver Sauerland   Composer
Marco Benassi   Composer
Kölsch   Composer
Gert Van 'T Wout   Composer
Rogier Van Der Meer   Composer
G. Coletti   Composer
J. Alberto Talpa Varon   Composer
Tomasz Biernacki   Composer
Lukasz Kaluza   Composer
Sjoerd Wijdoogen   Composer
Jay Ronko   Composer
Mike Tielemans   Composer
Sherry Flavour   Composer
A. De Guiror Martinez   Composer
Jurly Stanley Colin   Composer
Christian Korcan   Composer
H.W. Mallon   Composer
M.L. Pols   Composer
A. Bouali   Composer
Ulli Timo Hammann   Composer
Sebastian Lintz   Composer
M. Nervo   Composer
A. Fortunato Gaudino   Composer
Emmanuel Mijares   Composer
Marco   Composer
A. Maravi   Composer
A.K. Bucher   Composer
D. Weeland   Composer
D. Bierbordt   Composer
C. Hamersmith   Composer
B. Van Dijck   Composer
J. Shanahans   Composer
J. Kuijper   Composer
J. Elan   Composer
J. De Leeuwa   Composer
I.M. Noell   Composer
G. D'Albenzino   Composer
R. Waal   Composer
R. Tuil   Composer
R. Sluyerman   Composer
R. Heljanan   Composer
M. Schuljers   Composer
M. Satoor   Composer
M. Moed   Composer
K. Van Geffen   Composer
W. Vermeulen   Composer
V. Grobecker   Composer
T. Wyczynski   Composer
S.A. Nivallic   Composer
S. Van Gonter   Composer
S. Molijne   Composer

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