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Sun Staroffice 5.1 for Linux Fast and Easy

Sun Staroffice 5.1 for Linux Fast and Easy

by Brian Proffitt

ISBN-10: 0761524479

ISBN-13: 9780761524472

Pub. Date: 12/08/1999

Publisher: Course Technology, Inc.

Sun StarOffice is the highly acclaimed, freeware office suite for the popular Linux operating system. With Sun StarOffice 5.1 Fast & Easy, you get task-oriented, step-by-step instructions for using the word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentation, database, and event planning software. This highly visual guide provides you with


Sun StarOffice is the highly acclaimed, freeware office suite for the popular Linux operating system. With Sun StarOffice 5.1 Fast & Easy, you get task-oriented, step-by-step instructions for using the word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentation, database, and event planning software. This highly visual guide provides you with straightforward instruction to get up to speed quickly.

Product Details

Course Technology, Inc.
Publication date:
Fast and Easy Series
Product dimensions:
72.50(w) x 90.00(h) x 1.25(d)

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Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Started with StarOffice
Chapter 1: Welcome to StarOffice
Starting StarOffice
Exploring the StarDesktop
Starting a Linux Program
Exiting StarOffice
Chapter 2: Using the StarDesktop
Examining the Explorer Window
Opening a File in Explorer
Organizing Files in Explorer
Exploring the Beamer Window
Exploring the Navigator
Browsing Objects
Copying Items to Other Documents
Setting Reminders
Working with Dialog Boxes
Using Context Menus
Worknig with Menu Command Accelerators
Using the Taskbar
Chapter 3: Working with StarOffice Files
Starting a New Document
Saving Your Document
Saving a Document
Resaving a Document
Saving Versions of a Document
Opening Documents
Opening an Existing Document
Opening a Document Version
Printing a Document
Printing from the StarDesktop
Printing from the Document
Closing a Document
Chapter 4: Customizing the StarDesktop
Changing the StarDesktop Look
Customizing StarOffice Tools
Quick-Changing a Toolbar
Customizing a Toolbar
Customizing a Menu
Customizing the Keyboard
Chapter 5: Getting Help with StarOffice
Starting Help
Searching for Answers in Help
Asking Help Agent a Question
Bookmarking a Help File
Annotating a Help File
Getting Help on the Web
Part I Review Questions
Part II: Working With Words
Chapter 6: Learning StarWriter Basics
Typing Text
Editing Text
Inserting Text
Selecting Text
Deleting Text
Correcting Your Mistakes
Navigating Within a Document
Using DirectCursor
Using the Scroll Bars
Using the Keyboard
Chapter 7: Formatting a StarWriter Document
Enhancing Text
Inserting Special Characters or Symbols
Moving or Copying Text
Working with Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Arranging Text on a Page
Working with Tabs
Building Tables
Chapter 8: Improving Your Writing
Using Search and Replace
Correcting Spelling Errors
Working with AutoCorrect
Working with AutoText
Chapter 9: Automating StarWriter
Creating a Letter Template
Creating a Fax Template
Creating a Memo Template
Creating an Agenda Template
Using Templates
Chapter 10: Working with Longer Documents
Setting Page Options
Inserting a Page Break Manually
Working with Headers and Footers
Creating Footnotes
Building a Table of Contents
Creating an Index
Chapter 11: Adding Style to Your Document
Wrapping Text Around a Figure
Using Frames
Drawing a Picture in a Document
Using Image Editor to Create a Graphic
Inserting an OLE object
Part II Review Questions
Part III: Working With Data
Chapter 12: Learning StarCalc Basics
Exploring the Spreadsheet
Moving Around the Spreadsheet
Entering Data
Editing Data
Using Multiple Sheets
Chapter 13: Editing a Spreadsheet
Selecting Data
Inserting Rows and Columns
Deleting Rows and Columns
Moving Data
Chapter 14: Working with Functions and Formulas
Creating Formulas
Using References in a Formula
Using Functions
Chapter 15: Formatting Worksheets
Formatting Numbers
Adjusting Cell Size
Setting Cell Alignment
Formatting with Fonts
Adding Borders
Chapter 16: Completing Your Spreadsheet
Preparing to Print
Printing a Spreadsheet
Chapter 17: Manipulating Data
Entering Data Faster
Filtering Data
Sorting Data with Multiple Criteria
Grouping Your Data
Creating Input Validation Rules and Messages
Using Detective to Audit Your Data
Part III Review Questions
Part IV: Working With Advanced Data
Chapter 18: Learning StarChart Basics
Creating a Chart
Creating Charts Independent of Tables
Modifying a Chart
Deleting a Chart
Chapter 19: Learning StarMath Basics
Exploring the StarMath Screen
Creating a Simple Formula
Creating Complex Formulas
Chapter 20: Learning StarBase Basics
Database Concepts
Using the Address Book
Inserting Addresses into a Document
Creating a Form Letter
Chapter 21: Building Databases with StarBase
Creating a Database
Part IV Review Questions
Part V: Work With Ideas
Chapter 22: Learning StarImpress Basics
Creating Presentations
Switching Views
Chapter 23: Editing a Presentation
Working with Slides
Manipulating Text
Adding Graphics
Changing Slide Designs
Changing Presentation Designs
Printing in StarImpress
Chapter 24: Working with Presentation Special Effects
Adding Tables
Inserting Charts
Adding Transitions
Applying Special Effects
Chapter 25: Learning the StarDraw Basics
Exploring the StarDraw Interface
Creating Shapes in StarDraw
Creating Filled Shapes in StarDraw
Creating Lines and Curvse in StarDraw
Creating Multi-Sided Polygons
Connecting Objects
Adding Texture in StarDraw
Using 3-D
Part V Review Questions
Part VI: Working With Time, Communication And The Internet
Chapter 26: Learning the StarMail Basics
Exploring the StarMail Interface
Creating an E-mail Message
Sending Your Message
Checking for Messages
Reading Your Messages
Attaching Files
Replying to a Message
Forwarding a Message
Deleting a Message
Using Folders to Manage Messages
Adding a Folder in StarMail
Deleting a Folder in StarMail
Chapter 27: Learning the StarDiscussion Basics
Exploring the StarDiscussion Interface
Reading Newsgroups
Posting a Message
Updating Newsgroups
Attaching Files
Responding to a Message
Chapter 28: Learning the StarSchedule Basics
Viewing StarSchedule
Changing the Event Calendar's View
Creating an Event
Scheduling a Meeting
Creating Recurring Events
Editing an Event
Deleting an Event
Chapter 29: Using StarSchedule to Keep Organized
Creating a Task
Tracking a Task's Status
Deleting a Task
Printing a Task List
Chapter 30: Browsing the Web with StarDesktop
Searching the Web
Displaying Your Home Page
Viewing a Favorite Page
Checking Out a Specific Web Address
Chapter 31: Building Web Documents
Creating Web Documents
Exporting StarImpress Presentations to the Web
Part VI Review Questions
Appendix A: StarOffice 5.1 Installation
Obtaining StarOffice 5.1 for Linux
Installing the Software
Appendix B: Using Key Combinations
Common StarOffice Key Combinations
Using StarImpress and StarDraw Key Combinations
Using StarWriter Key Combinations
Using StarCalc Key Combinations

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