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Sundance Reader / Edition 6

Sundance Reader / Edition 6

by Mark Connelly

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ISBN-10: 0495912948

ISBN-13: 2900495912940

Pub. Date: 01/01/2011

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Continuing to offer a superior teaching apparatus and a diverse collection of rhetorically arranged readings, The Sundance Reader is now enhanced with annotated essays and InfoTrac College Edition.


Continuing to offer a superior teaching apparatus and a diverse collection of rhetorically arranged readings, The Sundance Reader is now enhanced with annotated essays and InfoTrac College Edition.

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Cengage Learning
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Older Edition

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Cornel West - Black Political Leadership
2.Narration: Relating Events. Samuel Scudder - Take This Fish and Look at It (annotated). James Dillard - A DoctorÆs Dilemma. Ramon ôTianguisö Perez - The Fender-Bender. Nathan McCall - The Lesson. Michael Patrick MacDonald - Returning to Southie. Richard Preston - Ebola River. George Orwell - Shooting an Elephant. Oliver Sacks - The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Federal Bureau of Investigation - Interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald. Walter Lord - The Reconstructed Logbook of the Titanic
3.Description: Presenting Impressions. Jonathan Schell - Letter From Ground Zero (annotated). Chris Hedges - A Gaza Diary. Truman Capote - Out There. Luis Alberto Urrea - Border Story. JosT Antonio Burciaga - My Ecumenical Father. Carl T. Rowan - Unforgettable Miss Bessie. N. Scott Momaday - The Way to Rainy Mountain. E. B. White - Once More to the Lake. Frank Pilipp and Charles Shull - TV Movies of the First Decade of AIDS (Abstract). 3M Pharmaceutical - Sales Representative Want Ad. Monica Ramos - The RTsumT of Monica Ramos
4.Definition: Establishing Meaning. Eileen Simpson - Dyslexia (annotated). Janice Castro, Dan Cook, and Cristina Garcia - Spanglish. Ellen Goodman - The Company Man. Jonathan Ritter - The World View of a Computer Hacker. John Ciardi - What Is Happiness?. Marie Winn - TV Addiction. Terry Tempest Williams - Yucca. What is Terrorism?. The Encyclopedia of Psychology - Depression. Don D. Rosenberg - What Is Depression?
5.Comparison and Contrast: Indicating Similarities and Difference. Yi-Fu Tuan - Chinese Space, American Space (annotated). Bob Levey - Men vs. Women Over Walking at Night. William Zinsser - TheTransaction. Bruce Catton - Grant and Lee. Steven D. Stark - A Tale of Two Sitcoms. Michael Barone - Irish and Blacks. Bharati Mukherjee - Two Ways to Belong to America. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - One Internet, Two Nations. Peggy Kenna and Sondra Lacy - Communication Styles: United States and Taiwan
6.Analysis: Making Evaluations. William Raspberry - The Handicap of Definition (annotated). Michael Zielenziger - Black is Beautiful: Tokyo Style. Richard Brookhiser - The Skinny. Darrell Huff - How to Live with Statistics. Louis R. Mizell Jr. - WhoÆs Listening to Your Cell Phone Calls?. Jeanne McDowell - WhatÆs Wrong With This Picture?. Frank Pilipp and Charles Shull - TV Movies of the First Decade of AIDS. Philip Gourevich - What They Saw at the Holocaust Museum. Kimberly Crawford, J.D. - Surreptitious Recording of SuspectsÆ Conversations
7.Division and Classification: Separating into Parts and Rating Categories. Russell Baker - The Plot Against People (annotated). Mary Mebane - Black WasnÆt Beautiful. Judith Viorst - Friends, Good Friends--Such Good Friends. Martin Luther King Jr. - The Ways of Meeting Oppression. James Austin - Four Kinds of Chance. John Holt - Three Kinds of Discipline. Ann McClintock - Propaganda Techniques in TodayÆs Advertising. Northrop Frye - Our Three Languages. BlackÆs Law Dictionary - Homicide
8.Process: Explaining How Things Work and Giving Directions. Mortimer Adler - How to Mark a Book (annotated). Elizabeth Kolbert Birth of a TV Show: A Drama All Its Own. Armond D. Budish - Fender Bender DoÆs and DonÆtÆs. Marvin Harris - How Our Skins Got Their Color. Peter Elbow - Desperation Writing. Anne Weisbord - RTsumTs That Rate a Second Look. Eugene Raudsepp - Seeing Your Way Past Interview Jitters. Liz Grinslade - Evaluating a Job Opportunity. Charles N. Jamison Jr. - Why My Business Failed. Lucille Treganowan - Cleaning Battery Terminals
9.Cause and Effect: Determining Reasons and Predicting Results. Maya Angelou - Why Blacks Are Returning to Their Southern Roots (annotated). John Brooks - The Effects of the Telephone. John Taylor Gatto - Why Schools DonÆt Educate. Brent Staples - Black Men and Public Space. Alan Dershowitz - The ôAbuse Excuseö Is Detrimental to the Justice System. Leslie Abramson - The Abuse Defense Balances the Justice System. Jodi Jacobson - Swept Away. Jocelyn Tomkin - Hot Air. Thomas Jefferson, et. al. - The Declaration of Independence. Hewlett-Packard - Solving Printer Operation Problems
10.Argument and Persuasion: Influencing Readers. Scott Simon - Why Even Pacifists Support This War (annotated). Anna Quindlen - Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha. Carl Sagan - Why We Need to Understand Science. Nat Hentoff - Should This Student Have Been Expelled?. Manning Marable - An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Shelby Steel - A Childish Illusion. Armando Rendon - Kiss of Death. Barbara Ehrenreich - Cultural Baggage. Albert Einstein - Letter to President Roosevelt, August 2, 1939. The Irish American Partnership - Irish Need Apply.

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