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Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure

4.9 11
by Wil Wheaton

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Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog, including a production diary from my 2008 role in Criminal Minds, and excerpts from a collaborative fiction I took part in called Ficlets. As a bonus feature, it also includes the never-before-seen script to a sketch I wrote and performed at the ACME Comedy Theater. If you ever wanted


Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog, including a production diary from my 2008 role in Criminal Minds, and excerpts from a collaborative fiction I took part in called Ficlets. As a bonus feature, it also includes the never-before-seen script to a sketch I wrote and performed at the ACME Comedy Theater. If you ever wanted to know where to start with all my writing, Sunken Treasure is the book for you.

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Meet the Author

Wil Wheaton's successful acting career began in 1986 with acclaimed roles in Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers. He continued to build his resume through his teen years as series regular ‘Wesley Crusher’ on Star Trek: The Next Generation and opposite Robin Williams in Flubber. But Wil is much more than just an actor; he’s an author, blogger, voice actor, widely-followed original Twitter user, and a champion of geek culture. 

Wil currently splits his time between acting and writing.

As an author, he's published several acclaimed books, including: Just A Geek, Dancing Barefoot, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, and Memories of the Future Volume 1, a humorous and nostalgic episode guide of the first half of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. All of his books grew out of Wil’s immensely popular, award-winning weblog, which he created at WIL WHEATON dot NET and currently maintains at WIL WHEATON dot NET: in Exile.

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Sunken Treasure 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
name: Look up there please Age:14 Personality: her logic equals the amount of Chuck Norris in a lake. What? EXACTLY. Her view on life and things is a strange one and is philscopical at times. She makes strange assumptions at times. Quite weird. Pokemon:Dunsparce level 40, AN UBERTASTIC MAGIKARP LEVEL 100 (before u say Mary sue, remember its moves) Togekiss level 34. And a level 41 Primeape. Background:actually got lost in a forest fir 4 years when she was just 10 with a Magikarp which secretl have everstone genes injected in him. Lived eating plants and stuff. Tried to find a wy out and in the process became socially awkward.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:Mine ( as in Minecraft ) Nook freinds:Yyu Jonk Yin Yang X7,Poker pokey-mon,kittylover3000,tnt1000,dead,F U, and bac-utter Freinds:Jack,Camden,ect. Quotes: Mine is bored. Pika-pika! Story time! Team name:golden clan cats My player name:Kip Types:leader,Commander,captian,look out,bomber corp,look out and bomber corp,...part 3 at star wars res 15
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:MacKenzie- Age:its a age- Weigt/Heigh: has weight 5'11"- Pokemon:All of them- Looks: Black hair has green highlights blue eyes- Crush/Bf: its someone and no bf- Gender: Girl if u cant tell- Side Pokemons: Mew, Eva, Pikachu, -Level: 64-
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: My name is Jim .-. Jk it's Ryley. She doesn't reveal her last name ~&bull;~ Age: 16 ~&bull;~ Gender: I'm a fuc<_>king potato (Female XD) ~&bull;~ Height: 5'6 ~&bull;~ Weight: 100 ~&bull;~ Appearance: She has wavy gold hair with red highlights. She has green eyes. She wears a red and black tank top and jean shorts with black converse. She has slightly tan skin. ~&bull;~ Personality: Outgoing, cheerful, sarcastic, feirce, friendly ~&bull;~ Crush: Maybe, maybe not. Not gonna say xD ~&bull;~ Pokemon: At the moment, she has a Lucario, Shaymin, and Mewtwo as her main Pokemon. The others are at a Pokecenter. ~&bull;~ Powers: She has a Death Note, she knows a bit of Alchemy, she can read the minds and hearts of Pokemon. ~&bull;~ Likes: Screwing with the government by killing people with her Death Note ~&bull;~ Theme Song: Raise Your Glass by P!nk, Stereo Hearts by Maroon 5 ~&bull;~ Weapons: Her Death Note and a few daggers she keeps with her ~&bull;~ THAT'S IT YOU CAN CLICK THE [X] NOW XD!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
|&bull;|Name: you must be a old grandpa! |&bull;|Age: OVER 9000000!!! |&bull;|Level: 68 |&bull;|Gender: No classified gender, but you can use your IMAGINATION and think of it more as a male. |&bull;|Personality: Energenic, Lovable, sometimes hot-headed, and a great friend. |&bull;|Friends: Emma, Isobel, Wave, (etc) |&bull;|Crush/Mate: (if you are new, Keldeo used to have troubles with true love. Ever sense he met back with his trainer Lacey, Keldeo is back to his normal happy moods!) |&bull;|Trainer: Lacey |&bull;|Pokebuds: Rapidash, Flygon, Dewott, Gothitelle, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Chespin. |&bull;|History: Long story short.. but he doesnt mind if you ask. |&bull;|Likes: Sugar, Nice people, Sweets, fun, and games. |&bull;|Dislikes: hurtfull words, strange pokemon, and old candy. |&bull;|Other: Thats about it XD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: only someone stupid would not know Pokemon: a shiny charmander that he took in after his trainer abandoned it Friends: shinx, Flight, and Well History: Was born in petalberg town and always had a special connection with pokemon. When he was 9 he found a shiny charmander alone roaming the wooks. Sedrick decides ro befriend it. A couple weeks latter they are the best of friends. They fought together, ate together, and played together. And now Sedrick has 6 badges.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: really. You actully had to look here.hah! Speceis: uknown. Possbly ditto that favires copying dark types Age: uknown Iformaton: surprisingly almost nothing is known about him. But what is know is that he lives in a hollowed out tree after is tranier was killed in a forest fire. Also he wears a blood red cape.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh. Also add that he is now a houndoom.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NAME <br> My name... is Bob. Oh come on. The name's Onyx Tyler. <p> AGE <br> Go eat a sock. I'm 13. <p> GENDER <br> I am a flipping wall. Go chillax and eat a banana. I am female. <p> APPEARANCE <br> Longish, choppily cut dark brown hair and green eyes with gold flecks. <p> POKEMON <br> She always has an unnaturaly electric blue and neon green Skitty on her shoulder, which hides an Everstone, crushed into a powder, among her fur. Her team, currently, consists of Samuratt(lv. 72), Tranquill(lv. 37), Herdier(lv. 26), Munna(lv. 25), Excadrill(lv. 43), and Umbreon(lv. 58). The rest are in Someone's PC. <p> GYM BADGES AND SUCH <br> I currently live in Mistralsion City, and I have 5 gym badges. <p> OTHER <br> Ask. It'll be fine. No. Jk. Go stick your head in a hole.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Seriously? What kind of stupid person would not know my name? Just look at the title.<br> <p>Age: Less than 20.<br> <p>Gender: Male.<br> <p>Height: About average.<br> <p>Weight: Sak me that question again and I will murder you.<br> <p>Gf/Crush: I have no gf. Crush, maybe.<br> <p>Friends: Too long to list. I will list a few of them.Pikachu, Katie, Samuratt, Flight, Shadow, Shinx, Isobel, and Zedmon.<br> <p>Pokemon: Almost all of them except for a few legendaries.<br> <p>Peraonality: Annoying, clever, nice, and sometimes silly. <p>History: Ask me. I doubt I will tell you.<br> <p>Other: I have been in this rp for about three months. I can control fire and I have psychic powers like the psychic gym, Sabrina. (That means that i can control things using only my mind.) I collect Shiny Pokemon. If I breed a Shiny Pokemon that l already have, l might give it away for free. I have a machine gun that can morph into a sword.I reserve it for people who mess with me or my stuff. The sword will incinerate whoever touches it except for people that can control fire. It will just act like a regular sword for people who cannot control fire. The machine gun has bullets that go fast enough to rip you in half and incinerate you if you are cannot control fire. It will not incinerate you if you can control fire, but will still rip you in half. If you don't get that, let me put it in the short version. IT WILL KILL YOU. If l post five stars, that means that l am feeling awesome. Four stars mean that l am feeling great. Three stars mean that l am feeling okay and a little annoyed. Two stars mean that I am feeling pretty annoyed. One star means that l am feeling super annoyed and super angry. That is usually the point when l start typing in capital letters to represent that I am shouting.<br> <p>Hates: Fang(Made fun of me), Purugly(Too ugly), and Magicarp(Too weak though I like Gyrados).<br> <p>That is it for now, stalkers. Now you can leave. LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is at uxie 2 result. Only add that im really a wandering spirit and am 5,046 years old and always wear a sword just in case.