Sunrise with a Notorious Lord (Lords of Vice Series #4)

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord (Lords of Vice Series #4)

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by Alexandra Hawkins

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Dashing, decadent, and deliciously seductive, the notorious Lords of Vice indulge their every desire—from dusk until dawn…


Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright—known around London as “Vane”—is the very picture of a rich, handsome ladies’ man. Why shackle

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Dashing, decadent, and deliciously seductive, the notorious Lords of Vice indulge their every desire—from dusk until dawn…


Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright—known around London as “Vane”—is the very picture of a rich, handsome ladies’ man. Why shackle himself to just one lady when he’s free to sample them all? In spite of his own mother’s attempts at matchmaking, Vane has sworn to stay single. Until he has a chance run-in with Miss Isabel Thorne…


A modest and refined beauty, Isabel is a lot more brazen than she appears. When a pickpocket tries to make away with Vane’s bejeweled snuffbox, Isabel attempts to thwart his escape…and manages to steal Vane’s heart. But the harder he tries to seduce the sharp-tongued, strong-willed Isabel, the more she resists. Now it’s up to this tried-and-true bachelor to find a new way to play the game…or risk losing the one woman who’s ever captured his heart.

“Romantic and erotic…the Lords of Vice series is hot enough to curl your toes!”
—Celeste Bradley, New York Times bestselling author

“Sizzling, smart, and sophisticated.”
—Gaelen Foley, New York Times bestselling author

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Publishers Weekly
Hawkins’s fourth Lord of Vice Regency romance (after After Dark with a Scoundrel) is a lighthearted and familiar story of lovely and impoverished sisters seeking their fortune. When Lady Netherley meets Isabel and Delia Thorne, she sees them as a way to trick her wild son into marriage. Dutifully, Isabel helps throw Delia and the earl of Vanewright together, hoping her sister can make a match that would benefit the family financially, with only a few wistful thoughts for her own prospects. Of course Vanewright is attracted to serious Isabel instead of saucy Delia, and Isabel tosses caution to the wind for one night of passion. But Lady Netherley had Isabel in mind for her son all along, and Vanewright is furious to learn he’s been set up. Plot developments are telegraphed well in advance, but Regency fans will enjoy the bold heroine and rakish hero. (Jan.)

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Chapter One

January 28, 1823

“Never has God created a more devious creature,” Christopher Avery Courtland, Earl of Vanewright, declared as he walked the vale of Blackmoor one early morning in January with his friends, the Marquess of Sainthill and the Duke of Huntsley, as they hunted hare. Cold and hungry, the earl, who was often acknowledged by the abbreviated version of his title, wished they had taken their horses on the trail hunt.
Squinting at the pack of baying harriers on the horizon, the duke spared a glance at Vane. “What are you muttering on about?”
Huntsley, or simply Hunter to his friends, was aptly named. He excelled at sports whether they involved pursuing game on the frost-crusted low-lying meadow or more challenging quarry, the ladies of the ton. Perhaps it was because his days as a free man were numbered. Though he rarely spoke of it unless he was deeply in his cups, his wily grandmother had betrothed her twelve-year-old grandson to a young girl barely out of her swaddling clothes to increase the family’s landholdings.
Now that his own mother, the Marchioness of Netherley, had decided it was time for her surviving son to marry, Vane had nothing but sympathy for his friend.
Simon Wyndham Jefferes, Marquess of Sainthill, or Saint, on the other hand, did not possess the temperament or patience that his nickname implied. Having severed his ties to his family in his youth, the twenty-nine-year-old marquess lived only for himself. It was an enviable position, to be certain, when Vane could not seem to prevent his own family from meddling in his life.
“Likely his new mistress,” Saint said, the butt of his double-barreled gun nestled in the crook of his arm.
“No, have you not been paying attention for the past hour? I am speaking of my mother,” Vane said, scowling at Saint. “She is determined to ruin my stay in London this season. I feel it like a damp chill in my bones.”
Hunter looked askance at Saint. “Care to wager on it?”
Saint’s gaze sharpened with interest. “Will a hundred pounds suffice?”
“Two hundred,” Hunter countered.
Irritated—it was on the tip of his tongue to increase the wager to five hundred pounds—Vane kicked Saint in the calf, causing him to stumble. Hunter, regrettably, was too far away to punch. “Have some respect, gents! This is my cursed future both of you are discussing with such disrespect. Not that either one of you seems to care. If my mother gets her way, I shall be wed by summer.”
Hunter dismissed Vane’s accusation with a casual wave of his hand. “Your charming seventy-two-year-old mother has been determined to see you leg-shackled for the past two years. Nothing has come of it.”
“You have deftly avoided all her elegant snares,” Saint pointed out. “You will best your dear mother again.” To Hunter, he added, “And I am willing to wager three hundred pounds on our dear friend’s victory.”
Hunter’s brows came together as he mulled over Saint’s terms. “A reckless wager, to be certain. However, I’ll accept.” He sent Vane an apologetic look. “No disrespect to you, of course.”
“Of course.” Vane took no offense at the wager. The Lords of Vice—as he and his six friends had been dubbed by the ton—thrived on outrageous bets and impossible odds.
Hunter must have been feeling slightly guilty for not siding with his friend. His gait slowed as he added, “Cynical as I may be of Lady Netherley’s triumph, it would be rude not to offer the dear woman my support.”
Vane gave the two men a morose glance. “Both of you are underestimating my mother. Two failed seasons in London have made her desperate. As far as she is concerned, I am as unmarriageable as a toothless spinster without a penny to her name.”
Hunter and Saint chuckled at Vane’s absurd comparison.
“Never yield to a woman, my friend,” Hunter advised. “It’s an indisputable fact that they are ruthless if they believe they have the upper hand.”

Copyright © 2012 by Alexandra Hawkins

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