Sunshine House 2008

Sunshine House 2008


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Disc 1

  1. Fiesta
  2. Keep on Rising  - Ian Carey
  3. You Wanna
  4. Don't Walk Away
  5. Danz (Devotion)  -  Syke 'N' Sugarstarr
  6. Happiness  - Sound De-Zign
  7. Teardrops  -  Whelan & Di Scala
  8. You Don't Know
  9. I See You Watching
  10. You Got Me
  11. Fallin'  -  Dirty High
  12. Follow Me
  13. Love Has Gone  - Red Roche

Disc 2

  1. Falling  -  Spit
  2. Brothers & Sisters
  3. Love 4 Love  - Claudio DiCarlo
  4. Here I Am  -  Da Funk
  5. Virginia  - Jon Silva
  6. Amazing  -  Litl'N
  7. Brazilian Soul
  8. Her Solar Soul
  9. Globus  - Sans Souci
  10. Metamorphose  -  Kono
  11. Busted
  12. Baby Wants to Ride
  13. Windrose

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Andy Blake   Composer
StoneBridge   Composer
Michelle Weeks   Composer
Robin Albers   Composer
Peter Hoff   Composer
Jon Silva   Composer
Tony Burnside   Composer
Jens Kindervater   Composer
Tune Brothers   Composer
Per QX   Composer
James Winchester   Composer
Shena McSween   Composer
Serhat Sakin   Composer
Arjan Rietvink   Composer
Mario Held   Composer
DJ Falk   Composer
Hal Ritson   Composer
Nik Denton   Composer
Aston Martinez   Composer
Alexandra Prince   Composer
Sunloverz   Composer
Patric LaFunk   Composer
Julien Diamond   Composer
IttyBitty   Composer
Matthias "Sugarstarr" Weber   Composer
Brazilian Soul Crew   Composer
Maurizio Stellato   Composer
Lorenzo Scaperrotta   Composer
Marta Argenio   Composer

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