Super Bowl Chronicles: A Sportswriter Reflects on the First 25 Years of America's Game

Super Bowl Chronicles: A Sportswriter Reflects on the First 25 Years of America's Game

by Jerry Green

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This work by a Detroit News sportswriter is no romanticized look at pro football's biggest event. At the outset Green stresses that the contest is ``seldom a very good football game'' and labels it ``an annual slopfest in the dungeon of excess.'' But the author's interest is less in the game, the strategies of offense and defense, and the memorable plays (few though they may have been) than in the people involved. They include players like Joe Namath, who thumbed his nose at spectators by retiring to his hotel room with two women, and managers like Chuck Noll, shown responding copiously to questions from brainless sports reporters. Green also makes some observations on the price-gouging that every host city of the Super Bowl considers its prerogative. The book is so richly anecdotal that even non-fans will enjoy it. Photos not seen by PW. (Oct.)
Library Journal
Veteran football journalist Green offers this enjoyable book about his experiences in reporting the National Football League's (NFL) 24 Super Bowls. One of only a handful of sportswriters who have covered every Super Bowl, Green's reminiscences are chock-full of NFL lore and amusing anecdotes. Keeping play-action coverage and the usual antibroadcast rantings to a minimum, Green concentrates on behind-the-scenes stories of confrontations and camaraderie, unique glimpses of football's greats, and a smattering of NFL history. While he acknowledges the Super Bowl's tendency to be less-than-exciting competition, Green's fast-paced, articulate writing and infectious love of the game make this book a treat to read. It should appeal to both diehard football fans and any casual fan seeking a Cliff Notes -like version of the past 24 years of football history. Recommended.-- John Turner , New York

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