Superconductivity: The New Alchemy

Superconductivity: The New Alchemy

by John Langone

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Conventional scientific wisdom on superconductivity is said to apply only so far as it relates to metallic, low-temperature conductors. The new high-temperature superconductors--the ceramics--have raised fresh questions and de-mand different approaches. How this is being done and its impact in the coming decades is explained by Langone in a reasonably nontechnical fashion, similar to Jonathan Mayo's Superconductivity and Robert Hazen's The Breakthrough (both in LJ 9/1/88). This book explores all the fascinating possibilities about superconductivity. A final, thoughtful chapter entitled ``Japan vs. America'' has policy implications. Recommended for academic and large public libraries.-- Sarojini Balachandran, Auburn Univ. Libs., Ala.

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