Supplemental Proceedings: Materials Processing and Energy Materials / Edition 1

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Materials science and engineering professionals from around the world gathered at the TMS 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibition to network, present the latest research and industrial applications, and collaborate on ways to further innovation and advancement in the field. The meeting featured more than 70 symposia and some 3,000 presentations. The Supplemental TMS 2011 Proceedings collect some of the most important papers presented at the meeting, giving readers the opportunity to benefit from the latest discoveries in mineral, metals, and materials research. Topics cover everything from minerals processing and primary metals production to basic research and advanced materials applications. Moreover, you'll learn about the latest research efforts within the industry to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly products and processes.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781118029459
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication date: 3/8/2011
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 772
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 1.50 (d)

Table of Contents

Supplemental Proceedings: Volume I: Materials Processing andEnergy Materials.

Advances in Science-Based Processing of Superalloys for Costand Sustainment.

Processing Advancements via Modeling and Simulation.

Numerical Simulation of Directional Solidification of TurbineBlade by LMC Process (N. Tang, Q. Xu, and B. Liu).

Residual Stress and NDE Technologies for Components.

Nondestructive Evaluation of Microstructure in Super Alloy DiskMaterial (J. Blackshire, E. Medina, andJ. Na).

Battery Recycling.

Session I.

Role of Recycling in the Life Cycle of Batteries (J.Sullivan, L. Gaines, and A. Bumham).

A Preliminary Investigation for Spent LIBs Recycling (M Chen,F. Zhang, andJ. Zhu).

Challenges in Mechanical Performances of Materials in NextGeneration Nuclear Power Plants.

Session II.

Nitride-strengthened Reduced Activation Martensitic Steels(Y. Shan, P. Hu, W. Y an, W. Wang, W. Sha, and K. Yang).

Inclusion Initiated Cleavage Fracture in a Nitride-StrengthenedReduced Activation Martensitic Steel (W. Y an, W. Wang, P. Hu,L. Deng, Y. Shan, and K. Yang).

Characterization of Nuclear Reactor Materials and Componentswith Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation.

Irradiated Materials and Technique Development.

Characterization of Radioactive Materials using the MARSBeamline at the Synchrotron SOLEIL (B. Sitaud, P. Solari, S.Schlutig, and H. Hermange).

Coatings for Structural, Biological, and ElectronicApplications II

Process-Property-Performance Correlations - 1; MetallicCoatings.

Improving High Temperature Performance of Aluminum Foams byNickel Coating (Z Cao, H. Liu, Y. Liu, andG. Yao).

Studies on Ni-Ti Thin Films Deposited by Bias Assisted MagnetronSputtering (B. Priyadarshini, S. A ich, and M.Chakraborty).

Process-Propertv-Performance Correlatio.ns - II; Metallic,Semiconducting and Insulating Coatings.

The Development of a Non-Destructive Multiple Partial UnloadingMicro-Indentation Technique for Thermal Barrier Coating SpallationPrediction )J. Tannenbaum, K. Lee, B. Kang, and M.Alvin).

Effect of the Duty Cycle on the Microstructural, Mechanical andTribological Properties of TiN Layers Deposited by PACVD (M.Mahdipoor, M. Montazeri, M. Soltanie, F. Mahboubi, M. Habibi, andS.Ahangarani).

The Influence of Pre-treatment Plasma Nitriding on TribologicalProperties of TiN Coatings Produced by PACVD (M. Mahdipoor, F.Mahboubi, M. Raoufi, H. Elmkhah, andM. Habibi).

The Effects of Annealing and Si Content on the Charge-dischargeCharacteristics of Al-Si Thin Film with Pre-deposited Al Layer(C. Wu, F. Hung, T. Lui, and L. Chen).

Metallic, Semiconducting, Insulating Coatings -Applications.

Effect of Gas Ambient on the Synthesis of Al and N Co-doped ZnO:(A1,N) Films and their Influence on PEC Response forPhotoelectrochemical Water Splitting Application (S. Shet, L.Chen, H. Tang, T. Deutsch, H Wang, N. Ravindra, Y. Y an, J. Turner,andM. Al-Jassim).

NanoStructured Zinc Oxide Coatings Developed via SolutionPrecursor Plasma Spray Technique (R. Tummala, R. Guduru, and P.Mohanty).

Spin Coated Er2O3-SiO2 Films onSilicon Substrates(S. Abedrabbo, B. Lahlouh, A. Fiory, and N.Ravindra).

Magnetic Material Interactions for the Method of Magnetic FieldDirected Assembly (R. Rivero, M. Booty, A. Fiory, andN.Ravindra).

Flame Spray Deposition of Composite Titanium Alloy and BioactiveGlass Coatings (G. Nelson, A. McDonald, andJ. Nychka).

Influence of Substrate Temperature on the PhotoelectrochemicalResponses of GaandN Co-doped ZnO Films (S. Shet, H. Wang, N.Rovinar a, Y. Y an, J. Turner, and M. Al-Jassim).

Electrometallurgy Fundamentals and Applications.

Session I.

Preparation of TiFe Alloy by Electrolysis in Molten Salt (H.Meilong, B. Chenguang, S. Ruimeng, L. Xuewei, and L.Xuyang).

Recapturing Metals from Electrocoagulation Floe (J. Gomes, M.Islam, P. Bernazzani, G. Irwin, D. Rutman, D. Coche, and M.Islam).

Mechanism of Antimony Deposition in Alkaline Solution ContainingXylitol (W. Liu, T. Yang, andQ. Zhou).

Preparation of Ti-Al Intermetallic by Electrolytic Reductionfrom TiO2 and Al2O3(C. Yang, D.Jihong, and Z. Xi).

Hydrogen Storage in Materials: Theory and Experiment.

Session I.

Mg-based Nanocomposites for Room Temperature Hydrogen Storage(M. Jurczyk, M. Nowak, L. Smardz, and A. Szajek).

Session II.

Production and Characterization of Supported Transition MetalNanoparticles on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized byGamma Irradiation and Chemical Process (J. Rojas, andC.Castano).

Hydrometallurgy Fundamentals and Applications.

Session I.

Enhanced Pressure Dissolution of Enargite Using Pyrite orFerrous Sulfate (M. Ruiz, O. Jerez, J. Rétamai, and R.Padilla).

Model and Simulation of Ion Exchange of Antimony (G.Cifuentes, J. Simpson, C. Zuniga, L. Briones, and A.Morales).

Analysis of the Adsorption of Gold and Silver on MagneticSpecies Formed in the Electrocoagulation Process (J. Parga, J.Valenzuela, and V. Vazquez).

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage by Electrodialysis (D. Buzzi,L. Viegas, F. Silvas, M. Rodrigues, I. Schneider, A. Bernardes, D.Espinosa, andJ. Tenario).

Session II.

Investigations on the Mechanism of Acid Leaching ofAlkali-activated Ilmenite Concentrate and Titanium-rich Slag (Q.Xu, Y. Fu, J. Jin, J. Du, and L. Sun).

Kinetics Study of Alkaline Decomposition of Rubidium Jarosite inCa(OH)2 Media(E. Cerecedo, E. Salinas, L. Longoria,F. Carrillo, andJ. Hernandez).

Leaching of Gold in Acid Thiourea-thiocyanate Solutions usingFerric Sulfate as Oxidant (X. Yang, X. Shi, H. Xu, M. Moats, J.Miller, X, Xiao, andL. Ma).

Modeling of Cobalt and Nickel Extraction by Solvent Extractionin Sulfate Media with D2EHPA in Isoparaffin (17/21) (C. SousaJunior, M. Nascimento, I. Masson, and O. Cunha).

Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications.

Magnetocaloric Materials.

Magnetocaloric Study of Mechanically Alloyed LaFeSi (M.Phejar, L. Bessais, and V. Paul-Boncour).

Room Temperature Magneto-caloric Effect in Fe SubstitutedNi-Mn-Sn Alloy (R. Das, A. Perumal, and A. Srinivasan).

Influence of Heat Treatment on the Structure and MagneticProperties of Gd5Sn4 Alloy for Magnetic Refrigeration (X.Zhong, H. Zhang, M. Zou, Z. Liu, D. Zeng, K. Gschneidner, and V.Pecharsky).

Soft Magnetic Materials.

Recent Advances in Non-oriented Electrical Steel for EV/HEVTraction Motor (I. Tanaka, and H. Yashiki).

Effect of Different Annealing Methods on Structure and Textureof Primary Recrystallization of Grain-oriented Silicon Steel (L.Li, L. Liu, X. Wu, W. Shi, and Q. Zhai).

Fabrication of High Performance Fe-Si-Al Soft MagneticComposites (J. You, Q. Li, andK. Qiu).

Nanocrystalline and Nanocomposite Nd-Fe-B.


Development of High Coercivity Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets (M.Komuro, Y. Satsu, H. Suzuki, A. Nambu, K. Veda, A.Sugawara, andH. Matsuoka).

Effects of Cu Addition on Microstructures and MagneticProperties of Nd-Fe(Co,Cu)-B Nanocomposite Magnets (J. You, K.Qiu, Y. Ren, and F. Lian).

Other Magnets.

Hard Magnetic PrCo3 Structural and Magnetic Properties (L.Bessais, K. Younsi, V. Russier, andJ. Crivello).

Magnetic Hardening of Nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Mo Synthesized byMechanical Alloying (L. Bessais, S. Khazzan, N. Mliki, and G.Van Tendeloo).

Requirements of Magnetic Materials forCurrent Technological Applications.

Industrial Requirements and Applications of Hard MagneticMaterials (J. Liu).

Magnetostrictive Materials.

Magnetostrictive Behavior of Fe-W Alloy Single Crystals (GGarside, C. Ren, B. Saha, M. Ramanathan, andS. Guruswamy).

Investigation of D03 and B2 Type Ordering in QuenchedMagnetostrictive Fe-27.5 at.%Ga Alloy Single Crystals (C. Ren,G. Garside, B. Saha, M. Ramanathan, andS. Guruswamy).

Influence of Plastic Deformation on the MagnetostrictiveBehavior of [001]-oriented Fe-Ga Alloy Single Crystals (B. Saha,G. Garside, M. Ramanathan, C. Ren, and S. Guruswamy).

Materials in Clean Power Systems VI: Clean Coal-, HydrogenBased-Technologies, and Fuel Cells.

Materials for Gasification and Tubines II.

An Investigation on Hot Corrosion Resistance of Plasma SprayedYSZ-Ceria TBC in Na2S04+V205 at 1050°C (M Saremi, andM. Habibi).

SOFC I - Interconnects.

Development of A New Alloy for SOFC Interconnects (N. Yasuda,T. Uehara, S. Tanaka, andK. Yamamura).

Electrodeposited Metal Ni Coating on Ferritic Stainless Steelfor Intermediate Temperature SOFC Interconnect Application (S. Geng, and F. Wang).


Investigationof 5 Mol% YSZ Electrolyte for SOFC (N. Duygulu,and A. Ekerim).

Membranes and Materials for Renewable Energies.

Electrodeposition of ZnO Nanocrystallines on ITO MesoporousFilms and Application to Photoelectrochemical Cells (H. Chen, L.Zhu, W. Li, and H. Liu).

Optimization of the Concentrated V(IV)/V(V) Electrolytes in aVanadium Redox Battery (F. Shi, H. Lu, Y. Yuan, and Z.Jingha).

Processing and Properties of Powder-Based Materials.

Sintering Science and Technology.

Process Simulation of Cold Pressing and Sintering of ArmstrongCP-Ti Powders (S. Gorti, A. Sabau, W. Peter, S. Nunn, Y.Yamamoto, and W. Chen).

Effect of Particle Size Particle Surface Modification PressingPressure and Sintering Temperature on Microstructure and MechanicalProperties P/M Al-B4C Composites (F. Toptan, I. Kerti, S.Daglilar, A. Sagin, and T. Hacioglu).

Effect of HCl Concentration on ZrB2 Separation from aSelf-propagating Hightemperature Synthesis (SHS) Product (B.Akkas, M. Alkan, B. Der in, and O. Yucel).

Current-Activated and Conventional Sintering.

Characteristics of TiN/Fe Cermet Fabricated by MechanicalMilling and Pulse Current Sintering (H. Nakayama, K. Kobayashi,andK. Kikuchi).

Powder Fabrication and Processing.

Comparative Study of Production of Boron Carbide Powder by:Resistance Furnace and Arc Furnace (H. Amini Rastabi, and A.Karimi Dehcheshmeh).

Prediction and Control of Nucleation Kinetics of Mono-SizedSpherical Copper Droplets (M. I slier, and T. Ando).

Microstructural Investigation of D2 Tool Steel during RapidSolidification using Impulse Atomization (P. Delshad Khatibi, A.Ilbagi, andH. Henein).

Synthesis of Silver Plating Nano-copper Bimetallic Powders(W. Liu, and Q. Zhou).

Powder and Laser Processing.

Effect of Heat Diffusion in Interparticle Micro-Welding for 3-DParticle Assembly (K. Takagi, K. Ozaki, andK.Kobayashi).

Characterization of Al-Ni Composites Produced by UltrasonicPowder Consolidation (D. Erdeniz, and T. Ando).

Comparison of the Effect of Particle Size on the CompressiveStrength of Sintered Wollastonite - and Chemically BondedPhosphate-Ceramics (H. Colorado, J. Juanri, C. Hiel, H. Hahn,andJ. Yang).

Laser Cladding of Functional Coatings for BiomedicaiApplications (S. Wang, andL.Xue).

Mechanical Alloying/Milling, Reactions andConsolidation.

Investigation of Mechanical Alloying Process Parameters onFe-Mn-Si Based System (A. Söyler, B. Özkal, and L.Bujoreanu).

Investigation of Solid State Reaction Mechanism for SodiumMetaborate (NaBO2) Production(A. Kantiirk Figen, H.Ergüven, andS. Piskin).

Properties, Processing, and Performance of Steels andNi-Based Alloys for Advanced Steam Conditions.

Mechanical Behavior and Physical Metallurgy.

A Study on Constitutive Model for Alloy IC10 (H. Zhang, W.Wen, and H. Cui).

Refractory Metals 2011.

Refractory Metal-Based Alloys.

High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Co-Re-Cr-based Alloys(B. Gorr, S. Burk, and H. Christ).

Characterization of Osmium-Ruthenium Thin Films for CathodeCoatings (P. Swartzentruber, T. Balk, andS. Roberts).

Tungsten-Based Alloys.

WC(100) Surface and Co/WC(100) Interface: Spin-Polarized ABInitio Study (V. Zavodinsk).

Refractory Metal-Based Composites I.

Oxidation Performance of Mo-Si-B Alloys: Implications throughAlloying and Pre-Treatment (S. Burk, B. Gorr, and H.Christ).

Refractory Metal-Based Composites II.

Microwave Sintering of Nb/Nb5Si3 Composite Material (Y.Liu, H. Lu, andJ. Dai).

Silicon Production, Purification and Recycling forPhotovoltaic Cells.

Session I.

Polysilicon in Photovoltaics: Market Conditions & CompetingPV Technologies (D. Lynch, B. Codiavo, M. Marquez, A. Amooali,A. Shroads, S. De Vaile, R. Manygoats, and C Munich).

Preparation of Polysilicon by the Reaction of Zinc and SiliconTetra-chloride (T. Zhang, H. Lu, andJ. Xu).

Macrosegregation of Impurities during Solidification ofMetallurgical Grade Silicon in a Vertical Bridgman Furnace (M.Martorano, J. Ferreira Neto, T, Oliveira, and T. Tsubaki).

Removal of Inclusions from Solar Grade Silicon UsingElectromagnetic Field (A. Dong, L. Damoah, and L.Zhang).

Effect of Solidification Conditions on Si Growth from Si-CuMelts (Y. Ohshima, T. Yoshikawa, and K. Morita).

Session II.

Review of Developments in Production of Silicon forPhotovoltaics (D. Lynch, W. Ben, X. Ji, F. Jiang, A. Salce, E.Morey, and Y. Jiao).

Preparation of High Purity Silicon by Electrolysis-VacuumDistillation (J. Li, M. Zhang, Z. Zhang, and Y. Wang).

The Rate of Boron Elimination from Molten Silicon by Slag andCl2 gas Treatment(H. Nishimoto, and K.Morita).

Silicon Surface Texturing by Electro-Deoxidation of a ThinSilica Layer in Molten Salt (E. Juzeliunas, A. Cox, and D.Fray).

Solid Oxide Membrane Process for Solar Grade Silicon ProductionDirectly from Silicon Dioxide (A. Roan, S. Pati, S. Basu, and U.Pal).

Silicon Electrodeposition Process in Molten Fluorides (A.Bieber, L. Massot, L. Cassayre, P. Chamelot, M. Gibilaro, and P.Taxil).

Ultrasonic Welding for Lightweight Components.

Session I.

Mechanisms of Joint Formation in Ultrasonic Spot WeldingAluminium Automotive Sheet (P. Prangnell, D. Bakavos, and Y.Chen).

Ultrasonic Welding of Hybrid Aluminum/CFRP-Joints:Microstructure, Monotonie Properties and Fatigue Behavior (S.Huxhold, F. Balle, G. Wagner, andD. Eifler).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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