Surfactants in Solution / Edition 1

Surfactants in Solution / Edition 1

by K.L. Mittal

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ISBN-10: 0306414856

ISBN-13: 9780306414855

Pub. Date: 02/24/1999

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Phase Behavior and Phase Equilibria in Surfactant Solutions.- Principles of Phase Equilibria in Surfactant — Water Systems.- On the Phase Behavior of Systems of the Type H2O — Oil — Nonionic Surfactant — Electrolyte.- Phase Equilibria in and Lattice Models for Nonionic Surfactant-Water Mixtures.- Amphiphilic Aggregates in a Lyotropic Nematic Phase.- Liquid Crystalline Structures Occurring in Aqueous Systems of a Totally Fluorinated Fatty Acid and Some of its Salts.- Water 2H anD 17O NMR in Dodecylammonium Chloride/D2O Lyotropic Mesophases.- The Interaction Between Water and Ethylene Oxide Groups in Oligo (Ethylene Glycol) Dodecyl Ethers as Studied by 2H NMR in Liquid Crystalline Phases.- Surfactant Alkyl Chain Mobility and Order in Micelles and Micro-Emulsions.- Thermodynamics of Partially Miscible Micelles and Liquid Crystals.- 31P and 2H NMR Studies of Phase Equilibria in the Three Component System: Monoolein-Dioleoylphosphatidylcholine.- Micelle Formation and Phase Equilibria of Surface Active Components of Wood.- Fluid Microstructures of Sodium 4-(1’-Heptylnonyl)Benzenesulfonate Mixtures.- Phase Structures and Phase Diagrams of Some Surfactant Systems with Divalent Counterions: Effect of Ca2+ and Mg2+ Counterions on the Stability of Liquid Crystalline Phases.- A New Optically Isotropic Phase in the Dilute Region of the Sodium Octanoate — Decanol — Water System.- NMR and Polarized Emission Studies of Cubic Phases and Model Membranes.- The Use of Freeze-Fracture and Freeze-Etching Electron Microscopy for Phase Analysis and Structure Determination of Lipid Systems.- The Structure of Plasma Lipoproteins: Evaluation by X-Ray and Neutron Small-Angle Scattering.- Structure, Dynamics and Characterization of Micelles.- The Packing of Amphiphile Chains in Micelles and Bilayers.- Molecular Organization in Amphiphilic Aggregates.- The Nature of the Surfactant-Block Model of Micelle Structure.- Structure in Micellar Solutions: a Monte Carlo Study.- Multi-Method Characterization of Micelles.- Tracer Self-Diffusion Studies of Surfactant Association.- An Introduction to Neutron Scattering on Surfactant Micelles in Water.- Light Scattering and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Investigations of Double-Tailed Surfactants in Aqueous Solutions.- Viscoelastic Detergent Solutions.- The Effect of Intermicellar Interactions on Interpretations of Micellar Diffusivities by Dynamic Light Scattering.- Laser-Light Scattering Study of Nonionic Micelles in Aqueous Solution.- Light Scattering from Concentrated Solutions of Sodium Octanoate Micelles.- NMR and ESR Studies of Dibutylphosphate Micellar Aggregates.- Conformational Change of Surfactants Due to Association; Raman Scattering and Carbon-13 NMR Studies.- An NMR Study of Paramagnetic Relaxation Induced in Octanoate Micelles by Divalent Ions.- ESR Study of Spin Labels in Surfactant Micelles.- Spin Label Study of Molecular Aggregates.- Micellar Structure and Water Penetration Studied by NMR and Optical Spectroscopy.- Solubilization and Water Penetration into Micelles and Other Organized Assemblies as Indicated by Phohemical Studies1.- Critique of Water Penetration Studies in Micelles Using Extrinsic Probes.- The Size of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Micelles with Various Additives: a Fluorescence Quenching Study.- Fluorescence Quenching Aggregation Numbers in a Non-Ionic Micelle Solution.- Fluorescence Quenching Equilibria Studies in Ionic Micelles in Aqueous Media.- Fluorescence Quenching in Micellar Systems.- FT-IR Studies of Aqueous Surfactants: the Temperature Induced Micelle Formation.- Erratum.- Erratum to: The Use of Freeze-Fracture and Freeze-Etching Electron Microscopy for Phase Analysis and Structure Determination of Lipid Systems.

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