Surgical Oncology : Fundamentals, Evidence-Based Approaches and New Technologies

Surgical Oncology : Fundamentals, Evidence-Based Approaches and New Technologies

by David L. Bartlett

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Reviewer: James J Mezhir, MD (University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics)
Description: This is an up-to-date, modern reference on surgical oncology with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and new technology.
Purpose: Reflecting the changes in the field, this book incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer patients. The book meets the authors' objectives with a creative philosophy of "meiporul kaanbatharivu" which translates to "seeking the sterling truth is the hallmark of knowledge."
Audience: This would be helpful for medical students, residents, and surgeons who need a reference for the evidence-based approach and new technology in the practice of surgical oncology.
Features: The book presents a very nice review of the levels of evidence for the data in each tumor type. It is organized by tumor type, which is common and appropriate for this type of book. The data that support modern evidence-based practices and novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are discussed and highlighted. What is best about this book is that it starts from the ground up with a review of basic and molecular science and leads into clinical care. Staging, evidence-based treatment, and outcomes are all discussed for each tumor type. The artwork is fantastic, with color figures and carefully done graphs. Lots of medical images are nicely incorporated. As with any textbook, the references lag a year or two behind by, but the primary and historic references are there.
Assessment: This is a good-quality book that will be useful for medical students and residents or perhaps private practice physicians. It may be a little behind for fellowship-trained surgical oncologists, but they may find it useful as a comprehensive resource on their shelf.

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