Surrendering To Her Sergeant -- A WILD Boys of Special Forces Novel

Surrendering To Her Sergeant -- A WILD Boys of Special Forces Novel

4.4 7
by Angel Payne
For fans of powerful military romance, hot romantic suspense, and stories featuring hot alpha men, and the women who love them! Welcome to the world of the WILD Boys of Special Forces.

READING ORDER for the WILD Boys of Special Forces Series: Suggested but not required. Every story stands on its own.

1: SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE (Garrett and Sage)


For fans of powerful military romance, hot romantic suspense, and stories featuring hot alpha men, and the women who love them! Welcome to the world of the WILD Boys of Special Forces.

READING ORDER for the WILD Boys of Special Forces Series: Suggested but not required. Every story stands on its own.

1: SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE (Garrett and Sage)

2: HANDCUFFED BY HER HERO (Zeke and Rayna)


4: A WILDER WONDERLAND (Winter special--4 mini stories plus set-up for book 5)

5: WET FOR HER WARRIORS (Kellan, Tait, and Lani)

6: HOT FOR HIS HOSTAGE (Shay and Zoe)

7: A WILDER KIND OF LOVE (Dan and Tess)

8: MASTERED BY THE MAVERICKS (Rhett, Rebel, and Brynn)

9: WILD CARD (Sam and Jenny)

10: READY FOR THEIR RULE (John Franzen's story) - February 2017

The bestselling romance series by rising star Angel Payne continues with the story of Ethan Archer and Ava Chestain, set against the glamorous world of Hollywood glamour...

Ethan Archer has just earned his sergeant's stripes, and the guys on his Special Forces team decide that a trip to the sexy fun and sun of LA is a perfect way to celebrate. Ethan has other motives for agreeing to the vacation. He can't forget a magical hour--and a hot kiss--in a North Cascades forest last winter, shared with an indigo-eyed goddess named Ava Chestain, who now calls LA her home.

Ava is a stylist for Bella Lanza, star of the hit nighttime drama "Dress Blues." When Ethan and his buddies finagle a visit to the set, his passionate reunion with Ava melts the months away--but their time is cut short by Bella, who's determined to rekindle her own naughty past with Ethan. His efforts to push Bella off are thwarted when the unit is called to secretly cut their vacation short in the name of assisting the CIA on a terrorist plot to destroy the West Coast. Part of the plan? Someone has to get closer to Bella, and Ethan's the logical choice.

Though Ethan risks his career by telling Ava about the plot, her trust is an impossible gift to earn. Her passion is a different story. As his willing submissive, Ava gives him the fire his body craves and the surrender his soul needs. She's a dream come true, until the cuffs come off and the sun comes up.

When a terrifying turn of events escalates the terrorists' plan into reality, Ethan must make decisions that will either kill or save them all. Can Ava trust him enough to stand by him with everything she is...including what could be her last breath?

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Meet the Author

ANGEL PAYNE is thrilled to be writing about courageous men of honor and the women who love them. She began writing passionately in high school, and moved on to pen her way to departmental honors for English at Chapman University in Southern California. Her kaleidoscope of a past includes gigs as a fashion ramp model, music industry production assistant, nightclub disc jockey, and over twenty years in the meeting planning and hospitality industries. Her passions include pop culture, alt rock, super heroes, shoes, coffee, and enjoying an active life in the outdoors with family and friends. She still lives in Southern California with her gorgeous daughter and amazing stud of a husband.

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Surrendering To Her Sergeant -- A WILD Boys of Special Forces Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Shayna_Renee More than 1 year ago
The W.I.L.D. Boys are at it again. Pages and pages of fantastic sex scenes and hot BDSM scenes, exciting, thrilling plots, and not one but TWO amazing, touching love stories! Angel and her boys take you on such a journey that you feel like you are in the middle of a movie. Well freaking done Ms. Angel Payne! "I need to be clear. I want you, Ava. I want to be inside you. I want to watch your face when I command you to come and your body shatters around mine." Ethan Archer is an absolutely amazing man. He's gorgeous, demanding, loyal, and boy can he **** with your mind without even trying. He can take down a drug smuggler with only his words, and he can make a girl embrace her submissive side with just a look. He is THAT good. He can do what he was meant to do and take down the bad guys, but for the past seven months something has been missing in his life, in his heart, and in his soul - his goddess. "You want to call me 'Sir' and mean it and know the power that comes from it? Then you have to earn it...with your honesty. By talking to me. By letting me in." Ava Chestain has not had the best of luck being with military men. She doesn't want to be on the other side of the door or on the other line of the phone when they tell her that her man is not coming home. That's why when Ethan comes back in her life, she is quick to avoid him, because she knows that one look at him, one command from him, and she is putty in his hands. She is quick to bottle up her submissive side, but with Ethan it just comes pouring out of her. How can she say no to the man she craves and the Dom that literally brings her to her knees? "He'd control her. And she'd let him. He'd penetrate her. And she'd permit him. He'd hurt her. And she'd adore him." I absolutely adore Ethan and Ava as a couple. The chemistry is there, the intensity is definitely there. There is such a visceral need and a raw intensity between the two, that you can just feel it in your gut and in your heart. Don't even get me started on the sex scenes in this book. They were ridiculously hot! There were beautiful, tender moments as well as some BDSM scenes that will be forever ingrained in your head. It also wouldn't be a WILD boys book without some action, and Surrendering To Her Sergeant was full of heart pounding moments that had my head spinning. There were points in the book where you feel like you are watching an action movie and it was incredibly exciting. Angel Payne has a way with words. She makes you feel what the characters are feeling, and that my friends is a gift. A gift that I know she will continue to share with us with the rest of these WILD boys that I have grown to love. "He had to have her fire. Her desire. Her passion. Her gasps. Her surrender."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really like this series of books by Ms. Payne. Lots of great action. Hot military men who re attracted to smart women. A compelling storyline with twists and turns. I can not wait to read the next book in the series
Lori_Zalewski More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Angel Payne entertains in Surrendering to Her Sergeant, the third book in the WILD Boys of Special Forces. Ava Chestain and Ethan Archer met under wild circumstances. Now, seven months later, Ethan is back from his latest assignment and has every intention of discovering why Ava never returned any of his calls or texts. Having had her heart broken—twice—by soldiers, Ava refuses to surrender her heart to Ethan. But, their very first kiss has been seared into her memory, making Ethan a difficult man to forget. Since seeing her again, Ethan wants nothing more than to pick up where they left off. Ava and Ethan’s chemistry sizzles and jumps off the page, making them a captivating couple. Their first BDSM scene is a well-constructed example of mind distortion, and one of the hottest scenes of this type I’ve read in a long time. Ava and Ethan’s other D/s scenes are scorching hot and explicit while at the same time organically propelling their relationship forward. I also enjoyed the budding relationship between Luna Lawrence and Tait Bommer, especially their use of Harry Potter references. Unfortunately I found the expansion of the story arc built from the first two books lacking. I feel the plot twists in this book were unrealistic, and I had a few “roll my eyeball” moments when I was unable to suspend reality enough to buy what was happening. I did thoroughly enjoy the first two books in this series. Regrettably, Surrendering to Her Sergeant just didn’t fire on all cylinders for me. I am confident that lots of readers who have enjoyed this series will thoroughly enjoy this installment too; I just wasn’t one of them. I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I totally heard myself yelling at the characters in this book out loud thank god I was reading in my I was totally mesmerized by the story which never disappointed me one bit. This is the 3rd book in the series and I can honestly say each one was just as good if not better as the series grew! Total must read!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
SURRENDERING TO HER SERGEANT was an enjoyable thrill ride with action, romance and a just the right amount of kinky sex. I start novels with a military hero or theme with a lot of skepticism because many writers don’t get the details right. It proved unnecessary with this book. Payne accurately described the personalities, everyday details and the rank influence on social interactions. While well done, the military aspect is not the major focus of the book. Anyone who likes a good action novel, mystery and/or romance will find the story interesting and well-written. The characters are likeable, engaging and very human. The action is believable and intense. The love story is touching, realistic, heart-warming and VERY HOT. With just the right amount of conflict between the two main characters, the story builds tension without overdoing the relationship angst. The climatic action scene, was shocking but could have used just a bit more detail. This said, it was still a very good scene. I look forward to catching up on the first two books in the series. RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: HOT REVIEWED BY: ReadWarrior Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Angel does it again! It was so great to learn more about Ethan and to follow up with the rest of the W.I.L.D Boys! I finished this book in just a few hours, couldn't put it down! And I will never look at pepermint the same way again! ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago