Surrendering To Motherhood

Surrendering To Motherhood

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by Iris Krasnow, Aris Krasnow

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The story of a woman who came of age with the sexual revolution who finds emancipation in the Zen of motherhood, "Surrendering to Motherhood" is about letting go of the need to achieve and finding one's true self.


The story of a woman who came of age with the sexual revolution who finds emancipation in the Zen of motherhood, "Surrendering to Motherhood" is about letting go of the need to achieve and finding one's true self.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Freelance journalist Krasnow spent her youth cavorting with California hippies and seeking enlightenment through mediocre relationships, and later as a UPI correspondent. Married in her early 30s, she delves into motherhood in a big wayfour children in five years, including twinsbut is taken by surprise when her ability to juggle the roles of writer, mother and wife begins to wane. She realizes something has to give, and that something is work. For a long time Krasnow resisted the idea that being a full-time mom was as valid a life choice as being a hot-shot journalist. She eventually finds Zen-like tranquillity in overturned plates of scrambled eggs and hair caked with peanut butter. Her journey also leads her back to her Jewish roots with a new-found appreciation for her Holocaust-surviving mother. Krasnow's architect husband remains in the background, and readers are left to marvel at mom's adept handling of her four "wriggly little boys" nearly single-handedly during daytime hours. The book, which grew out of an essay published in the Washington Post in 1994, is full of elementary feminism, but the author's message to working mothersbe there for your kids while they're youngseems as sound coming from her as it probably did the first time you heard it. (May)
Library Journal
Krasnow, a freelance journalist who has worked for the Washington Post and UPI, begins her memoir by remarking, "after years of trying to find power in various gurus, interviews with movie stars, senators, and even a queen, surrendering to motherhood was the most liberating and powerful thing" she ever did. In great detail, Krasnow takes us through her life as a child growing up in Chicago, college in California, glamorous jobs, a string of exotic boyfriends, and success in her field. She still felt "something huge was missing." After various quests, she married and is now the mother of four boys under seven and has surrendered to days of diapers and educating her sons. By the end of the book, she has realized that no one can have it all, that sometimes more is just more. We know that out of the havoc she has found peace. Her book is a bit whiny and filled with too much "me generation" angst. Still, the writing is first-rate. Recommended for general collections.Susan Dearstyne, Hudson Valley Cty. Coll., Albany, N.Y.

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Surrendering to Motherhood 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I totally identified with the author and felt inspired after reading her book. I had felt the same way and was extremely reluctant to give up my career three years ago. One quotation from ¡§Surrender¡¨ stands out: ¡§..for all these long debates among ambitious women on ways to balance our lives, the task was insurmountable ¡V with young children there can be no balance, the scales are tipped toward the children and there¡¦s nothing you can do about it. When you give in to that fact, real balance comes, the equilibrium you can get only if your psychic and soul are in sync.¡¨ Finally, at long last, I have come to understand the true significance of these words as I now stay home, to mop the floor, do the laundry and cook three meals for my husband and the kids and at the same time, teach them, help them with their homework and read to them, all without the past gripes and wondering what else I should be doing instead; and all the more so as my oldest child¡¦s tenth birthday approaches. You see, it has only just occurred to me that in just two short years, her childhood will be over, and in no time, that of my two younger children as well. So, the surrender to motherhood can only be worthwhile, even as it may just well be temporary.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As an at-home mother of three young children, I highly recommend this book. My husband gave it to me after my first son was born and I loved it. It offers support to women who have chosen to be with their children full time, despite the difficulties and hardships this choice sometimes entails. It is an inspiring book and well worth reading if one is deciding whether or not to stay home with her children or is already home and sometimes feels alone there.