Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management

by Ravindra K. Dhir

This volume presents part of the proceedings of two symposia held under the umbrella of Advances in Waste Management, an international meeting organised by the University of Dundee's Concrete Technology Unit.See more details below


This volume presents part of the proceedings of two symposia held under the umbrella of Advances in Waste Management, an international meeting organised by the University of Dundee's Concrete Technology Unit.

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Table of Contents

Organising committee
Scientific and technical committee
Collaborating institutions
Sponsoring organisations with exhibition
Supporting institutions
From makers to breakers : a new dimension in world wide waste management1
Two cases of solid waste management, both supported by EU financing for two countries, with different stages of development9
Ecological balance of silicon using rice hull ash in agriculture15
European waste management drivers towards a sustainable Europe and how Scotland can influence the agenda25
Effects of EU waste directives on the UK construction industry45
The Landfill Directive - implementation issues (the missing link)59
Cement and micro silica based immobilisation of different flue gas cleaning residues from MSW incineration63
The challenge for glass recycling73
Producer responsibility in the EC79
Present waste management in Japanese construction industry field85
Waste policy in Wales : the case of construction and demolition95
Waste minimisation in Austria : an overview on the present situation and potentials for improvement105
Waste generation issues in petroleum producing communities in Nigeria115
Waste and resource strategies in Switzerland125
An integrated approach to market development for glass cullet135
Assisting the Maltese workforce deal with the challenges of sustainable development147
Coal and clean coal by-products research and utilisation in China157
UK waste & resources management research and development, the quest for co-ordination, integration and focus167
Householders as a means of instigating change in waste management practices177
The waste prevention strategy in Helsinki metropolitan area council (YTV), Finland191
Full-scale demonstration of sustainable and cost effective on-site landfill leachate management by willow short rotation coppice207
Mechanical biological pre-treatment of residual waste in Austria213
Government targets versus public participation : bridging the gap225
Composting industry situation in Turkey and EU states235
Getting 'waste wise' : reforming production and taming consumption245
Waste minimisation in industrial minerals and rocks exploitation by integrated management and production of value added materials253
The use of GIS for optimising waste collection265
Sustainable waste management in the Catalan wine industry273
An alternative to furnace recycling in the reuse of aluminum wastes285
Trace metal biomagnification in a soil-plant-arthropod system : a problem for the agricultural recycling of sewage sludge?291
Industrial ecology using an integrated CP-EMS model for sustainable development301
Excavation of cover material from old landfills311
Potential contribution of combustible domestic waste to the energy supply of Lithuania321
LCIs for newspaper with different waste management options - case Helsinki metropolitan area331
A responsible approach to the recycling of by-product wastes into commercial clayware341
Characterisation and leachability of sewage sludge ash353
Increasing sustainability of the franchise solid waste management system in a low-income neighbourhood in Lahore, Pakistan363
Use of recycled concrete aggregate in concrete pavement construction : a case study373
Towards zero : smart thinking for waste elimination387
Are you sitting comfortably? If so, it's time to wake up!387
A review of solidification/stabilisation technology and its industrial application in the UK391
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