Swann in Love [Audiobook]

Swann in Love [Audiobook]

by Marcel Proust

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Disc 1

  1. The Little Clan at the Verdurins'
  2. M Swann - So Ardent a Lover
  3. Odette de Crécy - A Ravishing Creature
  4. Swann's First Night at the Verdurins'
  5. A New Society for M Swann
  6. Memories of Vinteuil's Sonata
  7. Odette's Charming Entreaties
  8. Tea at Odette de Crécy's
  9. A Search - And a Rearrangement of Orchids
  10. Evening Diversions

Disc 2

  1. Comte de Forcheville - Arrival of the Verdurins'
  2. The First Public Slight - 'No Orchid Tonight?'
  3. A Fresh Turn of the Screws
  4. Different Carriages
  5. Not Tonight at the Verdurins'
  6. A Wagnerian Duplicity
  7. Kept on Tenterhooks
  8. Music at the Marquise de Saint-Euverte's
  9. The Arrival of the Princess des Laumes

Disc 3

  1. Vinteuil's Sonata Again
  2. The Questioning of Odette
  3. More Questions - 'Procuresses?'
  4. Daylight Falling - Waves Against a Cliff
  5. Place Names: The Name
  6. Gilberte - In a Poussin Garden
  7. Consumed by Gilberte
  8. A Special Street - Swann's Street
  9. The Disquieting Acacias of the Bois de Boulogne

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