Swanson's Family Practice Review: A Problem-Oriented Approach / Edition 5

Swanson's Family Practice Review: A Problem-Oriented Approach / Edition 5

by Alfred F. Tallia, Dennis A. Cardone, Kenneth H. Ibsen, David F. Howarth

ISBN-10: 0323030009

ISBN-13: 9780323030007

Pub. Date: 06/30/2004

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

The 5th edition of Swanson's Family Practice Review is a case base programmed text written for physicians with the certification and recertification examinations in mind, but is also of value for all physicians desiring to update their knowledge concerning practical aspects of primary care.

  • More than 75% all-new cases and questions—the most thorough
  • Overview

    The 5th edition of Swanson's Family Practice Review is a case base programmed text written for physicians with the certification and recertification examinations in mind, but is also of value for all physicians desiring to update their knowledge concerning practical aspects of primary care.

  • More than 75% all-new cases and questions—the most thorough revision of the text ever
  • All new or enhanced content in sports medicine, public health, bioterrorism, evidence-based medicine, reading & interpreting medical literature, chronic & acute pain management, systems medicine, and medical errors and error reduction
    • More than 2100 board-style questions—more than any competing product
    • New 8-page color insert featuring dermatology images, which mimic the type of images seen on the examination
    • Problem-oriented format that simulates clinical situations and allows the user to relate questions to real-life patient scenarios
    • Case-based organization, with questions related to each case

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    Elsevier Health Sciences
    Publication date:
    Edition description:
    Fifth Edition
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    8.18(w) x 11.14(h) x 0.93(d)

    Table of Contents

    Section I. Epidemiology and Public Health

    Chapter 1. The Yearly Complete Physical Examination vs. Focused Periodic Health Maintenance Examination
    Chapter 2. Fundamental Epidemiology
    Chapter 3. Physician Intervention in Smoking Cessation
    Chapter 4. Trends in Cancer Epidemiology
    Chapter 5. Cardiovascular Epidemiology Chapter 6. Use and Abuse of Laboratory Medicine for Routine Screening
    Chapter 7. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
    Chapter 8. The Diagnosis and Treatment of influenza
    Chapter 9. Bioterrorism

    Section II Adult Medicine

    Chapter 10. Acute Myocardial Infarction
    Chapter 11. Angina
    Chapter 12. Dyslipidemia
    Chapter 13. Congestive Heart Failure
    Chapter 14. Hypertension
    Chapter 15. Dysrhythmia
    Chapter 16. Obesity
    Chapter 17. Pulmonary Embolism
    Chapter 18. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    Chapter 19. Asthma
    Chapter 20. Pneumonia
    Chapter 21. Esophageal Disorders
    Chapter 22. Peptic Ulcer Disease
    Chapter 23. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Chapter 24. Irritable Bowel Disease
    Chapter 25. Hepatitis And Cirrhosis
    Chapter 26. Diabetes Mellitus
    Chapter 27. Thyroid
    Chapter 28. Miscellaneous Endocrine
    Chapter 29. Autoimmune & Connective Tissue Disorders
    Chapter 30. Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    Chapter 31. Acne, Rosacea, And Other Common Dermatologic Conditions
    Chapter 32. Headache
    Chapter 33. Seizure Disorders
    Chapter 34. Anemia
    Chapter 35. Lymphoma, Leukemia, & Multiple Myeloma
    Chapter 36. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Chapter 37.Osteoarthritis
    Chapter 38. Mononucleosis
    Chapter 39. Fibromyalgia
    Chapter 40.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chapter 41.Gout & Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition
    Chapter 42. Glomerulonephritis And Other Acute Nephropathies
    Chapter 43. Urinary Track Infections & Pyelonephritis
    Chapter 44. Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
    Chapter 45. Sleep Disorders
    Chapter 46. Fluid & Electrolyte Abnormalities
    Chapter 47. Developmental Disabilities . .
    Chapter 48. Colon, Lung, and Other Solid Tissue Cancers
    Chapter 49. Cancer Pain Management
    Chapter 50 Palliative Care

    Section III. Women’s Health

    Chapter 51. Osteoporosis
    Chapter 52. Vulvovaginitis and Bacterial Vaginosis
    Chapter 53. Cervical Abnormalities
    Chapter 54. Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual
    Dysphoric Disorder
    Chapter 55. Postmenopausal Symptoms
    Chapter 56. Dysmenorrhea
    Chapter 57. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
    Chapter 58. Ectopic Pregnancy
    Chapter 59. Selection And Management Of Contraceptive Modalities
    Chapter 60. Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually
    Transmitted Diseases
    Chapter 61. Infertility

    Section IV. Maternity Care

    Chapter 62. Family-Centered Maternity Care
    Chapter 63. Routine Prenatal Care
    Chapter 64. Screening Protocols
    Chapter 65. Pregnancy
    Chapter 66. Labor
    Chapter 67. Post-Term Pregnancy
    Chapter 68. Preterm Labor
    Chapter 69. Spontaneous and Therapeutic Abortion
    Chapter 70. Puerperal Infections and Other Complications
    Chapter 71. Gestational Diabetes
    Chapter 72. Hypertension in Pregnancy
    Chapter 73. Intrauterine Growth Restriction
    Chapter 74. Postpartum Blues, Depression, and Psychoses

    Section V. Behavioral Science & Communication

    Chapter 75. Depressive Disorders
    Chapter 76. Bipolar Disorder
    Chapter 77. Schizophrenia
    Chapter 78. Alcohol Dependence and Abuse
    Chapter 79. Drug Abuse
    Chapter 80. Eating Disorders
    Chapter 81.Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    Chapter 82. Factitious Disorder
    Chapter 83. Somatoform Disorder
    Chapter 84. Panic Disorder
    Chapter 85. Social Phobia, Posttraumatic Stress and
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
    Chapter 86. Sexual Dysfunction Disorders
    Chapter 87. Psychotherapy in Family Medicine
    Chapter 88. Patient Use of Alternative Care
    Chapter 89. Domestic Violence
    Chapter 90. Ethics and Responsibilities Regarding
    Chapter 91. How to Break Bad News

    Section VI. Children and Adolescence

    Chapter 93. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity, Conduct and Oppositional Defiant Disorders.
    Chapter 93. Child Abuse
    Chapter 94. Neonatal Jaundice
    Chapter 95. Colic
    Chapter 96. Immunizations
    Chapter 97. Infant Feeding
    Chapter 98. Failure to Thrive and Short Stature
    Chapter 99. Respiratory Syndromes
    Chapter 100. Otitis Media
    Chapter 101. Common Cold
    Chapter 102. Streptococcal Infections
    Chapter 103. Viral Exanthems
    Chapter 104. Pneumonia
    Chapter 105. Fever Without Focus
    Chapter 106. Gastroenteritis
    Chapter 107. Recurrent Abdominal Pain
    Chapter 108. Limping Child
    Chapter 109. Foot and Leg Deformities
    Chapter 110. Adolescent Development
    Chapter 111. Enuresis
    Chapter 112. Allergic Rhinitis
    Chapter 113. Diaper Dermatitis
    Chapter 114. Cardiac Murmurs
    Chapter 115. Over the Counter Drugs
    Chapter 116. Sickle Cell Disease
    Chapter 117. Nutrition and Physical Activity
    Chapter 118. Leukemias and Other Malignancies

    Section VII. General Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties

    Chapter 119. Appendicitis
    Chapter 120. Biliary Tract Disease
    Chapter 121. Office Surgery
    Chapter 122. Pancreatitis
    Chapter 123. Pancreatic Carcinoma
    Chapter 124. Bowel Disorders
    Chapter 125. Breast Disease
    Chapter 126. Ophthalmologic Chapters
    Chapter 127. Renal Stones
    Chapter 128. Prostate Disease
    Chapter 129. Ear Nose and Throat
    Chapter 130. Melanoma and Skin Disorders

    Section VIII. Geriatric Medicine

    Chapter 131. Elder Abuse
    Chapter 132. Ethical Dilemmas
    Chapter 133. Dementia and Delirium
    Chapter 134. Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Temporal Arteritis
    Chapter 135. Hypertension
    Chapter 136. Parkinson’s Disease
    Chapter 137. Constipation
    Chapter 138. Pneumonia
    Chapter 139. Urinary Incontinence
    Chapter 140. Depression
    Chapter 141. Pressure Ulcers
    Chapter 142. Polypharmacy and Drug Reactions
    Chapter 143. Falls
    Chapter 144. Stroke
    Chapter 145. Erectile Dysfunction

    Section IX. Emergency and Sports Medicine

    Chapter 146. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    Chapter 147. Advanced Trauma Life Support
    Chapter 148. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
    Chapter 149. Emergency Treatment of Abdominal Pain in The Elderly
    Chapter 150. Acute and Chronic Poisoning
    Chapter 151. Urticaria and Angioneurotic Edema
    Chapter 152. Fractures and Splinting
    Chapter 153. Heat and Cold Illness
    Chapter 154. Upper Extremity
    Chapter 155. Lower Extremity
    Chapter 156. Low Back Pain
    Chapter 157. Acceleration and Deceleration Neck Injuries
    Chapter 158. Concussions
    Chapter 159. Exercise Prescription
    Chapter 160. Female Athlete Triad
    Chapter 161. Infectious Disease and Sports
    Chapter 162. Pre Participation Evaluation
    Chapter 163. High Altitude and Barotrauma

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