Swarm Intelligence: 7th International Conference, ANTS 2010, Brussels, Belgium,September 8-10, 2010 Proceedings / Edition 1

Swarm Intelligence: 7th International Conference, ANTS 2010, Brussels, Belgium,September 8-10, 2010 Proceedings / Edition 1

by Marco Dorigo

ISBN-10: 3642154603

ISBN-13: 9783642154607

Pub. Date: 11/09/2010

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, held in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2010.


This book constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, held in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2010.

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues Series, #6234
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Table of Contents

A Graph-Based Developmental Swarm Representation and Algorithm Sebastian von Mammen David Phillips Timothy Davison Christian Jacob 1

A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Best Low Multilinear Rank Approximation of Higher-Order Tensors Pierre B. Borckmans Mariya Ishteva Pierre-Antoine Absil 13

A Robotic Validation of the Attractive Field Model: An Inter-disciplinary Model of Self-regulatory Social Systems Md. Omar Faruque Sarker Torbjørn S. Dahl 24

A Thermodynamic Approach to the Analysis of Multi-robot Cooperative Localization under Independent Errors Yotam Elor Alfred M. Bruckstein 36

An Alternative ACOR Algorithm for Continuous Optimization Problems Guillermo Leguizamón Carlos A. Coello Coello 48

An Efficient Optimization Method for Revealing Local Optima of Projection Pursuit Indices Souad Larabi Marie-Sainte Alain Berro Anne Ruiz-Gazen 60

Ant Colony Optimisation for Ligand Docking Oliver Korb Jason Cole 72

Antbots: A Feasible Visual Emulation of Pheromone Trails for Swarm Robots Ralf Mayet Jonathan Roberz Thomas Schmickl Karl Crailsheim 84

Automatic Configuration of Multi-Objective ACO Algorithms Manuel López-Ibáñez Thomas Stützle 95

Autonomous Morphogenesis in Self-assembling Robots Using IR-Based Sensing and Local Communications Wenguo Liu Alan F.T. Winfield 107

Autonomous Multi-agent Cycle Based Patrolling Yotam Elor Alfred M. Bruckstein 119

Biologically Realistic Primitives for Engineered Morphogenesis Justin Werfel 131

Evaluating the Robustness of Activator-Inhibitor Models for Cluster Head Computation Lidia Yamamoto Daniele Miorandi 143

Evolution of Self-organised Path Formation in a Swarm of Robots Valerio Sperati Vito Trianni Stefano Nolfi 155

Extensions to the Ant-Miner Classification Rule Discovery Algorithm Khalid M. Salama Ashraf M. Abdelbar 167

Functional Blueprints: An Approach to Modularity in Grown Systems Jacob Beal 179

Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization Andries P. Engelbrecht 191

Modern Continuous Optimization Algorithms for Tuning Real and Integer Algorithm Parameters Zhi Yuan Marco A. Montes de Oca Mauro Biratiari Thomas Stützle 203

Multi-agent Deployment on a Ring Graph Yotam Elor Alfred M. Bruckstein 215

Multi-Swarm Optimization for Dynamic Combinatorial Problems: A Case Study on Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem Mostepha Redouane Khouadjia Enrique Alba Laetitia Jourdan El-Ghazali Talbi 227

Off-line vs. On-line Tuning: A Study on MAX-MIN Ant System for the TSP Paola Pellegrini Thomas Stützle Mauro Birattari 239

Opinion Dynamics for Decentralized Decision-Making in a Robot Swarm Marco A. Montes de Oca Eliseo Ferrante Nithin Mathews Mauro Birattari Marco Dorigo|251

Positional Communication and Private Information in Honeybee Foraging Models Peter Bailis Radhika Nagpal Justin Werfel 263

Rank Based Particle Swarm Optimization Affan Khan Muhammad Sadeequllah Riaz-ul-Hasnain Azzam-ul-Asar 275

Self-organized Task Partitioning in a Swarm of Robots Marco Prison Nam-Luc Tran Nadir Baiboun Arne Brutschy Giovanni Pini Andrea Roli Marco Dorigo Mauro Birattari 287

Slime Mold Inspired Path Formation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Ke Li Kyle Thomas Claudio Torres Louis Rossi Chien-Chung Shen 299

Solving the Multi-dimensional Multi-choice Knapsack Problem with the Help of Ants Shahrear Iqbal Md. Faizul Bari M. Sohel Rahman 312

Theoretical Properties of Two ACO Approaches for the Traveling Salesman Problem Timo Kötzing Frank Neumann Heiko Röglin Carsten Witt 324

Short Papers

A Cooperative Network Game Efficiently Solved via an Ant Colony Optimization Approach Pablo Romero Franco Robledo Pablo Rodríguez-Bocca Darío Padula María Elisa Bertinat 336

A Deterministic Metaheuristic Approach Using "Logistic Ants" for Combinatorial Optimization Rodolphe Charrier Christine Bourjot François Charpillet 344

A Model Based Ant Colony Design for the Protein Engineering Problem Matteo Borrotti Davide De Lucrezia Giovanni Minervini Irene Poli 352

ACOPHY: A Simple and General Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction Huy Q. Dinh Bui Quang Minh Hoang Xuan Huan Arndt von Haeseler 306

ACS Searching for D4t-Hadamard Matrices Víctor Álvarez José Andrés Armario María Dolores Frau Félix Gudiel Belén Güemes Elena Martín Amparo Osuna 368

Ant Based Semi-supervised Classification Anindya Halder Susmita Ghosh Ashish Ghosh 376

Automatic Generation of Optimised Working Time Models in Personnel Planning Volker Nissen Maik Günther 384

Bee-Sensor: A Step Towards Meta-Routing Strategies in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks Israr Ullah Muhammad Saleem Muddassar Farooq 392

Cooperation in a Heterogeneous Robot Swarm through Spatially Targeted Communication Niihin Mathews Anders Lyhne Christensen Rehan 0'Grady Marco Dorigo 400

Early-Stage Diagnosis of Endogenous Diseases by Swarms of Nanobots: An Applicative Scenario Paolo Amato Massimo Masserini Giancarlo Mauri Gianfranco Cerofolini 408

EDA-PSO: A Hybrid Paradigm Combining Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimization Endika Bengoetxea Pedro Larrañaga 416

Emergent Flocking with Low-End Swarm Robots Christoph Moeslinger Thomas Schmickl Karl Crailsheim 424

Exploiting Loose Horizontal Coupling in Evolutionary Swarm Robotics Jennifer Owen Susan Stepney Jonathan Timmis Alan F.T. Winfield 432

Formal Verification of Probabilistic Swarm Behaviours Savas Konur Clare Dixon Michael Fisher 440

Inverse Modeling in Geoenvironmental Engineering Using a Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Tadikonda Venkata Bharat Jitendra Sharma 448

Mobile Stigmergic Markers for Navigation in a Heterogeneous Robotic Swarm Frederick Ducatelle Gianni A. Di Caro Alexander Föorster Luca Gambardella 456

Motif Finding Using Ant Colony Optimization Salim Bouamama Abdellah Boukerram Amer F. Al-Badarneh 464

Multiple Ant Colony System for Substructure Discovery Oscar Cordón Arnaud Quirin Rocío Romero-Zaliz 472

Opportunistic Ant-Based Path Management for Wireless Mesh Networks Laurent Paquereau Bjarne E. Helvik 480

Parallel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm on a Multi-core Processor Shigeyoshi Tsutsui Noriyuki Fujimoto 488

Particle Swarm Optimization in High Dimensional Spaces Juan L. Fernández-Martíinez Tapan Mukerji Esperanza García-Gonzalo 496

Particle Swarm Optimization of Bollinger Bands Matthew Butler Dimitar Kazakov 504

Protein Structure Prediction in Lattice Models with Particle Swarm Optimization Andrei Bautu Henri Luchian 512

Short and Robust Communication Paths in Dynamic Wireless Networks Yoann Pigné Frédéric Guinand 520

The ACO Encoding Alberto Moraglio Fernando E.B. Otero Colin G. Johnson 528

The Complexity of Grid Coverage by Swarm Robotics Yaniv Altshuler Alfred M. Bruckstein 536

The Design of an Active Structural Vibration Reduction System Using a Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Adam Schmidt 544

Extended Abstracts

Ant Colony Extended: Search in Solution Spaces with a Countably Infinite Number of Solutions Jose B. Escario Juan F. Jimenez Jose M. Giron-Sierra 552

Automatic Parameter Configuration of Particle Swarm Optimization by Classification of Function Features Tjorben Bogon Georgios Poursanidis Andreas D. Lattner Ingo J. Timm 554

Constructing Low-Cost Swarm Robots That March in Column Formation Asuki Kouno Shigeru Takano Einoshin Suzuki 556

Coordinating Heterogeneous Swarms through Minimal Communication among Homogeneous Sub-swarms Carlo Pinciroli Rehan O'Grady Anders Lyhne Christensen Marco Dorigo 558

Effect of Particle Initialization on the Performance of Particle Swarm Niching Algorithms Isabella Schoeman Andries P. Engelbrecht 560

Energy Efficient Swarm Deployment for Search in Unknown Environments Timothy Stirling Dario Floreano 562

Genetic Encoding of Robot Metamorphosis: How to Evolve a Glider with a Genetic Regulatory Network Anne C van Rossum 564

How Ant Systems Can Help in Management of pH for Industrial Wastewater Discharges Marta Verdaguer Jordi Giró Narcís Clara Manel Poch 566

Hybrid Metaheuristic Combining Ant Colony Optimization and H-Method Leonid Hulianytskyi Sergii Sirenko 568

Increasing Individual Density Reduces Extra-variance in Swarm Intelligence Ryusuke Fujisawa Shigeto Dobata Fumitoshi Matsuno 570

"Look out!": Socially-Mediated Obstacle Avoidance in Collective Transport Eliseo Ferrante Manuele Brambilla Mauro Birattari Marco Dorigo 572

On Possible Connections between Ant Algorithms and Random Matrix Theory Carlo Mastroianni 574

Soft Variable Fixing in Path Relinking: An Application to ACO Codes Antonio Bolufé Röhler Marco A. Boschetti Vittorio Maniezzo 576

Training Randomly Connected, Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks Using PSO Vytautas Jancauskas 578

Author Index 581

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