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Sweet Backlash

Sweet Backlash

5.0 3
by Violet Heart

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Glancing at his watch, he hit the button on the phone labeled Secretary. With only two hours left in the workday, he needed to get busy. He hoped she could stay late.

Beep-beep. “Yes, sir?”

She sounded young. Not the grandmotherly type he had in Boston. “Please come see me.”

The door opened and he swiveled the chair. Before


Glancing at his watch, he hit the button on the phone labeled Secretary. With only two hours left in the workday, he needed to get busy. He hoped she could stay late.

Beep-beep. “Yes, sir?”

She sounded young. Not the grandmotherly type he had in Boston. “Please come see me.”

The door opened and he swiveled the chair. Before he could speak, however, his throat closed and his crotch tightened uncomfortably. Shit! Danger just walked into his office.

She had her pale blond hair swept up in some fancy knot, held in place with what looked like chopsticks. It appeared much too easy to let down quickly. Chocolate brown eyes caressed his face, or did he imagine it? God, did his pants bulge? He crossed a leg over his knee as a precaution.

Where did she get that skin? Flawless. Alabaster tinged in the right places with a hint of pink. Had to be make-up. Especially on that mouth. Geez, he couldn’t keep himself from picturing those plump, glistening lips wrapping around the tip of his dick. He started to throb, and swallowed. Hard.

He had to look away. But he couldn’t take his eyes from her. That long, ballerina neck arched for his kiss. Stop it! Firm, high, not-too-large breasts filled out her translucent blouse. Underneath, a lace camisole stretched, hinting at a shadow of pretty cleavage. Were her tits getting bigger by the second? Damn it, he was staring.

Dropping his gaze lower, he admired the form-fitting, cream colored pencil skirt that hugged her tiny waist and emphasized the gentle flare of her hips. Young, but not too young. Definitely a woman. Damn, she was sweet.

Long legs tapered down, shapely like a runner’s. Highlighted by cream colored, strappy high-heeled shoes, her narrow feet ended with French manicured toes he wanted more than anything to suck.

She cleared her throat, and he gave a guilty start. “Yes,” he said and mentally slapped himself when his voice cracked. Clearing his own throat, he added, “I have a list of supplies. Can you see to it or is there someone else I should talk to?”

Her dark gaze raked him and he froze, terrified she would see his tenting trousers. Then he realized the edge of his desk blocked her view.
She held out a hand. “I’ll take care of it for you.”

Her voice sounded different in person. Less childlike. More husky, sexy. It swirled around him and he leaned forward slightly. His eyes found her outstretched hand, his mind sending it straight to his dick. He stared, picturing the slender fingers taking hold of his hard length. His mouth went dry. Get control, man!

“The list?” she reminded

“Yes, of course. The list.” He sounded like an idiot! Ripping the page off the pad, he handed it to her. She turned and headed for the door, her hips swaying seductively and her shoes making a seductive, slappy rhythm with her walk.

Suddenly, he remembered. “Excuse me.” He hadn’t even asked her name. I’m such a jerk. “What should I call you?”

“How about Hey you,” she suggested with a straight face.

It took him a moment to realize she joked, and gave him hope he had not made a complete fool of himself. He chuckled.

“No, you may call me Melony.”

“Thank you, Melony.” He tried to relax but she had him in tangles. “Call me Chip. Could you get me a copy of Monday’s hearing schedule, and the corresponding trial prep summary? I’d like to go over it this weekend.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Chip,” he called as she closed the door.

That glass wall was going to cause him no end of problems with her sitting on the other side.

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"You've got a twisted sense of humor," Chip accused, not amused. Trying to locate the collar's fastener, he slowed and said, "Take this thing off of me."

Melony gave the leader a tug. "If you value your life, don't fight me." She passed him a meaningful look then glanced at the warehouse's entrance.

He followed her line of vision and saw Frank staring, arms crossed over a bulging chest. The expression on the biker's haggard features made it clear he'd gladly repeat the choking torture.

Chip rubbed his bruised neck and picked up the pace. "You're going to take this thing off, right?"

"Maybe. If you're a very, very good slave."

She showed no sign that she joked, and he began to comprehend he'd been thrust into an alternate reality. "Please tell me this is a game."

"It's no game. You shouldn't have followed me. And you really shouldn't have done what you did. Now you're my slave. Something neither of us wants." Melony unlocked her car and opened the passenger side door. "Get in."

"I'm not leaving my car. I'm not your slave. And I'm not afraid of Frank." He pulled on the neckband again with no result.

She arched her eyebrows and shifted her weight onto one foot. "You will leave your car. You are my slave. And Frank's headed our way."

Alarmed, Chip turned and saw the bouncer step off the sidewalk. "Okay. I'm afraid of Frank. But I'm not leaving my car."

"Then it's your car and your death, or it's my car and your life."

His fantasy had become a nightmare. He ducked into the car and wondered how fast the biker could run. He would bet he could outpace the guy. Melony tossed the leader into his lap and shut the door.Freedom! He tugged the door handle a fraction too late. She had hit the lock button on her remote. Unlocking it manually, he reached for the handle again, but she hit the button once more as she rounded the front of the car.

When he unlocked it a second time, she opened the driver's side door and said, "Your car will be fine. I'll bring you back to get it another day."

Frank had grown too near, so running would do Chip no good. He settled against the seatback and fingered the end of the leash. "This really sucks." He shrugged out of his jacket as his boiling anger made him warmer.

"You have no idea. I didn't want a new partner. Not right now, anyway." She started the car and backed out of the space.

Frank stopped, watching them leave, and Chip resisted the urge to shoot him the bird. "This isn't all about you," he bit out.

"Here's your first lesson as a slave. It is all about me. You do not exist except to serve me. The sooner you learn this, the easier your month will go." She pulled out onto the street and accelerated past the speed limit.

As the streetlights provided a strobe effect across the dash and their laps, his mind whirled. "I'm not doing this," he insisted, heat now suffusing his face. "I'm not your slave. I'm not going to serve you. And what's this business about a month?"

She punched his shoulder, her knuckles amplifying pain to the bone. Grabbing the joint, he stared. She sure could deliver a blow for such a tiny thing.

"You don't get it," she said, her tone dripping danger. "Frank will kill you. He works for very bad people. He will hunt you down and murder you in a slow, painful manner. He gets off on it. So listen up. According to the rules of the society, the waiver you signed makes you an inductee. Your behavior at the meeting partnered you with me, and since I'm a Dominatrix, that makes you my slave. First-time slaves are required to live with their Doms for a month to receive their training." She pulled into the apartment building parking lot. "So, welcome home. Slave."

His ears buzzed and a sharp pain spiked through his temple. This was giving him a headache. "Take me to my hotel. I'll get a cab to drive me to my car."

Stopping in a space, she jerked the keys out of the ignition. "Are you deaf? You're a dead man if you leave." She tapped a fingertip on his forehead, sending new shockwaves through his brain. "You did this to yourself. Now pay the price for your mistakes."

"This is crap!" Chip shook with rage. Nobody had ever treated him, talked to him, like that. "I don't deserve this."

"Neither do I," she grumbled. Melony got out and gave the leader a tug. "Come on."

"Are you kidding?" Did she expect him to crawl over the parking brake and driver's seat like a dog?

"No. I'm not giving you a chance to run. I'd never catch you on these stilts." She lifted a foot for emphasis. "Come on. My feet hurt."

For the first time, he detected vulnerability in her. Pain added a hard edge to her lips, yet loneliness shone from her eyes like a beacon. She didn't like this any more than he, and he believed she did this to save his life. The problem lay in her intension of seeing their roles fulfilled. He'd have to convince her otherwise. He hooked a finger over the edge of the collar. "Take this off."


"I'm not taking the chance of having people see me like this."

"I don't think you understand your place. You don't decide anything. I tell you what to think, do, and say." She gave the leader another tug.

His ire rose another notch and he tapped into his court training to get his emotion under control. Pretending a judge looked down at them, gavel in hand, Chip entered into calm negotiations. "How about I promise to accompany you inside? In fact, because your feet hurt, if you take off this restraint, I'll carry you to your apartment."

Her eyes widened a bit and she loosened her grip on the leash. "I like the idea of you carrying me, slave. I propose I leave the collar on but drape my arm around your neck and hide the leash in my coat."

She was good, but he really wanted it off. "I'm stronger than you. I could simply resist you. How about--"

"Don't ever threaten to use your strength against me," she yelled, her face turning pink. She trembled and the leader buckled in her fist. "I swear, I'll beat you until you wish you'd never been born!"

He could only stare. Damn, she was sexy when she got enraged. In the five hours he had known her, she had seemed so poised, so strong. Her wild eyes told him she had just come unhinged. Yet, not for a second did he believe she would follow through on such a threat. She intrigued him. All of a sudden, he wanted to get her inside so he could find out what lay behind her outburst. He wanted to find out what made this beauty tick.

She lowered a veil over her features and inhaled a shaky breath. "Sorry."

He smirked. "Apologizing to a slave? Is that allowed?" Maybe he could get into this game. For the weekend. He didn't have anything else planned. Now that she showed she wasn't hard as stone, this could prove an interesting diversion.

Meet the Author

After her third husband left her for woman half her age, Violet Heart took her divorce settlement and bought a mansion in Beverly Hills. Now she spends her days at poolside writing books and surrounded by crazy up-and-coming rock musicians and actors who give her constant fodder for her stories. You may email her at violetheartbooks@yahoo.com and visit her on Facebook and MySpace. Be sure to visit her website, violetheartbooks.com, for excerpts, teasers, and to see what's coming next.

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Sweet Backlash 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Normally not into books that features dominatrix but this was not what I expected. I loved the character Chip and how understanding,  patient, and loving he was. Great job. Could not put it down. bwymer
polsmurphy More than 1 year ago
Violet Heart spins a fantastic tale in Sweet Backlash. Within the first pages I was sucked into the story and totally enjoyed the ride. The characters seemed real to me, like I'd known them for years. And the love scenes, whew! Amazingly written, they are sensual, real and romantic.
ReaderWriterLK More than 1 year ago
Sweet Backlash was an incredible story. I couldn't put the book down. Melony is so damaged and broken, but she's not a victim. She turns her scars into armor - you know, her weaknesses make her stronger. And Chip is a guy any girl would fall in love with. He's no pushover, no matter how hard Melony tries to trample him. Wow. I loved these two characters. I really enjoyed the banter between them, and the love scenes are freakin' amazing! Don't miss this one!