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Sweet Return

Sweet Return

4.5 6
by Anna Jeffrey

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When renowned war correspondent and photojournalist Dalton Parker is dragged back to his hometown to face his past and handle a family crisis, the last thing he expects is to see a prime pasture of his family's Lazy P ranch taken over by hundreds of stinking chickens. There's an explanation for this and its name is Joanna Walsh, his mother's best friend. While Joanna


When renowned war correspondent and photojournalist Dalton Parker is dragged back to his hometown to face his past and handle a family crisis, the last thing he expects is to see a prime pasture of his family's Lazy P ranch taken over by hundreds of stinking chickens. There's an explanation for this and its name is Joanna Walsh, his mother's best friend. While Joanna is a good-looking woman who's no dummy, she's the most uncompromising and infuriating woman Dalton has ever met. Still, he can't keep from admiring her caring nature and common sense. The dumbest thing he could do is try to lure her into his bed, but he's never been smart when it comes to women.
Joanna Walsh is known for trying to fix other people's problems. Believing the oldest Parker son could and should help his mother, Joanna is the one who called him to come back to town. And that turned out to be the biggest mistake she's ever made. Once the rugged, self-assured Dalton sees her hens and her free-range egg operation, he's determined they have to go. Yet, through their daily conflicts, Joanna starts to see that while he's seen and photographed the worst of humanity and grown a hard shell, deep down he's a softie hiding a damaged heart. At the same time she dreads his abrasiveness, she can't keep from being drawn to him in a way she's never been before. Can she fix him, too?

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Joanna Walsh is 35, single, softhearted, and ambitious, but when she sets up an organic egg farm on the Lazy P ranch, she may have gone too far. Or so famed photojournalist and sexy, commitment-phobic Dalton tells her, when at Joanna's urging he returns to help his mother run the ranch after his brother is critically injured. He's equally appalled at the ranch's finances and at chickens roaming the family's best cattle pasture, but he is drawn to Joanna's forthright and caring nature. Jeffrey's newest contemporary romance, with its authentic touches of West Texas ranching culture, colorful characters, and multiple levels of conflict, is a plainspoken and engaging story sure to please her loyal readers.
—Lynne Welch
contemporaryromance.com - m. kanbi
Romance novel readers who enjoy contemporary stories with characters the you will be thinking about long after you have read the last page will not want to miss reading Anna Jeffrey's "Sweet Return," as this novel has both in abundance and so much more!
www.romancejunkies.com - scarlet ?
SWEET RETURN is a fine example of a good solid character-driven romance. The cast is a strong ensemble, enhancing the story at every turn. With Joanna and Dalton as lead players I found myself caught up in the drama of each one's life; bemoaning their hurts and cheering at every joy uncovered along the way. Dalton is a tortured soul who needs the love and solace Joanna is overflowing with, while she is made to feel beautiful and desirable, and needed by a strong and silent man. The love s

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18 Years

Meet the Author

Anna Jeffrey is an award-winning author of mainstream romance novels as well as romantic comedy/mystery. She has written six romance novels under the pseudonym of Anna Jeffrey and two as Sadie Callahan. She and her sister have co-written seven comedy/mystery novels as USA Today Bestselling Author, Dixie Cash. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and several of its chapters. She enjoys many hobbies, i.e., reading, painting and drawing, crafting, needlework and beading among others. She and her husband live outside a small town in North Central Texas.

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Sweet Return 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another one of her books I didn't want to end!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dalton Parker is a photo journalist who travels all over the world to hot spots. For 20 years he has all but ignored the mother and brother, Lane, he left behind in Hatlow, Texas. When he was growing up his stepfather beat him, and his brother, and Dalton has never been able to forgiven his mother for allowing it to happen. Now when Lane is in a near fatal accident when driving drunk, Dalton agrees to come home temporarily to help his mother with her ranch. When he pulls in the driveway he sees a small chicken farm, on his mother¿s land, run by Joanna Walsh. Joanna is 35 years old and runs a beauty salon and beauty supply store. She has become good friends with Clova, Dalton¿s mom, who is very lonely as she has no family with her anymore. Clova talked Joanna into putting a chicken farm on her land to keep her only real friend close. Joanna agreed but the toll of all her businesses and the work involved with each is wearing her down. Dalton and Joanna clash immediately but soon become attracted to each other and actually start to like each other. She¿s afraid he¿s a one night stand man and he¿s afraid she¿ll want a relationship he doesn¿t feel he can give. It was a nice change to read a book with main characters that are actually approaching 40. It seems like anymore they¿re under 30. But Dalton, for his age and experience, was on the immature side. He believed Joanna guilty of motives she didn¿t have and took off without explanations, leaving her crushed. His involvement with Candace was puzzling too. She lived with him for a year, granted not faithfully, and wanted to marry him even though he told Joanna the only thing Candace cared about was the way she looks and becoming an actress. They supposedly broke up before he left for Texas. His end of a cell phone conversation with Candy in front of Joanna, ¿Hey babe it¿s me. I¿m sore all over. I need one of your, ah, rubdowns.¿ ¿Aww you¿re a sweetheart, honey. I miss you too, baby.¿ Doesn¿t sound broken up to me and if they really are it sure sounds like he¿s leading her on. Also Dalton and Joanna never told each other than they loved them. I guess I just need to hear that in a romance novel. This was good but not as good as ¿Sweet Water¿.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Hatlow, Texas Joanna Walsh owns a successful beauty salon business and an equally profitable making janitorial service. However, her latest business venture has proven to smell like rotten eggs. Her close friend of thirteen years cattle rancher Clova Cherry persuaded Joanna to join her in an organic egg enterprise as a means of saving her spread.---------------- Clova has two sons neither of which has helped her with the ranch. Lane is a drunk while Dalton is an internationally renowned photographer. When Lane ends up in an intensive care unit of Lubbock Memorial Hospital following a DUI accident, Dalton comes home from his Los Angeles base of operations to take his mom¿s cattle to market. Instead of cows he finds chickens and a thirty something woman who makes him dream of settling in West Texas. He accuses the chicken farmer of abusing the kindness of his mom she accuses the wandering son of abandoning his mom fifteen years ago leaving her to struggle to pay her debts. Obviously love is everywhere when these two enemies meet.---------- SWEET RETURN is a sweet contemporary Texas romance that sub-genre fans will enjoy reading as the lead couple is a workaholic pair who must find time in their busy regiment to battle, argue, and fall in love. Anna Jeffrey provides a warm fun tale.---------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Story premise was good but I'm not sure I'm even going to finish this one. Too many stereotypes, no real surprises, poor dialogue.
Guest More than 1 year ago
SWEET RETURN is sexy, funny, poignant, and a great romance. I laughed out loud when the hero returned to his family's cattle ranch and found Joanna's surprise. Dalton and Joanna are strong characters destined to have a memorable romance. The secondary characters are well done without overpowering the hero and heroine. It's an outstanding read. I grew up in West Texas, and Anna Jeffrey has the setting and characters down perfectly.