Swing Tanzen Verboten!: Swing Music and Nazi Propaganda

Swing Tanzen Verboten!: Swing Music and Nazi Propaganda

The Proper Box folks have assembled a massive collection of jazz and swing-related material from the second World War, much of it performed right under the noses of indignant fascists; some of it prepared with the de facto backing or propaganda interests of the occupying parties in mind. All politics aside, the music is a blast -- vital and vibrant as well as


The Proper Box folks have assembled a massive collection of jazz and swing-related material from the second World War, much of it performed right under the noses of indignant fascists; some of it prepared with the de facto backing or propaganda interests of the occupying parties in mind. All politics aside, the music is a blast -- vital and vibrant as well as more varied than some snobs might suspect. As for the motivations of the players and the forces which oppressed them, listeners should feel free to take some of the commentary with a grain of salt, or a plate of sauerkraut if that seems more appropriate. Inevitably there will be people who will not enjoy listening to Django Reinhardt once they begin to speculate on his relationship with the Gestapo, just as there are listeners who shelve their Jimi Hendrix sides permanently once they read biographical tomes suggesting the great guitarist liked to beat up his girlfriends. Expatriate Mike Zwerin claims to have experienced something of a nervous breakdown writing his book Swing and the Nazis, the publication of which precedes this box set by decades. It is indeed a heavy subject: whether it is the tale of a Jewish family who were allowed to step off a certain deadly train in trade for some rare Count Basie sides, or the careers of some of the players featured herein. Even the loutish storm troopers had the sense to realize this type of music attracted dissidents; so they would let gigs happen just to keep their eye on whoever showed up. How much some of these groups were involved in these proceedings is often unknown. Perhaps these details are not so important in view of what exists here, now: a fairly complete collection of the characters who were not prevented from swinging by swastikas. This includes not only both brothers Django and Joseph Reinhardt, but the orchestras of Eddie Barclay, Gus Viseur and violinist Svend Asmussen. Of course the context adds an extra tingle to tracks such as the wisely chosen opener "Nachtexpress Nach Warschau," performed by Erhard Krause Und Sein Orchester, but not every performance by a German artist reeks of the death camps. The ensemble directed by Willy Berking features good instrumental soloists taking part in musical novelty features with non-political titles such as "Legato" and "Rhythmus."

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Disc 1

  1. Nachtexpress Nach Warschau
  2. Everybody Sing
  3. Rosalie
  4. Ich Mochte Reich Sein
  5. Esprit
  6. The Man With the Mandolin
  7. Warum, Weshalb und Wieso?
  8. Fermate
  9. Legato
  10. Rhythmus
  11. Tempo, Tempo
  12. Tip-Top
  13. Am Montag Fangt Die Woche An
  14. Stomp
  15. Jungfrau
  16. Hallo, Fraulein
  17. Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon
  18. Allerschonste Aller Frauen
  19. Der Schwarzen Panther
  20. Berlin
  21. Lilo
  22. Grand Hotel
  23. Karussell
  24. Was Geschah in Dieser Nacht?

Disc 2

  1. You're Driving Me Crazy
  2. Stormy Weather
  3. When Day Is Done
  4. I Want to Be Happy
  5. You Can't Stop Me from Dreaming
  6. I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket
  7. The King's Horses
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Slumming on Park Avenue
  10. I'll Never Say Never Again
  11. Dinah
  12. Goody, Goody
  13. F.D.R. Jones
  14. After You've Gone
  15. Makin' Whoopee
  16. Bye Bye Blackbird
  17. Japanese Sandman
  18. Lambeth Walk
  19. You Stepped Out of a Dream
  20. I Double Dare You
  21. Miss Annabelle Lee
  22. Hold Tight
  23. Die Trommel und Ihr Rhythmus

Disc 3

  1. Honeysuckle Rose
  2. Limehouse Blues
  3. Japanese Sandman
  4. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
  5. Some of These Days
  6. Do You Wanna Jump Children?
  7. Roulette
  8. Muziek Voor Mitzy
  9. Hilversum Express
  10. Steeple Chase
  11. Dr Heckyll and Mr Jyde
  12. Johnson Rag
  13. Dansstemming (Ballroom Jive)
  14. Vous Avez un Beau Chapeau Madame (Idaho)
  15. Oh, Lady Be Good
  16. Rosetta
  17. Dallas Blues
  18. Woodchopper's Ball
  19. Boogie Woogie
  20. Capucyners
  21. Illusie
  22. College Swing
  23. Rytmefeber (Rhythm Fever)
  24. Buvos Hegedu (Magic Violin)

Disc 4

  1. Eclats de Cuivres
  2. Dynamisme
  3. Tons d'Ebene
  4. Simplicite
  5. Belleville
  6. Oubli
  7. ABC
  8. Rhythme Indien
  9. When You're Smiling
  10. Bois de la Cambre
  11. Porter 39
  12. Palm Beach
  13. Zazou-Zazou
  14. Nuit et Jour (Night and Day)
  15. Agatha Rhythm (I Got Rhythm)
  16. Douce Georgette (Sweet Georgia Brown)
  17. L' Oeil Noir
  18. Chiffon
  19. Juin
  20. Bruxelles
  21. Loin
  22. 67 Rue Couperin
  23. Elle et Lui
  24. Hot Club Swing

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Django Reinhardt   Guitar,Soloist
René Thomas   Guitar,Soloist
Svend Asmussen   Violin
Emil Mangelsdorff   Accordion
Valaida Snow   Trumpet,Vocals
Christian Bellest   Trumpet
Josse Breyere   Trombone
Fud Candrix   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Roger Chaput   Guitar
Harold Cooper   Trumpet
Gus Deloof   Trumpet,Leader
Andre Ekyan   Alto Saxophone
Pierre Ferret   Guitar
Pierre Fouad   Drums
Nic Frerar   Trombone,Trumpet
Maurice Giegas   Trumpet
Roger Grasset   Bass
Christian Jansen   Bass
John Jansen   Trumpet
Dany Kane   Harmonica
Gaston Leonard   Drums
Lou Melon   Trombone,Trumpet
Jerry Mengo   Drums
Janot Morales   Trumpet
Bobby Naret   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Benny Pauwels   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Aladár Pege   Bass
Guy Plum   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Hubert Rostaing   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tony Rovira   Bass
Lucien Simoens   Bass
Emmanuel Soudieux   Bass
Jean Storne   Bass
Harry Van Dijk   Drums
Eugene Vees   Guitar
Helmut Zacharias   Violin
Robert Mavounzy   Alto Saxophone
Robert Merchez   Tenor Saxophone
Gus Viseur   Accordion,Leader
Eddie Barclay   Piano
Fernando Diaz   Trumpet
Jean Ferret   Guitar,Soloist
Wim Poppink   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Joseph Reinhardt   Guitar
Jos Aerts   Drums
Ivon de Bie   Piano
Jack Bulterman   Trumpet
Raymond Chantrain   Trumpet
Kurt Hohenberger   Trumpet
André Jourdan   Drums
Wim Kat   Trumpet
Eric Kragh   Drums
Kees Kranenburg   Drums
Lou Logist   Tenor Saxophone
Jo Magis   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Theo Uden Masman   Piano,Leader
Maurice Moufflard   Trumpet
John Ouwerx   Piano
George Van Helvoirt   Trumpet
Sus Vancamp   Trombone
Aage Voss   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Marcel Thielemans   Trombone
Jack Pet   Bass
André Van Der Ouderaa   Tenor Saxophone
Gunter Gabriel   Piano
Bob Castella   Piano
George Clais   Trumpet
Svend Hauberg   Clarinet,Guitar,Trumpet
Aimé Barelli   Trumpet
Lutz Templin   Leader
Stan Brenders   Leader
Jo VanWetter   Guitar
Michael Jary   Leader
Andre Lluis   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Arthur Peeters   Bass
Arthur Saguet   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Francis Bay   Trombone
Borge Roger-Henrichsen   Piano,Trumpet
Kurt Wege   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Otto Sill   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Charlie Lewis   Piano
Johnny Campbell   Clarinet,Guitar,Alto Saxophone
Barendse   Trumpet
Joseph Beeckmans   Trombone
Walter Bierrotte   Trombone
Louis Billen   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Kees Bruyn   Tenor Saxophone
Tinus Bruyn   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
Guus Caron   Trumpet
Jean Damm   Trombone
Aldert Dekker   Drums
Sally Frank   Drums
Helmuth Friedrich   Clarinet,Trumpet,Tenor Saxophone
Pierre Hengelmolen   Piano
Erhard Krause   Trombone
Wim Kroon   Bass
Ben Libosan   Tenor Saxophone
Eddy Meenk   Trumpet
Govert Muis   Tenor Saxophone
Nico Nicodeem   Piano
Frans Ottenhof   Bass
Jean Prevost   Trumpet
Pi Scheffer   Trombone
Jim Vanderjeught   Guitar
Fernand Venneman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Willy Verra   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Cees Verschoor   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Arpad Weisz   Drums
Dick Willebrandts   Piano,Leader
Jan Van Hest   Trumpet
Helge Jacobsen   Guitar
Freddie Brocksieper   Drums
Jane Meyer   Alto Saxophone
Arvid Paulsen   Truba
Jeff Van Herswingels   Tenor Saxophone
Speel   Violin
Léon Demol   Guitar
Henri Segers   Piano
Kurt Abraham   Clarinet,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Rudi Ahlers   Trombone
Primo Angeli   Piano
Rudi Arndt   Trombone
Mario Balbo   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Erhard Bauschke   Clarinet,Violin,Alto Saxophone
Betrand Beck   Piano
Hans Belle   Guitar
Sverre Bergh   Piano
Willy Berking   Trombone
Hans Berry   Trumpet
Yvonne Blanc   Piano
Karlo Bohlander   Trumpet
Kjeld Bonfils   Piano,Vibes
Henk Bosch   Trombone
Josse Breure   Trombone
Henk Bruyns   Trumpet
Otto Buchal   Drums
Dick Buisman   Bass
Serge Cagliari   Violin
Renato Carneval   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Cesare Cavaion   Bass
Eddy Christiani   Electric Guitar
Marcelle Burton   Accordion
Frando Chirpa   Trombone
Chico Cristebald   Alto Saxophone
Jeff de Boeck   Drums
Louis de Haes   Trumpet
Eddie de Latte   Violin
Nijs de Leeuw   Bass
Benny de Weille   Clarinet,Saxophone,Alto Saxophone
Han de Willigen   Hawaiian Guitar
Red Debroy   Alto Saxophone
Pierre Delhoumaud   Clarinet
Jack Demony   Tenor Saxophone
Lucien Devroye   Trumpet
Walter Dobschinski   Trombone
Fred Dompke   Guitar,Accordion
Michael Donncy   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Dorn   Vocals
Richard Drews   Trombone
Kurt Engel   Xylophone
Kalle Engstrom   Clarinet
Raoul Faisant   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Etienne "Sarrane" Ferret   Guitar,Soloist
John de Mol   Accordion
Fernand Fonteyn   Bass
Niels Foss   Bass
Erik Frederiksen   Drums
Harry Frekin   Clarinet
Heinz Glagau   Drums
Karl Grassnick   Bass
Alfio Grasso   Guitar
Rits Groothand   Trombone
Gunther Grunwald   Tenor Saxophone
Max Gursch   Guitar
Henry Hagemann   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Bobben Hagerup   Drums
Rolf Halsum   Bass
Tonny Helweg   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Eugen Henkel   Tenor Saxophone
Paul Henkel   Bass
Kurt Henneberg   Violin,Vibes
Gunther Herzog   Trumpet
Frits Hess   Guitar
Carl Hohenberger   Trumpet
Berge Holm   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Paul Hopfner   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Sandor Horvath   Guitar
Max Hugot   Tenor Saxophone
Nino Impallomeni   Trumpet
Civ Ingeveldt   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Herre Jager   Trumpet
Folke Johnson   Trombone
Ali Joost   Alto Saxophone
Oscar Joost   Violin
Rudi Juckelandt   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Hans Otto Jung   Piano
Ferri Juza   Trombone
Piet Kakebeeke   Bass
Rudi Kamperski   Saxophone
Fred Kastenhuber   Clarinet,Saxophone
Gene Kempf   Bass
Willie Kettel   Drums
Teddy Kiehn   Clarinet,Saxophone
Hans Klagemann   Drums
Teddy Kleindin   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Erich Kludes   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Cor Koblens   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone
Theo Koppes   Guitar,Drums
Elsa Kordt   Vocals
Greta Kordt   Vocals
Inge Kordt   Vocals
Hans Korseck   Guitar
Jan Koulman   Trombone
Karl Kutzer   Trumpet
Detlev Lais   Clarinet,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Leon Lani   Guitar
Claude Laurence   Violin
Walter Leschetitzky   Violin
Max Leth   Piano
Thys Levendig   Drums
Willie Lipka   Trumpet
George Lohmann   Trombone
Antoine Martron   Drums
Alfredo Marzaroli   Trumpet
Serge Matull   Guitar
Andre Mersch   Guitar
Jan Mol   Guitar
Rudi Mol   Bass
Paul Herrer   Accordion
François Morin   Tenor Saxophone
Franz Muck   Piano
Herbert Muller   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Max Mussigbrodt   Trumpet
Charlie Nederpelt   Piano
Jani Nemeth   Guitar
Jacques Petisigne   Bass
Karl Petry   Clarinet
Fritz Petz   Trumpet
Giles Pirotte   Piano
Hans Podehl   Drums
Lucien Poliet   Drums
Walter Porschmann   Bandoneon
Alfred Prellwitz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Erich Puchert   Trumpet
Gabor Radics   Violin
Tage Rasmussen   Trumpet
Frits Reinders   Tenor Saxophone
Francesco Paolo Ricci   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jean Robert   Clarinet,Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ernesto Romanoni   Cello,Harpsichord
Bep Rowold   Alto Saxophone
Wim Sanders   Guitar
Willi Sasse   Baritone Saxophone
Eberhard Schmidt Schulz   Trumpet
Hubertus Schulte   Flute,Baritone Saxophone
Fritz Schultz Reichel   Piano
Erich Schulz   Drums
Charlie Schwedler   Vocals
Peter Sieben   Tenor Saxophone
Andre Smit   Trombone
Willy Sorensen   Bass
Charly Tabor   Trumpet
Willy Teschy   Trombone
Meg Tevelian   Guitar
Paul Thiel   Trumpet
Rudi Thomas   Trombone
Tip Tichelaar   Piano
Kai Timmerman   Drums
Otto Tittman   Bass
Harry Turf   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jaap Valkhoff   Guitar
Klaas Van Beeck   Conductor,Leader
Theo Van Brinkom   Violin
Rimis Van Den Broek   Trumpet
Lammy Van Den Hout   Vocals
Willy Van Der Casteel   Piano
Harry van der Kruk   Tenor Saxophone
Ab Van der Molen   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ijsbrand Van der Ven   Trombone
Piet Van Dijk   Tenor Saxophone
Kees Van Dorsser   Trumpet
Aart Van Ewijck   Trombone
Tony Van Hulst   Guitar
Fred Van Ingen   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Henri Van Leer   Drums
Cor Van Lier   Trumpet
Coen Van Nassou   Vibes
Jack Van Nunen   Drums
Ben Van Peperzeel   Alto Saxophone
Jan Van Staaij   Guitar
Wim Van Trijffel   Trumpet
Bob Van Venetie   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Frits Vermeer   Trumpet
Herman Vis   Guitar
Chris Vlek   Tenor Saxophone
Hans Vlig   Guitar
Arie Volkhoff   Bass
Richard Wanek   Bass
Rudi Wegener   Bass
Helmuth Wernicke   Piano
Hans Wieczorek   Trumpet
Willibald Winkler   Trombone
Kaj Winther   Trumpet
Alfred Wolfram   Bass
Frans Wouters   Bass
Erns Wrobel   Trombone
Georges Wuyts   Bass
Bobby Zillner   Trombone
Herbert Zollner   Drums
Hubert Simplisse   Accordion
Rolf Syversen   Accordion
Albert Vossen   Accordion
Ernst Van t'Hoff   Piano,Conductor,Leader

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Woody Herman   Composer
Earl Hines   Composer
Django Reinhardt   Composer
Fats Waller   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Harold Rome   Composer
Andy Razaf   Composer
Noel Gay   Composer
Nacio Herb Brown   Composer
Alix Combelle   Composer
Christian Bellest   Composer
Ben Bernie   Composer
Shelton Brooks   Composer
Irving Caesar   Composer
Fud Candrix   Composer
H.P. Chadel   Composer
Henry Creamer   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Mark Fisher   Composer
David Franklin   Composer
Cliff Friend   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Joe Goodwin   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Jack Lawrence   Composer
Turner Layton   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Hubert Rostaing   Arranger,Composer
Harry Van Dijk   Collective Personnel
Leonard Ware   Composer
Jürgen Dehmel   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Gus Viseur   Composer
Matty Malneck   Composer
Eddie Barclay   Composer
Harry Richman   Composer
Terry Shand   Composer
Joe Bishop   Composer
Joseph Reinhardt   Composer
Jack Bulterman   Arranger,Composer
Jack Demany   Composer
Kurt Hohenberger   Arranger
Joe Young   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Maceo Pinkard   Composer
Richard A. Whiting   Composer
Harry Akst   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
Sidney Clare   Composer
Philip Braham   Composer
Douglas Furber   Composer
Lew Pollack   Composer
Willie Spottswood   Composer
Jerry Brandow   Composer
Stan Brenders   Composer
Ken Casey   Composer
James Cavanaugh   Composer
Donahue   Composer
Jim Eaton   Composer
Raymond B. Egan   Composer
Lloyd Garrett   Composer
Frank Weldon   Composer
Michael Jary   Arranger,Composer,Collective Personnel
Arthur Saguet   Composer
Kurt Wege   Arranger
Joop Visser   Liner Notes
Barendse   Arranger
Aldert Dekker   Collective Personnel
Pi Scheffer   Arranger
Freddie Brocksieper   Composer
Mol Triffid   Composer
Erhard Bauschke   Arranger
Willy Berking   Arranger,Composer
Bernhard Christensen   Arranger
Henry Hagemann   Arranger
Robert Katscher   Composer
Franz Muck   Arranger
Andre Loyraux   Arranger
Fredrick Meyer-Gergs   Arranger
Hart A. Wand   Composer
Guy Hall   Composer
Henry Kleinkauf   Composer
Lenny Kent   Composer
Edward Robinson   Composer
Hubert Simplisse   Composer
Rolf Syversen   Composer
Albert Vossen   Composer

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